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Anyone here have a dog with blasto and treat it with good results?

Its looking like my lab has it. Shes not responding to the meds yet, been three days, if she gets worse I think Im heading to the U of M, as I have heard they have better meds, very expensive but I dont care, I just want my dog back

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Good Luck B.D.! that is one nasty disease. I know of a few people who did have to treat it and got through it, but if I remember correctly one of the owner's said their dog has a long term issue with endurance.

The U of M may be a decision to make sooner than later.

Let us know how it all works out.

Good Luck!


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Thanks Labs

Going back to the vet in the morning and get her blood results and such.

Depending on the results Im going to ask to get referred to the U.

Been dealing with this for a month, enoughs enough.

She was fine one minute and the next she couldnt open her mouth, so took her in and found out anaplasmosis and muscular myositis, fine put her on anits and prednisone. Just didnt get better and vet kept changing doses and different antibiotics.

Now have to deal with the holidays, and the vet not being around.

Sure hope she will get better, I need my hunting pardner.

I will let you know whats going on.

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This subject was talked about extensively I beleive last summer or the summer before.I tried looking back but couldn't find the post but if someone from the Ely area could pipe in I think they could probably help the most because if I remember right I beleive that is the area that has the most cases and maybe they can recommend A vet to talk to.Good luck hope everything works out

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PM me my dog had Blasto and I have a awesome vet very familiar with hunting dogs and he is very very reasonable! He is the only person I go to when there is a problem.

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Thanks Team, I was at my Dads the end of may in northern mn and my dogs were swimming there. I found out yesterday my Dads neighbors dog died of blasto.

Setterman, I replied to your pm

Thanks, I might give him a shout for another opinion

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Very interesting and happy day. It did not start out that way, heres how it goes.

Went to my vet this morning and I told her Nikkos breathing was heavier and she was more lethargic. My vet listens to her breathing and agrees and says lets do another xray. O.k I said and when she reads it to me she says its gotten worse, her lungs were getting more patches.

So she refers me to the U of M vet center and off I go.

The vet at the clinic take her vitals and checks her oxygen intake and says all is good there except for her rapid breathing. They said they could not make a judgement on the xrays I brought and so they asked if they could take xrays of theyre own, of course I said.

The doc comes back and says they dont see anything on her lungs at all.

yeah baby. So it looks like my vets xray machine is out of whack. I am so happy, she still has breathing issures but they say that is from the high does of prednisone she is on for a different med issue. Thanks all for your help

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Great to hear!!

I also have been down the Misdiagnoses route with my lab.

It was a great day to get the real results

I know how you feal!!

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Make sure she gets better when she's off the steroids. My dog Ozzie(only 3 and a wonderfull lab) died after 18 month of x-rays showing a problem and the next ones didn't, finally surgery was scheduled and they couldn't save him. Diagnosis was a GRASSY AWN. They thought BLASTO at one point also. Both U of M and Blue Pearl specialists had trouble with diagnisis. Good Luck DrJ.......

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been down this road and it is no fun!!! As an earlier poster mentioned open sores that won't heal and the eyes. My dog had both. The end result was a lost left eye.

The optho gave me a prescription for Sporonox and told me to catch a plane to Mexico.

The pills were roughly 10.00 ea in the states @ Target, 3.25 ea up in Fort Frances, Canada and 1.25 in Mexico. I wired a bunch of money to a friend in San Diego who crossed the border and bought it over there. The exact same packaging from the exact same pharm. company with 3 very huge differences in price. 4 pills a day for 6 months, do the math and as another poster mentioned it is very expensive.

This happened to my dog at the age of 51/2. She survived and went on to hunt very well with the one eye for another 6 years. The Blasto did have a great affect on her lungs, especially in her later years.

GOOD LUCK with your episodes!!

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    • travis_td
      Hi there, I am making sure that this is the location that folks will be posting updates for Ice Fishing on Lake Vermilion this winter (2022).  I think so but want to make sure as I plan on trying to get out next weekend, December 8-11.
    • smurfy
      thanks wanderer.......even reports from lakes like leech gives me a pretty good idea of what the lakes i want to fish will be like. lot of past experience helps, and no doubt wheelers will be used soon.    we had a retiree.holiday union party last night. buddy said that his kid was on little Winnie with about 5 inches of ice and there moving all around the lake!!
    • Wanderer
      Leech lake has been 100% capped for about a week, I think.  Before you say that’s not a small, underfished lake, it’s just an example that you could prolly drive wheelers on your kind of lakes by now. 😉   I’ve been seeing a lot of 5-7 inch reports going into the weekend.  Sadly I haven’t cut a hole yet.  Still working on repairs and updates on our houses.
    • leech~~
      Here's some throw back for yea. Lets your candy azzz E-cutter battery do this!  🤣    
    • Tom Sawyer
      Oh I didn't say I don't own several versions of Teslas, just that until this hell frozen over state changes I'll always find a use for the ice diggin' anchor. Will be a great post hole digger in it's next life use too
    • leech~~
      Yep no puzzy Tesla auger for me until they pry it from my dead hands!  😆
    • Tom Sawyer
      Still waiting for global warming to ditch my Lazer Mag, always in the truck for thick, virgin ice.    Don't know if it's possible, or advisable, but thought I would throw a 8" K drill bit on it to lighten it up. Should be an adapter for such a conversion. Careful what you wish for, probably rip my arm off with a shredding combo like that 😂    
    • rundrave
      Leech I still have my old jiffy gas auger mainly for sentimental reasons. I haven’t used it for 3 years now. The only time I start it up is in the garage just to hear that pop pop pop sound lol   I will never go back and have no regrets going electric. Huge weight saver and with an extension will go through any thickness of ice. Starts first pull every time lol    we were fishing 2 weeks ago Swiss cheesing a slough here in SD on 4” of ice when someone else tried to fire up their gas auger and my buddies and I looked at each other almost in disbelief that someone was still using a gas auger.   pros and cons for sure but I think electric has more pros than cons with advancements lately     
    • smurfy
      any ice thickness reports..........especially on smaller not heavily fished lakes???????   chances are i wont be up till after christmas anyway, but............
    • leech~~
      Let me know when you go again.  I'll being my crossbow and take out the Deer when you kick them up!  😁
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