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    • Dash 1
      Roughly 4-5 miles. 28 ft water. Other resorts out in 30-32 ft, but doing about the same. This steady weather should be good hopefully. Good luck.
    • Xplorer
      Thanks for the report.   I'm headed up tomorrow morning for the weekend.  Going with a couple buddys and their wheelhouse, either Cyrus or Morris point it sounds like. I'll be happy with a bunch of 14" saugers for a dinner, I'm just along for the ride and 🥃 's this weekend 😎 How far out were you with Sportsman's? 
    • Wanderer
      Im still primarily rockin’ original Rapala fillet knives but I pair the 4” and 6” together as one.   The 4” excels on panfish and detail work like getting the last of the rib line out of any fish. The 6” handles the game fish and skinning all the fishes.   I showed up in group filleting party at Devils Lake last year with my trusty pair and was laughed at for the 4” knife at first but was just about begged for it by the end of the trip.   I tune up the blades of both sharpener/hone combo after each use.  Always ready to go.
    • DonkeyHodey
      Love my Cutco Fisherman’s Solution:  Oldie but Goodie.  Got it as a birthday present from pappy when I was a teen.--knife is now near 30 yrs old and it still has it's tip.  (I particularly love the adjustable/extendable blade.--Agree with Hookmaster about flex:  Extending blade gives more flex to it when skinning.)   (of note, I also keep a short, skinny rapala fillet knife in the tackle box to preferentially use when filleting bullheads--I use a different fillet techinique for bullies and cats…) I see no problem with that!.😁 (I've come to believe you can never have too many ever since the one time I found myself without my Cutco:  I Caught an unexpectedly nice mess of sunnies shore fishing.  Didn't have my fillet knife. (DOH!)  Filleted the lot with a stiff bladed paring knife. (only thing available.   Awful!)  The experience was such that the end result is that I now keep extra fish-fillet-blades stashed anywhere I may need them... (car, tackle box, mother-in-laws, as well as a few other spares just-in-case...)
    • Dash 1
      Just got home from LOW. Fished last 2 days out of Sportsman’s Lodge. Brother and I had a meal up there and brought home a limit, but it was all we could do to get them.  16.5 and 19 were our biggest. Mostly 14 inch saugers.  Fish were tight to the bottom and most caught on dead sticks. They would look at anything we jigged, but not much for taking it. Great trip any time I can fish. Was our first time ice fishing on LOW, looking forward to it again someday. 
    • Hookmaster
      You want a flexible knife for filleting. Are you having trouble getting the meat of the whole fish or the fillet off the skin? I've found it helps to have the fish on a 2X8 or 2X10 on top of a table rather than just on the table. It helps your fingers go below the level of the fish to adjust the angle of the blade better.   I checked on when I bought my Leech Lake Knife last night. It was 2000 at the Sportshow in Mpls. Don himself engraved the date and personal inscription. I have stopped going there to get it sharpened. Do they still do that? I found I could keep it really sharp by touching it up on a steel a few times a year. I bought 3 more of these knives for my fishing buddies and lifelong friends.
    • JBMasterAngler
      I believe there is a campsite right at the boat launch. Otherwise, there are campsites at nearby devilfish, chester, and esther lakes. At the end of the arrowhead trail, McFarland Lake also has campsites.
    • MJ1657
    • wookiemofo
      Let me know what you find, we are heading to Borden the following weekend... pending ice road!
    • Xplorer
      Question I have is are you just doing a day trip to the Angle waters to fish, or are you going to stay up there overnight also? I have snowmobiled from Longs Point resort to fish the Starren shoal area south of Garden island, and have gone as far as 4 block/crowduck islands.  Those were day trips, I've never gone all the way up to Angle Inlet.  When we went there we drove thru Sprague, MB and up (fished out of Jakes).   What we really had to watch out for is pressure ridges out on the main sheet.  Some of them took awhile to find a decent place to cross over them.  And obviously its a huge area, GPS/compass/map is needed.   If I remember it was about 22 miles from Long Point to Fourblock, and only about 14 to Garden.  None of this was on a snowmobile trail, all "cross-country".   
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