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Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

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Another great day!  13 5/8 crappie. 

Got out yesterday and did quite well. Caught around 80 crappies. 9-11 fow with green weeds. Fun times! Biggest around 13”. 😁  What a beautiful day to be out and practice “social distancing” even got s

My largest northern I’ve ever caught. 13.22 pounds. 

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Here is my best perch to date.


First good gill of last winter.


A nice crappie from last winter.


My favorite fish to catch.


And I'll leave you with a bass.


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That is a monster perch!

That's a nice rock bass too. They put up a heck of a fight, but are shunned as junk fish here. I've never kept one, but have heard they are good on the table smile

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That is a monster perch!

That's a nice rock bass too. They put up a heck of a fight, but are shunned as junk fish here. I've never kept one, but have heard they are good on the table smile

Great for the table. I find they are grubby often though. Need to find a lake where they mostly hang deep.

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MN BassFisher

Last year hole hopping on a nice day!


Sunset Walleye Chasing


My very first day on the ice last year!


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17" with quite a tummy



My favorite species to fish for in my favorite neck of the woods


An evening of crazy crappie fishing (35 in a couple hrs most between 11"-14")

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teaching my little brother how to tip up fish i told him i would catch the first one to show him... good thing i did the 35" is my biggest through the ice!

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Heading out this afternoon for the first time! Can't Wait!

A few from last season.


Nice fish ya got there. Out of curiosity, what am I not understanding when I look at this guys hand?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      looks like there will be a change in sunfish limits effective march 1. article in todays st cloud times said there looking to reduce the sunfish limit on 9 area lakes. those lakes happen to make up the horseshoe chain system. looks like the new limit will go from 20 to 10.   now this is just my opinion but i didnt hear any issues with the panfish population  until a few years after they introduced the catfish to that system.   either way i'm ok with the change! 
    • Austin12345
      love all the pictures 
    • Austin12345
      Are you looking for one for hardwater or openwater
    • gimruis
      Whoa, bringing this one back from the dead.   I use Rockys.  The specific model are Cornstalkers.  They have 500 grams of insulation.  I use mine as all-purpose boots, walking for pheasants/grouse and sitting for deer/turkeys.  The first set I had lasted for about 10 years before they started to fall apart.  I'm on my second pair now, year 3 coming up.  I had a pair of Redhead Comfort Airs from Bass Pro for 2 seasons and they started to leak and my feet always got wet.  Highly suggest avoiding the Redhead brand of boots.
    • billrider80
      I like Danner. These boots tick all the right factors that go into delivering a great boot experience, more here https://bootsgeek.com/danner-quarry-review/
    • JBMasterAngler
      Well, just wrapped up my last day in Grand Marais. All the smaller, shallow lakes are locked up with ice, or will be after tonight. Lots of snow up the trail, but getting around on back roads wasn’t a problem. I stopped and fished most of the trout lakes around the gunflint and arrowhead trails...the ones that weren’t frozen over anyway. My dad didn’t see a single grouse...I saw one at the start of the arrowhead. I didn’t hear a single gunshot while I was out fishing. Saw 1 moose, 1 bear, a few deer, foxes were everywhere! And even saw a fisher run across the road. Saw just about every animal print you can think of in the snow. Still a few diving ducks around, snow buntings and crossbills everywhere. And finally seen a gray jay! Despite the cold and snow, it really wasn’t that bad out. Was a different perspective fishing all the lakes in waders, as opposed to being in a boat.   
    • Rick
      Thanks for stopping in Darren. I will always consider you a great friend. You always gave and then gave some more.   You are appreciated.
    • smurfy
      nice looking fish!!!!!!!!👍   join he hook-n- hospital group. the last 2 years 3 people i know did that, one of them me. our hospital happens to be deer river............they have a wall of hooks they've removed in the past. when i went i was patient #4 for the day with a hook!!!
    • The Chemist
      A huge shout out to Borch who gave some really good pointers on running the raps in our lake.   This fall my dad spent more days fishing from my boat and actually was begging me to go. Dont know if we will be able to do it again but made some really good memories. 
    • The Chemist
      And i did this. I wished i could learn not to have this happen. Having to go to the ER was odd with the whole covid thing.
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