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Weekend Mischief (TR)


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Awesome stories as always. Nice to see some drum. Can't wait til the river drops so I can go hit my drum circle.

I almost hit a hawk the other day driving. Came so close to hitting my windshield I could identify the garter snake that was wiggling in his deadly grasp.

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  • 4 weeks later...

When I reached my car it was clear some weather was comin in...


I like when ma nature does the neat artsy contrast for me. Who needs processing?


Before it had started to rain, I saw a little cow prancing around, thought it'd make a good pic. It was not until I got home that I realized how new this little cow was.


The next morning I met up with Ted for a little musky hunt. The wind was strong and kept us in a bay most of the day... tough fishing for sure. We caught a lot of little musky food, but no toothy critters. Sad. Anyway... I did go back the next weekend when it was not so windy, just a disclaimer this TR contains pics of both trips to the same place.

Meetin up at camp ted


short jaunt through bear porcupine elk land (None of which cooperated for picture time) and we were there. Looks like a nice little spot. Quiet, I like that.


These flies are just plain neat.



It does not suck up here.


No muskies though. Called it a day and headed back to el cabino to hang with the fam for a little.


Some folks read the paper while drinking their morning coffee. Some do crosswords.

Here's my idea.



Reasons I have converted to barbless hooks for all species.



Lookin forward to my excursion north again the 13-17th. Until then, I guess I'll make do around the cities here.


Y'all take care. Until next time...


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Ahh, the joys of Volkswagen ownership. I've been there. IT wasn't as bad as your experience, but it was definitely annoying.

Walleyes must be up looking for mayflies on your lake. It's about that time of year.

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Yep, hex hatch has been goin on the past few weeks up there. Walleye on a 3wt was kinda funny though.

the bugs have been pretty thick once that sun sets. Nice dry fly action after dark, can't really complain smile

I think I am going to hit up the old carp spot this evenin though with the yak. Just too nice of a night to do anything else.

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Great pictures and story! Sorry to hear about the car problems but enjoy that new truck!

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