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harvey lee

100+ loses

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At least we have a nice new stadium going for us.

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Musky Buck

And we've been no hit by a guy who took the home town discount to stay with the angels. Glad they're out west, used to always stay up late for them, missed history last night.

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I am really glad they serve Surly at target field this year...

It's going to be a long one I think.

Pitching, if you can call it that... I've seen BP coaches throw meaner stuff than this lineup has shown thus far.

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Musky Buck

Boy I miss the days when we were searching for the 5th starter, should we give it to Carlos Silva and his sinker or ? I saw just a shot of our dugout in the 1st inning last night and no one was talking to no one, team looked tired and like they really could care less. I'm concerned more about some of those guys passion for the game and working together as a team, the leaders of the team didn't look very approachable, maybe I misread there body language etc. in just a short clip of them looking disinterested.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Huntin&Fishin
      Found a minimum of 15" on one local lake. Toping out to 19" in one spot. Average was 16". Bringing the wheelhouse out this weekend.
    • Jason Johnston
      We are new to Minnesota fishing, I've read you can have 3 hooks within 9" on a tip up.  Can you have a minnow on each hook?  Or only allowed one bait, for example, a 9" smelt with all the hooks attached?  Kind of a man made lure.
    • Spearing Machine
      Last I heard was it was really tough going North side of pine when you're headed east towards the portage. There was significant slush. We've since gotten 15-16 additional inches of snow since that time as well which only made matters worse. 
    • smalliehunter
      Was up on the pond from Monday to Wednesday last week.  Slow afternoon bite.  Action was best from midnight to 4am.  Mornings were good too.  Malmo market has all your bait needs.  Shiners are hard to come by, and worked the best.  17 inches of ice on North end.  Used castaways roads.  
    • IceHawk
      Harmie Welcome to the site! Thanks for the Awesome report. Me and a few buddies are kicking around the idea of going up this weekend and shredding some ice hopefully if we go we have some success. Where did u pick up your Small suckers from?
    • Harmie343
      Was up on Mille Lacs Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Saw 16”+ ice in St. Albans bay area. Off first break but before flats. Some sketchy spots where auger would rip through like styrofoam. Found about 6” of clear ice with 12” white ice/frozen slush in that area. 16”+ good ice 30 yards away. Off road travel was ok, just keep a heads up for big drifts. Bite seemed to be getting better as we were leaving with some aggressive fish Monday mid morning. Set lines with Suckers and jigging spoons were getting attention. Smaller fish flying around the electronics-thinking tullibee
    • IceHawk
      Bubba is one of the newest ones to hit the market. I haven't tested one yet but hopefully someone has. I have a  few different ones Old Henry, Rapala, Cutco. And a couple elctrics. Have to Agree with Rick G on this one hands down the best I have used is still the Cutco for a manual knife and for the best bang for buck the Mister twister for a electric.  Tough to beat a leech Lake  for looks and  Craftsmanship just haven't wrecked the Cutco yet. My next one will be the leech. We have a set of the Cutco knives for ordinary cooking and I love them. Was a little upset when wife bought the set because u could almost buy a small car for the price 😲 But they have proven themselves over and over again and she made a believer out of me. 
    • Rick G
      Honestly, the odd times I keep a few I been using a electric.... but will break the old Cutco out from time to time😁
    • leech~~
      If I could afford a $129 Wusthof.  I'd get the Leech Lake knife instead!  I stare at them every time I'm in Reeds, but just can't pull the trigger so I keep using one of the other 5 cheap knives I have. 🙁
    • Mike89
      still using my leech lake knife............
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