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Your going about it the right way, and its fun. Yes experiment with a little more/less powder and try different OAL. IMO one thing that I came to learn was that if once I found a rd that was shooting well like .75" groups I was fine with that if this gun was being used for hunting such as fox/coyotes. I would work up a rd, go to the range and shoot a 3 shot group, then be done. Almost every barrel once heated will start to "walk" the rds on paper. Then the next day I would go back out, and shoot one rd out of the cold barrel and if it hits where I wanted it then I was ready to use that rd out of that gun for hunting. One time I did a little to much experimenting with rds for a .22-250 trying to get the ultimate rd with precision accuracy and ended up fouling the barrel to where I was having rds walk on the paper. So now I just work up about 3 loads that I think will work, shoot all three loads and keep the best grouping. I like to always remind myself that if I'm getting consistant groups of .75" or less at 100 yards or 1" at 200 yards thats gonna put anything down. So try to keep it simple, if you think about it your kill shot is a 10" area or more on big game. I would be happy with that group of .64"-.89" that you shot, thats a decent group, id say its ready for hunting. Also one other suggestion, I would get the neck sizer die for .243, I only like full sizing new brass, once a rd has been fired in your gun, the brass is formed to your chamber so I like to just neck size the future rds rather than full sizing them, food for thought.

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morefish, thanks for the info, and that is what I was thinking... I am sure i can push better accuracy out of it, but probably need to go to a bit heavier bullet... and I am looking for something quick, and flat, and light, So, I may have to compromise a bit of the accuracy. I am thinking this will be a load I like and stick with. I am going to play with it some to try to fine tune it. I have thought of just neck resizing, however, I have 3 relatives with .243wins as well, and would like to be able to hand them a box, and say hay, try these out if you like, so I think I will stick to full length resizing, and a OAL that will sill meet factory guide lines... Once I get a hunting round landed upon, should i be crimping and sealing primers? Keep in mind I will probably load a pile of these up over winter, and then they will be on hand through the year while I am busier and not having time to reload...

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also any thoughts on reloading for a model 94 30-30?? I have one of these that was grandpas gun... still basically looks as though it came off the factory line, with the exception of one scratch, but i was thinking of picking up some dies and working on this load after the .243 just to have some fun with it, an have the chance to shoot the gun a bit.... I am fussy about hunting with it for some reason, but I like shooting it, and it would be fun to get a tack driver load made up for it, (been reading up on hornadys bal tip rounds for lever actions. Any thoughts r suggestions on this?

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