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Who's got em'? I know they're not the most common when it comes to huntin' dogs on here but we love our's and I'm considering learning how to hunt em' on rabbits in the next year or so. I need to invest in the collars and training to do that, though, or I'd never see them again once let loose on the hunting grounds. For now, they wear their shock collars and roam several acres on the home front. Great dogs with knuckle head personalities and "slightly" strong-willed. Here are Sven (right) and Ole (left). Sven is just over a year, purchased from a breeder, and with champion (not that it matters) hunting pedigree, and Ole is nearly four and from the humane society. They found him living under a trailer in the local trailer park and he is about the nicest and loyal dog you could ever want. Sven has a lot to learn from him.


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Nifty fun dogs and great hunters! Have hunted rabbits with Beagles and it is a lot of fun on a cold sunny day in January. They are warm hearted little dogs and make great friends but as you have discovered, they are a little independent at times. I sometimes think they don't like kids and they don't like wimmen either!! LOL!

They WILL wander at times.

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Hey Deerminator,

I have 3 beagles that are hunting dogs as well as house dogs. They sure are a ton of fun!

I hunt in northwest Wisconsin for snowshoe hare mainly, though there are a few cottontails too. I would highly recommend some kind of tracking system, wether it is a gps or traditional telemetry system.

If you are serious about getting into running, I suggest looking at a few forums such as the hunted hare, and the american beagler. Also google hunting boards forums and it will bring up a good one as well.

Here are a few pics, hope you enjoy!






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Thanks for the info B-Man. I will have to do some further research. Also, great looking dogs--and hunters!

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I hunt hare in mora to as far north as willow river. I don't shoot much. If u ever want to come along, contact me. My email is [email protected] 

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    • martinbrown1269
      I also have experienced some bad days, for preventing that day I bought a towing truck which we are using for personal use and also for towing roadside assistance nyc.
    • bassbouncer
      We had a 19-1/2” that only weighed 1.85#
    • Raven77
      Thanks.  That was my hunch!
    • Matt Johnson
      Weekly Metro Area, MN fishing video report and tips for May 19. Things are continuing to move along right on track, even though Mother Nature likes to play games with us! A few hot baits for bass, as well as some locational ideas...   Metro Area MN Report for 5/19 VIDEO - CLICK HERE   Have a great week!!
    • smurfy
      yea I keep thinking of getting a different motor but runs good. its a 40 Johnson. I am happy with the boat itself and don't plan on a different one either.
    • ANYFISH2
      There are good panfish, both above and below Pillager dam. in Lake Placid, As the water warms, look for the milfoil beds on the north side of the river to establish itself.  If the edges as well as the deeper water adjacent to the weeds.  I like to fan cast a split shot rig vs. a bobber set up. Below the dam, in summer panfish can be caught directly below the dam as well as near Cty 1 Bridge and along most of the inside turns of the river east of there. There are some nice sized panfish in the system, please let the bigger ones back.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Anyone ever fish this lake before? Looks like it could be a good early season lake. Where exactly is the access? Is it a marked road? Pay box or do I have to go to the house and bother the guy? Appears the river might be too high to fish next weekend, so it’d be nice to find a little solitude on a nearby lake over the holiday weekend.
    • 208ProV
      I was the one with the 26-1/2" fish yesterday that weighed 5.15 #s. Was a skinny spawned out walleye!  Catch her again in 2/3 weeks and she will be 6/7 lbs for sure! 
    • JerkinLips
      I'm sure that the 5.15 pound walleye was a skinny 26" fish.  The regulations book lists a 20" at 2.7 pounds and a 26" at 6.2 pounds.
    • PRO-V
      Believe it or not it's a 1993 1660 ProV with a 2 stroke Pro 60 Yamaha. Still runs like a champ. I'm starting to get to the age that it doesn't pay to get a new one. It's always stored in the garage unless we're on a trip.