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Wireless Trail Cam's???!


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In the market for a new trail cam, I'd like to get one of the wireless camera's that send them directly to your email or phone. Guess my question is what kind and how handy are they???


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I think leupold make that kind an its crazy, sends pics directly to your phone, but I think you have to be with in certain distance, getting a signal migh pose a prob too. But leave it to leupold... I know moultrie makes some that takes pictures an you can monitor via computer< I suppose you have to have some kinda application an user fees, an such cause its all satalight, but very handy, an very expensive.

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How handy?

I bet not very! It seems to me like when some new gizzmo comes out for a vehicle or something.... it always takes 3-4 years to work the kinks out. I wouldn't touch one until they seem a little more common and a person can get some good reviews flowing. I just see them as an expensive plan/problem at this point.

Im against the wireless cams altogether. Pictures instantly sent to us seems to be going to far... i think its starting to cross the line toward an unfair advantage. Im real curious how it unfolds if these things work out. Some good deer will certainly die because of them!

Whats anyone else think of this?

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Definitley pushes the envelope of "fair chase" IMO. It's one thing to have one at a property up north or out-of-state and see what's happening from a distance and/or surveillance, but another to have one locally and be in pursuit within minutes/hours of a pic being taken. Where do you draw the line? It's a neat concept, but I wouldn't feel right using the technology to aid in the harvest of an animal.

Covert has the Black Ops, Buckeye has the XD7, and several others that are already gaining popularity. It'll be interesting as you say to see where it all goes.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mbeyer
      We spent Tuesday sept 26 to this Tuesday on the east end of the lake. Very consistent temperature and that southern wind with a bit of cloud cover was great for walleye fishing. We followed the wind and fished wind blown points and shoreline.  A few minutes on the graph showed us fish most places.  We saw fish, caught those fish.  We tend to fish lindy rigs but fished entirely jigs and minnows,  (y-store had plenty of bait).  Didn’t go to Big Bay but probably left some schooling fish for someone else. Caught fish all times of the day.  Didn’t need to low light for success.  Last two days of warmer temps and full sun slowed the bite a bit.  Didn’t see the 30” pigs as others have referred to but saw plenty over 20 and many of those smaller fish to remind us of the future health of the walleye population. Got to love the jig bite……
    • PSU
      65 around our dock in smart's bay
    • Wanderer
      That’s some seriously cool paint on those jigs!  Do they make them in “happy” or just “mad”? 😉  
    • Wanderer
      At the Hwy 6 access on the west side.  In the willows on the south side of the access.  Full blown easy chair.   You found a commode on Big Rice?  It might be handy to know that is. 😉 
    • Wanderer
      Long tails on Shags?  That’s interesting.  I’ve never heard that was a thing.  Are they calendar birds?   They are still on my list. 
    • Kettle
      Where is this chair??? I found a hospital commode made into a chair on a shoreline, is that it???
    • monstermoose78
      I got some micro plastics for my 2 mm jigs but I am looking for custom color combinations in 1/1.5 inch long plastics. I did get a thing of jigs and tell if you can figure out the team they represent.
    • smurfy
      nope...fish dont wanna bit on what i already got.........to bad!!!!!!!!!🤣 besides icehawk dont post no more so i never know when he's cleanout his tackle box with new stuff!!! 🤣🤗 
    • monstermoose78
      Anyone else finding some cool plastics for this winter? I am always looking for new plastics or colors. Please share of you find some.
    • monstermoose78
      Took Finn over to my dad’s pond and there was one beautiful drake wood-duck on the far end of the pond. It flew off but we waited to see if any came back Saturday night. 
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