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IMR White Hots


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I've been looking to see how people have been doing with it but haven't found a lot of info. The latest posts I found here were 2 years ago with not much chatter.

Yesterday I shot a bunch of rounds with standard 777 pellets, 100 gr loads, in my T/C FX to start my "Discovery" time with the gun, loads and yes, a scope. I found out the scope left behind by my Dad is indeed junk and will be sending it back for warranty work. While I was picking up a new Nikon w/BDC reticle today I thought I should get some more rounds and powder. Today the White Hots intriqued me enough to grab a pack. I've been trying to find 30 gr 777 pellets to flucuate my load a little but haven't had any luck finding them. The added velocity of the White Hots should be worth a try.

Has anybody been using these over the past several years they've been out?

I should note before anyone mentions the scope/muzzle loader thing - my only current plans with it are MN shotgun zone hunting and out of state hunts that allow scoped smoke poles. wink

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I have never tried them and don't know anyone that has stuck with them. A lot of us are just playing with different loose powder loads to try and get the perfect match.

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I was finding a good number of comments about guys going back to loose powder. I believe Black Horn 209 was the type I read about most. I don't recall seeing it in the stores I shopped in the last week.

This is actually the first muzzle loader I've personally owned that I've tried pellets in. My first was kit gun; CVA .50 cal Hawken replica that I only shot roundys out of. My second was a Knight .54 cal that liked 120 grains of loose 777.

The few reports I did see on the White Hots they were claiming very consistent shooting, less recoil, higher velocity and less fouling. With claims like that you'd think they would catch on better.

Thanks for the reply.

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I tried the pellets from Jim Shockey Gold the rectangler ones and will never go back to those again they are extremely weak they might have been that way from the factory but 1 time is enough for me.

I have had my best accuracy with 100 grains pryodex pellets and it only failed once but I had a bunch of snow get in the barrel and then it warmed up moister kills blackpowder every time.

I try to stick wiht what works for my CVA and Pyrodex pellets have always worked.

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I have shot White hots. They shot quite well I thought for a pellet. They are actually my favorite pellet. However I am a loose powder fan. It allows you to find that perfect load. I shoot Blackhorn 209. I love it! Way more accurate than the pellets or other loose powder alternatives. Blackhorn is actually a smokeless poweder that is weakened for Muzzleloaders. Also you must use a actual 209 shotgun primer vs the muzzleloader primers. Best of all, because it is a smokeless powder you can use normal rifle and shotgun cleaners and there is no cleaning between shots just normal cleaning after shooting like you do with rifles and shotguns.

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Ill second blackhorn 309,it rocks! never exceed 120 grains its the same as 150 grains of pellets[3]you have to use solvents for cleaning any water based cleaners make it into gum ,100 grains works good in my gun t/c triumph, less than 4 to 5 minutes to clean the gun,way less fouling than blackpowder.id say at least 50 % cleaner !

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Yup, this is going about the same as the other posts I was finding... grin

So where's you boys been sourcing your Blackhorn 209 at? As I mentioned I haven't noticed it in stores but I wasn't looking for it either. I still have all my loose powder gear so it's no big deal to switch back and forth.

Still interested in hearing about people's experience with the White Hots if you have any.


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Anywhere you buy reloading powder seems to have it. I buy it at a local gunshop in Hugo. I also seen it at the big C store. My TC Omega likes 90 grains behind a Hornady xtp. If you want maximum accuracy and velocity give it a try. If you want simple try White hots you can't go wrong with either!

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I just got back from the range. The White Hots were pretty darn nice to use! The barrel did swab out easier between shots and did reload easier whithout a swabbing. Not lights out amazing but enough for me to not care if I use the rest of the Triple 7 pellets I have.

I found the tubes the pellets come in to be handy. Easy to dispense the pellets without a pipe cleaner and no open box and foam piece to worry about. Seems to me I now have a bunch of sleeves to use for pre-loads too.

Most of my two shot groups between scope adjustments produced hour glass holes out to 50 yards. My point of impact at 50 was about the same as 100, maybe just a 1/2 inch higher at the closer range and my best three shot group at 100 was about an inch and on the bulls eye.

They proved to be consistent shooters. NO complaints here! cool

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    • monstermoose78
      The pups and I put on 10.5 miles today and flushed 3 hens, 2 grouse and I killed a pine tree, 1 rooster flushed wildly 100 yards to left of us. It sure was fun to get out and seeing some birds. We did jump a good number of deer. 
    • JerkinLips
      A couple of Facebook posters on Lake Vermilion Cabin Owners group said that there was still open water in Big Bay Friday Morning.  I am guessing that they may be talking about Oak Narrows.  I'm staying with my original freeze-over date of Thursday, December 1.   Somebody I know who went out fishing from McKinley Park Saturday said that Big Bay was frozen over.  He also said he walked all around the bay and found thicknesses of 1" to 5" of ice, so it is still very questionable.  It should be safe for walking by the middle of next week.   This site will have ice reports for the next week or so.  I will be up the middle of next week and should report on the ice by Thursday night.  The moderator has merged this topic with the Lake Vermilion Fishing Reports topic so I will switch to posting there when I have fishing reports.  Good luck fishing, but be very careful of varying ice conditions.
    • Brianf.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I hope that you weigh under 40lbs
    • travis_td
      Hi there, I am making sure that this is the location that folks will be posting updates for Ice Fishing on Lake Vermilion this winter (2022).  I think so but want to make sure as I plan on trying to get out next weekend, December 8-11.
    • smurfy
      thanks wanderer.......even reports from lakes like leech gives me a pretty good idea of what the lakes i want to fish will be like. lot of past experience helps, and no doubt wheelers will be used soon.    we had a retiree.holiday union party last night. buddy said that his kid was on little Winnie with about 5 inches of ice and there moving all around the lake!!
    • Wanderer
      Leech lake has been 100% capped for about a week, I think.  Before you say that’s not a small, underfished lake, it’s just an example that you could prolly drive wheelers on your kind of lakes by now. 😉   I’ve been seeing a lot of 5-7 inch reports going into the weekend.  Sadly I haven’t cut a hole yet.  Still working on repairs and updates on our houses.
    • leech~~
      Here's some throw back for yea. Lets your candy azzz E-cutter battery do this!  🤣    
    • Tom Sawyer
      Oh I didn't say I don't own several versions of Teslas, just that until this hell frozen over state changes I'll always find a use for the ice diggin' anchor. Will be a great post hole digger in it's next life use too
    • leech~~
      Yep no puzzy Tesla auger for me until they pry it from my dead hands!  😆
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