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Vexilar battery charge?



How long does it take a tysonic vexilar 7amp 12 volt battery that comes standard with a fl8 value pack, wich is completely de- charged. take to charge with the standard battery charger? thanks

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If it is dead as a Toad on the road? Short answer, about 48 hours.

This info should help ya Slickster.


Connect the charger to a standard 110-volt wall outlet. The red light should come on.
Connect the charger clips to the battery. The red light should go off. Make sure you match the red clip to the positive battery terminal and the black clip to the negative terminal.

Charge the battery until the red light comes back on to full brightness. Then disconnect the charger from the outlet and the battery.
Use only the charger provided to charge this battery. This 12 volt, 1/2 amp charger has been designed to provide the optimum charge for this battery.

Charge the battery after each use. Let it charge until the red LED lights to full brightness. Normal recharge times will be between 12 and 24 hours, but a completely dead battery will need over 48 hours to fully recharge. Do not let it charge for more than 72 hours after the light has come on to full brightness.

Charge the battery at room temperature. If the battery is used in a cold environment allow it to warm up before starting to charge. Cold batteries will not charge.

To store the battery for an extended period of time, remove all devices and store with a full charge. Store it in a cool place and top off the charge every 30 to 60 days.
For faster charging with automatic shutoff, use the optional V300 charger.


Allow battery to FULLY recharge before use. Recharge the battery AFTER EACH USE.

Give cold batteries extra time to charge. Charge at room temperature if you can.

Keep Flames, Sparks, and Metal objects away from batteries and terminals.

If the battery is an open type, add distilled water AFTER battery is recharged.

Keep the battery clean and dry.
Charge periodically during battery storage.


OVER DISCHARGE the battery, You should never drain a battery beyond 80%.

OVERCHARGE the battery. Measure the voltage of the battery while charging. It should never go over 15 volts.

DISCONNECT battery before switching the charger OFF.
Damage the battery or terminals by dropping.


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