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What do you think of this?


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This whole thing is about dogs running deer

It wasn't until you showed up and made it about that.

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The dogs were not chasing deer. You're assuming. These were not some mutts that lived outside. They were trained dogs that were taken care of and loved by the family.

Not calling ya out or anything, but there seems to be a wildfire of assuming surrounding this incident being expressed in this thread. Too much for me to make a decision from, much less an opinion, so I chose not to read this article. All I can gather reading all the responses posted in this thread is that someone's domestic/pet dogs had been shot. I figure if you guys and gals cannot gather up many, if any, facts from this article, why should I waste my time even reading it? With that said:

IMHO there are only two ways a dog can get shot when not under the control/eyes of its owner or more commonly known as "running loose". It would be out of anger or out of fear. Fear I have no issue with. Shooting a dog out of anger, well, what ever gets you through the night and to each is their own. Something in me requires the animal that is about to go down to be either table fare or an honest threat to myself or another human. This would rule me out of the shooting an animal out of anger category. If the opportunity came about, was perfectly legal and even ethical, bringing down a domesticated animal/house pet during a wild game hunt just is not my idea of having a good time.

In some bizarre circumstance maybe a third scenario could be worked in, but only if the pet in question closely resembled a doe or broke loose from some twisted X-mas/Santa event being held during deer hunting and close to hunting land. My own personal self would deem me at fault right out of the gate if I were to shoot anything other than a deer. So for me this would cancel out any third option.

When it comes to a pet owner and one of the pet owner's pets being shot, well the way I see it is the "two ways" rule applies to this also. If your pet gets shot there are only two ways this could happen. One, you either did not care much for the animal or two, you screwed up.


A deer hunting dog owner.

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