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Is anyone looking forward to this as much as I am?


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I walked out about 50 yds last night.

wrecked my phone, wet up to my eyebrows.... walked back in to shore and drove home.

It's certainly not safe to drive on yet.

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Just booked 2 sleepers at Zipples. First time to cross into Minn. Heading there the first week of Jan. Bringing portables to move around. From what I read, thats what a guy has to do. Was wondering if it gets to windy for hub style or should I stick with my sled. Really looking forward for this trip.Thanks

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Doesnt hurt to bring portables along. I use a hub style all the time up there and if it gets windy use some good ice anchors and bank the house with some snow if there is snow. Helps to block the wind with a sled or vehicle to.

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The old "snow hammer" has returned to it's former glory.

a photo from 1979


This ole truck saw a lot of action on LOW back in the day.

30 yrs later, looking pretty rough but still hammering snow.


5 mile reef. "sometimes violence is the answer."


These past 2 years it molted most of it's yellow scales and took on a patchwork quilt look, but he was still pushing snow and pulling houses on the big lake.


Last week ole yeller got a fresh slathering of yellowness and he's ready for another snow smashing season out on LOW.


Former owner (my uncle) on the left, me on the right.


So now if you see that ugly ole yeller truck out on the lake you will know who it is.

Stop and say Hi, or give me a tug when you find me stabbed into a snowbank with all 4 tires dangling lol!

Come on old man winter! Make that ice! Yeller wants to smash some snow on LOW!

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Builders

Nice work on the restore Dave. How many clutches, trannys, motors or rearends do you think she went through since 1979 busting all that snow? smile

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The truck has over 500k miles on it.

As far as I know the trans is original, engine (360) was swapped out due to a rod through the block once. Clutches? I dunno but it needs a new one again. (I've been saying that for 5 years now but it's still grabbing).

Spider gears grenaded in the front diff a year or 2 ago, she's got posi up front now so she really digs. (thanks Twisted)

I may try to find some old school coo-op style grip spur tires for it to help complete the look.

I just wanted to get all the rust cut out and replaced with good metal and bring it back to it's 70's colors. I didn't get carried away with fixing all the little dents and I top coated with a matte finish clear to make it look sort of like an aged paint job that just hasn't rusted yet.

It's a hard working snow smasher, it's gonna get scratched and dented. We just wanted to freshen it up a little. People will still point and laugh but maybe not as many children will cry now when they see it coming. grin

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