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Electronics question (humminbird/lowrance)



I just got a new (to me) boat. It has a Lowrance Elite-5 on the dash with one of the chips (I think it's Lakemaster). Last year I bought an 898 Humminbird and I want that graph on this boat I just bought. I have the Lakemaster for that one too.

What I'm trying to figure out is if it is worth it to sell this Lowrance and get one of the cheaper Humminbird HD models (778 HD or 788 HD) so I can network them? Or should I just keep it, put the 898 on the bow and be done with it?

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you can try it with the Lowrance to see if you like it. the Lowrance is used so using it wont hurt the value of it. and if you hate it change it out. you might save some money for your next fishing trip. good luck

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Depends on your fishing style.

If it was me, i'd just put the lowrance on the bow for now and let my guests use it to see the map, or if the trolling motor is down, and you hook this lowrance into the trolling motor then your guest can see sonar too.


If you like fishing on the bow of the boat. Then i'd mount your 898 by your wheel and buy a cheaper HB for the bow, and link them so you have all your waypoints shared.

Congrats on the new boat.

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Exactly as stated above. If you want your maps linked to share info then you don't have much of a choice. If your fishing style dosen't need to be exactly that accurate you can get by without linking them.

I have had boats with both linked and non linked sonars and find the networked units to be way easier to fish with.

Is your 898 ethernet compatable? (does it have the silver round connector on the back?) If it is, then networking them together is just an etherne cable away. Real easy.

Here a link to Pro Fishing Supply (site sponsor) and their HB 788 and their accessories. You don't need any of the switches, just the ethernet cable. http://www.profishingsupply.com/combos/humminbird_788c.htm


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • ifishwalleye
      Hi, I’m looking for a fresh report for this weekend. Thanks in advance! Good Fishing!
    • roony
      Is the water starting to recede on the lakes East of Orr? I heard it was really high on Myrtle. We're coming up to Black Duck in a week or so, just wondering if things are getting back more towards normal. 
    • AlwaysFishing23
      I’ve fished sylvan heavily the last two years. Done very well. Many nice pike, bass, walleye, and bluegill. For pike trolling shadraps pretty much any where will get you all the 20”-25” pike you want. Plenty of dence cover all over for bass and that is the usual bass presentations. And for gills in the spring the channel between the two bays was VERY good this past spring went three days in a row and got 2 limits each time ( two angles in the boat) and relesed many many more.  Also the panfish limit on sylvan is 5 per person so be aware of that. I was out there 2 weeks ago and did ok. Again two limits of nice gills and a handful of pike but it took a lot of work to find them. I’m unsure of the walleye fishing out there but have heard it’s a good lake. Im not an expert on sylvan but know a little so hope this helps ya out. Good luck!
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      Thanks Cliff. I am coming up for my week of paradise tomorrow as well.
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      The last two times on the river have been slow to say the least. Trolled Shipping channels, river channels, and all the flats. Crawler harnesses and crank baits. Anybody having any luck out there?
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      If the water is that clear and you can see 17-20 feet down, the fish will be very spooky.  And if the sun is out, they will be looking for relief from the sun in the form of shade.  Night time might actually be a better option.
    • gimruis
      Not terrible.  But they can be merciless, I will tell you.
    • Mike89
      below the darn is a park there too if I remember right, Plus Garden City has a park by the river too I think..
    • Rick
      Good fishing in the Blue Earth river too. Also, a short drive to Rapidan can be productive.
    • Wanderer
      Welcome to the site @eg_gophers2124 I have never even seen the lake but these screen shots might help. Navionics Judging by the Lake Finder report, it’s a super clear lake; 17-20 foot clarity but with plenty of weeds. A couple shots of the weed report. Starting from scratch, I would head to the southwest area.  The southern basin has better looking structure too. You might do well simply working edges of the emergent weeds with spinnerbaits in low light and weedless frogs or spoons up in the weeds when it gets to be mid day.  Crawler under a slip bobber on the weed edges could do well also. It’s purely guessing on my part.  Hopefully someone with experience on the lake will chime in. Good luck!