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prop dis-information ?



I recently E'd Michigan Wheel with a prop inquiry. Check out the reply their customer service rep sent. I'm glad she doesn't work for me!!

Dear Boating Enthusiast:

We would like to thank you for your interest in Michigan Wheel propellers. We have received and reviewed your analysis and have come to the following conclusion: There is no "ideal pitch" for any given application. The best pitch depends on your preference and performance. Any pitch is satisfactory if it causes your RPM to run within range at full throttle. If you increase your pitch, your RPM will decrease, and you will get more low end power. If you decrease your pitch, your RPM will increase, and you will get more top speed.

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At least you received a reply. I had sent in an inquiry, and waited a couple of weeks, because they said it could take a week to ten days. Never did get a reply!
I searched for a local distributor to assist me and they did find a Ballistic prop that would work. I went to pick it up and it looked like it was used, or at least a rebuild job. I asked if they would knock 20 bucks off the price and the guy said he would return it instead. Not exactly great customer service!

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It sounds like a valid response to me without knowing your question. Changing your prop gives you a specific effect, like more speed at lower RPM or better low- to mid-range power. You need to determine your expectations and study the props that would best fill that need.

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What you meant was it sounds completely backwards. Increasing pitch decreases hole shot, decreases rpm, and raises top speed. Decreasing pitch raises rpm, raises holeshot, and decreases top speed.

I think you ought to buy the wrong prop based on the info you got....then sue them for giving you false information.......

That tech probably wasn't at full caffeine level for the day yet.

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