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Well, after a ton of planning, we finally got out.

The weather yesterday according to the weatherman was suppose to be 3-6mph winds but ended up with 10-24mph winds.

My youngest granddaughter likes to sleep in so I planned on leaving home about 8 or a bit later in the morning.

I got up and made coffee, went to the bakery to get thier favorite donuts and went to the coffe shop for a little talk and a cup. While there, my phone rang and my wife said shortly after I left, the youngest, who likes to sleep in, was up and asked where I was as she was ready to go, I said I will be home shortly.

We got to the lake and wouldn't you knoiw, with the high winds, the fish were not where they were the last few days. I search about everywhere and then went to check the deeper water.

Well, they were there as my oldest granddaughter said look grandpa, the TV screen"Sonar-GPS unit" is full of fish. We had found the motherload suspended in 25-35 fow.

I did not know how well drifting with a spinner was going to work as they were oonly bobber fishergirls. I showed them how to set the hook when they felt a tap and reel it in slowly.

I could not believe what a great job they did and they caught a limit of very nice gills before we knew it and a few nice crappie.

One could not have had a day any better than the one I enjoyed yesterday.

Here are a few pics of the girls and thier catch.

Taylor's gill


Courtney's gill


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That is great Harvey, not too many things are better than watching kids have a blast catching fish. When my boys were young, I would just put my rod in the locker and just help them when they needed it.

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way to go grandpa!!!!!i do the same thing and know the feeling. great catch's by both. good luck.

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looks like a great day! Its tough to beat watching the kids reel up a mess of big gills on the 'mickey (or minnie) mouse' poles! bending over an ultralight with a loose drag is a blast to watch to! Great work, and im sure there will be many more to to come!

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Yes, they had a blast Eric but I think I had even more watching them catch the fish and get so excited.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      Thanks, I'm riding this now "TW200 pictuer wouldn't post" so not sure I can get on any of the ATV trails. Might have to sled by in the winter! 👍
    • JerkinLips
      There are actually 3 tree carvings on the trail from Soudan to Ely.  I saw 2 of them but missed the 3rd.  I believe that trail is the Prospector Trail #4 or #6.  You have to start from the parking lot on the Murray Road 2 miles past Soudan since several property owners on the old railroad bed didn't allow off-road vehicles on their properties.  Another option is to travel from Tower to Embarrass then on to Ely, but that adds a couple hours to the trip.
    • leech~~
      I've seen that caving on a few web pages. What trail is that on?  It would be cool to ride by. 👍
    • redlabguy
      The colors are getting good. Beautiful time of year. Maples are full red and birch and aspen are going too.  I’m not finding a formula for walleyes. Best luck when fishing saddles and shoreline drop offs 10’ down to 20’. I’m using old crawlers, too, because a) it’s hard to find minnows although Northwoods in Cook has them and b) it’s been too warm to keep them alive.  We do have a change in weather happening right now. Wind is coming up and the temperature is dropping. It’s going to be hard to fish Saturday through Monday but the change could be good after that.  Good luck, you’ll need some. They are out there and you’ll get dinner but you’ll have to work for them. RLG
    • JerkinLips
      A few pics of our ride.  
    • Rivergroup
      Thank you. Yes, weather does look sketchy but we'll make the best of it. Looking forward to the colors and just getting away.
    • gimruis
      Some more heavily fished lakes are tough ALL season.  Lake Minnetonka and Mille Lacs come to mind.  The water is clear, there are tournaments all the time, and the fish are not easy to catch.   That is why I focus my efforts on lakes with less pressure.
    • JerkinLips
      Was up Tuesday and Wednesday this week for a UHV ride to Ely.  Made it out fishing for a few hours those days.  Walleye bite for me was fairly slow but I was only using leftover crawlers.  Most others I saw were using minnows so maybe they were having better luck.  Fall colors should be at peak on Vermilion.  Weather doesn't look the greatest however. Good luck and enjoy the fall season on the lake.
    • Rivergroup
      Bringing my kids up tomorrow for a few days. Any advice?!
    • CigarGuy
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