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3 men arrested for over their limit

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This really isn't a "hill to die on" guys, so I'm not continuing an argument here. We're simply talking about a group of people that lack empathy and respect for other people, and the laws that govern them. It's more about "themselves" and how they view the world.

I've recently been doing a bit of research on codependency, and narcissistic behavior. There's a pretty significant body of work out there that suggests our society (western culture in particular) is breeding a scofflaw mentality.

We've had this conversation under a number of other threads and topics, so I don't intend to beat this to death, but it's certainly something to consider in the context of this incident.

With a faltering economy, ever increasing prices for virtually everything, combined with the general mentality that we're all "entitled" to whatever we think we "need", it's not really surprising that incidents like this are seen more and more often.

I wonder though if it might also boil down more to simple greed? It seems a common theme for humans as a species to over use an abundant resource whenever it's readily available.

I also "think" that this sort of thing is most often attributed to the different "stages" an individual goes thru as an outdoorsmen.

When we first start out hunting and fishing our common goal is to just get something! We're thrilled to bag our first goose, grouse, deer, walleye, or whatever.

This quickly turns into a desire to "limit out" as our skill levels increase with each respective pursuit. This is the time when certain individuals, lacking a common moral standard, are driven, or tempted to fill the freezer, regardless of lawful limitations.

Once we've consistently figured out how to always put "limits" in the bag we now focus our efforts on catching or bagging "trophy" quality game. This is also the stage where we often enter tournaments and contests to compete for the most, and the biggest.

And finally, after we've scratched that itch, and put our "ego" on the wall for everyone to see, we can finally relax and be content with just catching a few for supper, or putting a nice plump young doe in the freezer. It's typically at this stage where we're content to slip a trophy walleye back into the water without even snapping a photo. The experience itself is enough of a reward.

All of us go thru these four different stages. Some might skip one stage or another. Some get hung up in one stage or the other, depending on age, experience, time in the field, or on the water, or the desire to be grandiose with our accomplishments.

I still run across people that BRAG about the times they broke the law and filled the boat, or piled ducks over the box in the pickup. That's scofflaw! Some even carry around pictures!!!

It's a "status" symbol for some, and a way to stroke our own ego. That, or perhaps it's simply someone who doesn't have enough food or money to keep things above board.

Whatever the true cause it's good to see the TIP line at work. That's what it's there for. Food for thought.... smile

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Well put. There are studies that state just about all our politicians are social paths and lack any ability to empathize.

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