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Pictures of your Furbearers and Varmints

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Thought since there are more and more hitting these pages now.You guys should have your own place to post pictures.

Lets keep these picture respectful and try not to share the bloody pics as well. as always please follow forum Policy.

Thanks and lets see your pictures

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certified jumbo

great pics. looks like you know what you are doing. thanks for sharing.

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Thats a lot of yotes.

I see nothing wrong with posting pics of legally and ethically trapped animals. Congratulations on the catch and thank you for taking a few of those fawn eaters.

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Nice pics! Someday, I'm gonna connect on one. Still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


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I can't seem to trap one. I've caught one coyote and fox in a cable restraint but none in a trap. I used speed dip on them originally and two years ago I stripped them down and dipped in formula one.

I've had them step close to the pan on numerous occasions but never on the pan. I don't know if they're smelling the dip or not. I'll have to strip them down agian and have a buddy show me how to dip in wax. Not sure what else to try.


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Great pics and nice looking yotes.

Grayfox if you get the trapping down the yote population will be in severe trouble grin

BTW The gray fox is coming along great and its a big one compared to the forms they sell for bodys

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GF, I see, I know they can be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to trap, I have not personally done it, so I cannot speak much about it. I know a couple guys that do though, and they say once you catch one in a spot, that you are a lot more likely to catch more... not sure how true it is. I like seeing the critters alive... gives a better perspective of how they look on the paw.

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Fox # 7 on the year and gray fox # 1. Heading to Wyoming for a week, so I will not be online. good luck to all


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My kid wanted a picture before they were to be skinned.


Good thing for me, I was up early enough to catch the raccoon trying to steal my trap!

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Wow Ray you are a very good trapper--same to you GF on the hunting. Nice pics. I would love to learn how to hunt and or trap these animals.

When it comes to hunting predators or trapping--is it as closed lipped as guys who fish or hunt deer/duck/pheasant etc. etc. as far as tips/hints on being successful?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • fishingstar
      I have two Labs that are 7 years a part. it took them less then a month to get a long. Now they are best buds.
    • SkunkedAgain
      ...and that was the worst team that they will play all season. It's a rough road ahead.
    • delcecchi
      Interesting.   Have to give the narrows more respect in the future...
    • delcecchi
      Ah the old un-named bay trick...  Got an end?   
    • pwencel
      We have 4 AKC GSP puppies left for sale that are ready for their new homes. Pedigrees Available. Great family dogs and hunting dogs. Born on 8/2/21. Call or text me for pictures or if you have any questions!.  320 808 4541
    • monstermoose78
      Finn is going to be 6 in October. Thanks the pup will be fun
    • maryjames9939
      someone provide me good information on vintage seiko watch..
    • smurfy
      👍i'll bet he is. how old is Finn??? when i brought my new lab home, my 13 year old sheltie was not a fan!!!!! with the energy that young pup had, the sheltie did a lot of hiding!!!!!🤣 its getting better!!!!!   have fun with the new pup!!!!!!!!!
    • monstermoose78
      Tomorrow is the day Hazel comes home!! I am super excited to have a second lab in the house. Finn is in for a surprise with puppy around. 
    • mtheis
      I just got back from staying up at Vermilion for a week, and I made a few notes:   The water temp was consistent at 66 degrees Monday through Saturday.  The weather was crazy wet or wildly windy, and I found my biggest walleyes (15-17's) were caught in my standard spots Monday through Wednesday.  Then a switch turned off, and I had to relocate and find new spots as my previous ones were dead for the rest of the week.  Never seen anything like that before.  After the lake calmed, and skies turned blue, I could only catch the 9-14 inchers.  The biggest I saved for fish fries, and I even scrapped up a limit to take home.   I used lead core, and I fished in water depths ranging from 20-25 ft.  I saw alot of HUGE balls of bait and tried to keep slightly above them.  I tried many different colors, and silver out produced everything and I couldn't buy a fish on my favorite color, fire tiger.  The lake appears to be less dirty this year for me.  With invasive species this may become the norm.    I found a bay that was absolutely stacked with fish.  I spent two days there, and no one was around to compete with me.  I loved it.  But it was too small for me to let out enough lead core so I tied a three way with a line counter reel and a 2 oz sinker with a 6ft leader.  That worked really well.  It came to me again, you do not need to invest in a lot of pricey equipment to get your lures down deep.  Those fish were again in 20-25 ft of water.  I hope this helps someone!
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