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cattin tackle and gear


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ok im woundering what everyone likes to used for tackle bait rodes ect. just to give everyone in insight on to winter cating i'll go fish.

for rodes i like ML i use st.croix rodes 28 inch ml

for tackle like using blue fox jig idk the name of it i'll get it tho soon. swedish pimple with single hook and live minnow.

angel eye spoons with minnow head on them.

i do alot of jiggin i always have 3 rodes with jigs on them

also loike using the rap jiggin minnows have yet to try them this year tho.

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all you need is an auger, fatheads, crappie rod, 4lb line, icebuster, hook remover, tape measurer, camera, glow red jigging spoons & glow red demons for the deadstick. if i'm feeling really crazy i might bring a couple other colors of the same lures. i can fit everything i need in a small bucket. dont try to overcomplicate it, it's not rocket science! i think it's more about finding active fish than throwing every lure & presentation at em. it seems like there's nothing you can do to turn fish on up there. if they dont hit a glow red spoon, they aint biting. but that's just my .02, i havent fished up there a ton

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+1 Fishuhaulik,

You could also check out the "cattin the chain" thread in the catfish forum, or maybe it is in the st cloud forum.

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I couldnt give you any better advice than Fishuhaulik did wink. Trim the ice buster close so it just barely floats and watch it close, most days they are the lightest biting fish in the world.

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auger, fatheads, icebuster, tape measurer, camera, glow red jigging spoons. But that's just my .02, i havent fished up there a ton

I've fished up there more than my fair share and this is a pretty good list. don't forget the flasher though.

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i know im gettin mine friday or saterday from i havne't caught one fish out there since saterday

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Tanorris
      Sorry I forgot to add I'm looking for one on lake winnebagash
    • Tanorris
      Does anyone have A 5 person sleeper ice house for rent during February 6th through the 10th?
    • Polkiss
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    • Rick G
      Finding between 3-7 inches of ice around most of the st cloud area. Was on one of the bigger lakes and one of the shallower ones in our area today. On the larger lake,  lots of ice in the bays, but main lake had roughly 3 inches where I checked.  The Shallow one had right around 7 inches.  Fish bit very well on one, and not so great on the other.     
    • Tom Sawyer
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    • NicMatNat
      many thanks to you all for providing the information.  it is appreciated.
    • Polkiss
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    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the safety tip.  Always good to know where springs in lakes are!  👍
    • monstermoose78
      Ok I did not check ice thicknesses yet but green, blue, baxter, lori, and elk all had anglers on them. I hope to check thicknesses soon.
    • Cookie123
      There is also some springs in the way back of blue lake ( In nashwauk MN) If you go back there you may run into some if you go to the right or the left there is some both directions so I would suggest not going back there or if you do i would check the ice every 25ft or so at least have fun out there
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