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RAGOM Golden Retriever missing- Orchard Lake area

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A RAGOM rescue Golden Retriever apparently got away from his foster parent last Saturday and has been missing since in the Orchard Lake area... He was last sighted in the wooded area off Kenyon Ave on the west side of I-35 near the trailer park... searchers reported seeing a leash trail (he still has his leash on) leading into the wooded area off Kodiak Ct... the wooded area is between 175th St and Kettering Trail... Also, a woman called saying that her son saw a Golden Retriever with a leash on Orchard Lake Sunday... Apparently he was seen in either North or West area of Orchard Lake...

Kekoa is a 7 years old dark red Golden Retriever... he has two collars on him... one being a harley davidson and other being purple... He also has a RAGOM tag on him...

Heres the link to the flyer... Contact number is posted on the flyer...


Please KEEP a close eye out for Kekoa when you're ice-fishing on Orchard Lake or whenever you're in the area... Its very vital that we find Kekoa seeing how the cold front moved in tonite...

Kekoa respond to males better than females... Answers to either "Kekoa" or "Buddy"... two claps will also tend to get a response out him too, along with "cookie"...

Many thanks!!!

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I'll keep an eye out and let everyone I know in the area to do so also.

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ill be on orchard later tonight. ill keep my eyes open too.

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Maybe send flyer to WCCO, KARE 11 or KSTP via internet.

Maybe not get on air time but they are great about putting this type info on web pages....maybe radio spot also.

Saddens me this happened...guess I'm to far away to really help.


Just a thought.

Hope you find yer best good red frined.


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It seems that a leash trail has been spotted in Ritter Park south of 185th... This would put Kekoa in an area between Orchard and Marion... Just an update...

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I post this with a very heavy & sad heart... The search for Kekoa has ended Sunday afternoon... He has been found but it was too late as he already has passed over the Rainbow Bridge...

Volunteers again scourned over the area surrounding Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville and finally found Kekoa barely noticable laying peacefully in the snow off I-35... It has been determined that he was struck by a vehicle and killed... it was also estimated that he was laying there since Monday or Tuesday... The searcher(s) who found him has said that it was obvious that Kekoa didnt suffer...

It was determined that Kekoa traveled approximately 2 miles south after bolting from his foster home, before a break in the fence allowed him to access the I-35 cooridor where he traveled back north for another 100 or so yards before crossing eastward, being struck by a vehicle...

Kekoa was released to his previous owners, who had surrendered Kekoa out of pure love believing that RAGOM would be better suited to help Kekoa with his severe anxiety problem which apparently got worse after Kekoa's older brother, Kainoa (also a Golden Retriever), passed away earlier... Kekoa's owners brought him back to Wisconsin for proper burial earlier tonight... Kekoa's owners made treks over here from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin twice to help with the search including an all-nighter drive on Monday night, arriving here Tuesday morning and again last Friday...

This tragedy has brought out the best in many who had volunteered in many different ways, from the search parties who endured cold temperature to the people who made donations towards the "Find Kekoa" fund up to members of RAGOM who spearheaded this whole effort... God Bless all of you who helped in every way possible and RAGOM... Even tho it wasnt safely, we still got to bring Kekoa home...

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Im sorry to here of your loss. My heart and prayers go out to you kekoa and your family.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • machinist24
      Tried my luck on Lory lake for some pan fish. trying to catch a meal. didn’t find any sunfish over 7” and a few 9” crappies. Not what I was expecting hoping for a little better. Might have to try a littler bigger lake for some better results.
    • TomWehler
      Mmmmmmm~~~~ here's one for ya! For years we have been trying to get our fave Mayfly Rafts & Spikes into a booth at The State Fair. Rafts = ~~~  Honey Waffle coated with Dark Chocolate Glaze n Peanut Butter then sprinkled with Frozen Real Maple Syrup dipped Mayflys.  To die for. Spikes  =  ~~~ Deep Fried Triple Thick Cut of F&D Smoked Bacon dipped into Smoked flavored Pancake Batter an dipped in Maple Syrup then rolled in pile of frozen Hickory smoked MayFlys. Both Killer Pak~ons seved on a stick or in a Deep Fried Walleye Belly Fillet. Power good experience that takes you places you never been before'!! : )   Keep on rocken!   T      
    • delcecchi
      I bet one of those little cans of cat food would work too.  
    • Gone Out Fishin
      @cherokee muskie-mike is spot on the dog food... When I use to camp at hoodoo point campgrounds I tend to use nightcrawlers if I have any to spare (in a minnow trap). Caught too many rusties while fishing.
    • cherokee
    • muskie-mike
      Fish guts or dog food...  
    • Troy Smutka
      6/22/18     West Metro Water temp is in the 70's and sunfish are up on the beds. Look for harder bottom areas inside of or adjacent to softer bottom with weeds. The smaller females will be staging over the weeds--you may see them boiling--and the big bulls will be guarding the nests (beds) on the firmer bottom. Got my son and Dad out to catch a bunch this morning.  Ultralight 7' spinning rods/reels with four pound test Berkley Nanofil works great to cast to these bedding fish from a distance and get a good hook set. We use a 1/16 ounce VMC Mooneye Jig tipped with a 1" to 1.5" soft plastic (minnow, grub, tube, etc.) under a slip float to adjust for beds at different depths. Usually you will be targeting 2-8 feet of water, depending on water clarity. Take care not to keep everything you catch. It is fine to keep a fresh meal once in a while--sunfish is awfully tasty--but put plenty of fish, including the biggest bulls, back. Needed to keep the natural cycle of reproduction going. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.
    • LoonASea
      Fished the lake this morning ,,, water temps were 72-74 and the flys were hatching ,,, unhooking the walleyes they were coughing up fly larvae,,, Need to power wash the boat now ,,, No keepers today but lots of overs and 2 unders mixed in with some pike and sunnies on flicker minnows ,,, Go figure  
    • hayseed
      Thanks everyone for the feedback. I was beginning to think I lost my touch. Took a beating this winter, but hopefully it will come back again. Also would like to see some more restrictions on the crappies. Time to start checking the deeper weed beds I guess. I know the water temps have been fluctuating a lot this spring and maybe they skipped the spawn. 
    • Borch
      Crappies have been hard for me to pin down on other waters as well.  Seems they are not were they usually are and I wonder if the weird winter to summer transition is to blame.  Time to start looking in other parts of the water column.