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Weekend TR 7-21


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Weekend Metro TR

Fished around the metro this weekend, no "secret spots" really, but the heat certainly helped keep the crowds down.

Started out in the rain on the Mississippi just south of the ford dam. Met up with 'bamski once the lightning stopped, just in time for me to hear the channel cat he caught slip into the water.



Saw some big carp swim through, no takers though. Hooked a snapper, that was a fun fight for a bit. Eventually (thankfully) it broke off.

I stopped in for Lunch at Mavericks in Roseville before hitting up a local lake. A stop at the store for a new IPA I found to help stay hydrated (Deschutes Inversion).

The spot was far more crowded than I had anticipated. After a bit of soul searching, and one of them IPAs I made the trek into the marsh to access a little backwater area that looked very promising, and was one of three potential spots to fish that were unoccupied... After a few casts near a stump with a backstabber, I felt a nice tug. Then a nicer tug and some head shakes. I knew immediately what it was.


Missed a few strikes after that, and hooked a bullhead that unhooked itself and swam away before I could snap a pic... back to the tying bench for some new ideas.


Sunday Morning... stopped off for coffee on the way down to the 'sip in hopes of some sheepshead/carp/cats. Found some old stoners (fossils).


I am always surprised at the size of sunfish that I catch in the rivers around here.


I switched up probably 5 or 6 times after that sunny to try for something a bit bigger (or newer). a white rabbit strip swimming minnow pattern sounded fun. It was.


It was fun until I had it near shore, then it bit off. Felt pikey. Oh well. Parking was about to expire... back to the house for lunch (Dixie Blue BBQ in blaine. Excellent)


Satisfied with the food, I felt somehow like I was missing something. A new species. All of this fishing in two days, all of these fish, and not one new species for the challenge. Horrible. Unacceptable. So... I hit up another local spot for an hour or so.

Bullhead number one spit the hook as I was reaching to grab him. Bullhead number two wrapped my line under a log, then spit the hook. Bullhead number three... well that one stayed on.


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