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Random guy

Sierra Club anti movement

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Random guy

Interesting bit form a publication I get.

The Sierra Club has long pretended to be an ally to hunters and trappers, but if they move forward with a proposed anti-trapping policy, they will have drawn a clear line in the sand that they are no friend to outdoorsmen.

With the proposed policy, the Sierra Club would officially oppose the use of bodygrip traps, foothold traps, snares and other similar devices. The draft policy on the Sierra Club’s website reads in part:

Use of body-gripping devices – including leghold traps, snares, and Conibear® traps – are indiscriminate to age, sex and species and typically result in injury, pain, suffering, and/or death of target and non-target animals.

The Sierra Club considers body-gripping, restraining and killing traps and snares to be ecologically indiscriminate and unnecessarily inhumane and therefore opposes their use.

The Sierra Club promotes and supports humane, practical and effective methods of mitigating human-wildlife conflicts and actively discourages the use of inhumane and indiscriminate methods. Implementation and application of this policy should be based on the most recent and relevant science and should minimize harm to ecosystems.

The Sierra Club just completed a member’s online comment period. The comments will now be reviewed by a six-person National Task Force appointed by the Sierra Club Board. The Task Force will then draft an official policy on the use of trapping devices.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance sums up the news well:

This new proposal shouldn’t be a shock to sportsmen. Despite claiming for years that it is a pro-hunting organization, the Sierra Club and its local chapters have opposed pro-hunting or trapping initiatives across the country. Its online magazine has even run a story supporting the efforts of Born Free U.S.A., an avid anti-trapping organization.

The conclusion the Sierra Club has made about trapping seems eerily similar to the misinformed anti-trapping agenda pushed by the Humane Society of the United States. Of course, those misconceptions about trapping are easily rebutted with truth. The National Trappers Association “Trapping Facts” page is a good start for those with an open mind.

Unfortunately, I think the Sierra Club decision makers made up their mind long ago…

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Random guy

It is going to be a tough lesson when these groups realize the consequences of making decisions based on emotions instead of cold hard facts.

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motley man

They have been anti for years.

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Musky Buck

The word Anti seems to be a growing vocabulary word in this country often times by people that rarely leave the metro jungle. Wouldn't it be great for my little 1 year old girl to be playing outside and get bitten by a rabid skunk, oppossum, or raccoon or coyote or wolf or tom cat or badger ? Because of trapping and shooting these critters, my family feels safer living 20 miles away from any hospital and being the only home on the gravel road. It is not healthy for any animal population to get out of control whether it be an animal hoarder or if things are just left to run amuk. Sorry there's so many dog gone people on this planet they too take up space that was once wild and free to the animals.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • toddrun
      Nice fish Reid, We saw lots of clouds coming out of the mud also, but didn't know what was hatching.  Did see lots of dragonfly's, but not much for fishflies or mayflies in the air.  We didn't have any big fish luck for found keeper fish in the first rock edges around the mud. A guy in our resort claimed he caught a 32" Walleye, but we didn't see any pic's, so not verified, although had several witnesses that confirmed it.  Would have been nice to see it though.
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Bass is my favorite fish to eat.    I always keep them.   If anyone told me not to I would tell them to go to [email protected]#$.    I always eat everything I catch. Catch and release is a choice not a law.   As long as people eat what they catch I have no problem with what ever they catch.   Those who waste fish I have a problem with or those who catch and release too much and end up killing fish I even have a bigger problem with.   Don
    • Wanderer
      The OP specifically requested advice on how to best address what he personally considers an issue; respectfully. And yes, I do agree, and therefore respect his request enough to answer it; respectfully. I’ve personally dealt with the same conflict of interest in the past and feel that I understand the emotions on both sides enough to offer qualified advice that is more practical and useful than just saying mind your own darn business.  
    • DLD24
      Hit BSL on Friday to tryand find those slabs again... They were right in the same area as the last time I was out, but could not get one to bite to save my life... They were taunting me jumping all around me... I got some walleyes, nothing over 14" though... The bugs were horrible on the north side, so bad they drove me to the south side haha.
    • kfk
      If someone is legal keeping 15"+ bass, it's none of your business whether they keep 15"+ fish or not. Just walk away and leave it alone.  If you want to change the regulations, try doing it in the proper manner instead of a confrontation at the boat ramp.  I don't know how others would react, but if you approached me, it certainly wouldn't be positive experience.
    • Mike89
      so what do have against harpooners?????  the Indians did it before us????????????   
    • Reid Saarela
      28.5, but the fattest walleye we’ve seen. My dad and I both agreed it was a bigger fish than my 30 last summer. Wish we would have weighed it but I would rather have the fish swim off healthy! 
    • delcecchi
      I don't confront people on the water about what they do.  Expressing an opinion in general is fine.  Getting up in people's face is different, as I hope you agree.
    • IceHawk
      That's awesome Don. Very creative and looks like fun. 
    • Wanderer