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Groups that take underprivileged kids out fishing?


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I have heard about groups that take out kids or seniors from time to time, but don't know who they are. I kind of remember someone posting on here about a camp they take the kids up to every summer, but I was thinking more about day outings around the cities in order to reach more kids more often. I would love to get involved with something like that. Get a group of pontoons out on a local lake and introduce them to a ton of fun. It's really sad when I hear kids in the Cities who have never fished because their parents don't take them out or their parents can't afford the gear. It's a shame when you are surrounded by so many close by fishing opportunities. As we all know, unless you get them hooked when they are young, they won't do it later in life.

So any groups you know of, definitely let me know. Hell, I'd be willing to start up one and put my own money into it. I can't think of many more things as satisfying as sharing my passion with a bunch of kids -- kids that need male role models and things to keep them busy.

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I volunteer with an organization called Let's Go Fishing in Buffalo, MN. You can google them and find the contact in your area.

We generally take seniors on 2 or 3 trips Mondays - Thursdays on 2 hour 'fishing' trips on the pontoon we own on Lake Pulaski in Buffalo. Sometimes the group will be kids instead of seniors. Sometimes the group would rather just ride around the lake and not fish. The groups sign up with the community center for the date and time.

It is very satisfying and gives you the opportunity to give something back to the community that is enjoyable to us boaters. The participants are grateful and I find I have as much fun as they do.

PM me if you would like more info or if you would like help finding a contact for your area.


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In Bemidji, we have an organization that is called "Bemidji Take a Kid Fishing". We actually have local guides that donate a day and bring their boat to take kids out on local lakes. They ask the kids for input on what they want to fish for. At the end of the day, the fish are cleaned and are sent home with the kids. They also host a fish fry at the end of the day for the kids and their families. It is a great organization. My friends have a daughter that actually was GIVEN a lifetime fishing license that was donated by someone.

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I used to Volunteer for "MinnAqua" a DNR based program. Not sure if they still existing, but it was more for inner city kids to introduce them to fishing and lake ecology.

What do you know, it still is going strong:

MinnAqua page at DNR site.

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Lake of the Woods has take a kid fishing day. Locals and resorts donate a boat and guide for a day. They usually have over 100 kids. They all get prizes etc. Pretty fun for the kids. I have volunteered for it several years but have not been able to get off of work the past few years to do it. LOW also has a senior citizen pontoon and have guys volunteer to drive it. They take seniors out for a boat ride or a short fishing trip.

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There was a guy last fall that was selling advertisement on The Fish Bus said they take kids and seniors fishing and ice fishing so we bought a spot on the Bus and I told him to come back and grab some rods I would be willing to donate to the cause, needless to say I never seen this gentlemen again after he took our money nor did I see the buss or fish houses out on any lakes that he mentioned. Sounded like a good cause but I think he took the money and ran

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