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Joe Mauer

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he should have thought of that before he stole the money then.

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They pointed to where to sign the contract and Joe couldn't write fast enough lol. The move to Target Field has killed him mentally just like any lefty bat in there, unless you're Jim Thome. The controlled dome environment was a hitters paradise, I played their enough to realize how awesome hitting in there was, no sun, no wind, no helicopters,jets,rain, no nothing, just a pure hitters park and opposing teams struggled at times in their defensively. Joe could reach left field easier to the seats, now 95% of those are F-7's. Not catching is hurting him more than helping him also at the plate, seeing the pitches and learning the ump's zone for the day etc. he used those little things to his advantage and should. He'll be an Edgar Martinez soon enough, without power. Runs about as fast also. Regardless of parks the double play killers and strikeouts have nothing to do with the park, it's not being crisp and feeling it at the plate, makes me wonder about some illegal substances that he and morneau maybe were dabbling in b4 the serious testing came about. You can't say I feel great better than ever and perform like he did last year.

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Well he can go back into hiding, maybe next year as he's on waivers right now but anybody looking to pay 23 mill for 127 K's, 10 bombs, 65 RBI's and .265 ?  He had 600 at bats this year my word where's the damage ? Led the league as a lefty GIDP. So he'll be back with 3 years to go. The hero or zero game, the must win last wkd and our 3 hitter went 0-4 with 3 K's so he wore the hood in what became our most important game of the year vs. a righty, that loss= season over. If he doesn't go back to catcher idk what to think, but thankfully this seasons over without Ervin on the playoff hill we were doomed anyway.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      Finn and I are up trying not wake the wife. Been up since 2 am even as a kid i did not get up this early for Christmas. Stay safe everyone. 
    • Carp30
      Cliff, my family and I will be making a weekend trip next weekend to try for some walleye's for the first time at lake vermilion. Any tips as to what technique to use? I hope we are coming up at a decent time. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much we shall will report back.
    • Dan Foshay
      Anyone hear how fishing is on Rush lake for musky? Thanks
    • Bryan P
      Been awhile since I posted, busy summer but finally got the kayak back out on the Mississippi to chase after them fall smallies. The bite was really good and managed a new personal best at 21"! Bait of choice is my wacky worm, they never can resist! I'll be chasing these till ice is on the lakes. Best fishing is right around the corner, goodluck everyone!    Video:  https://youtu.be/PJOZITB0ol0      
    • Mike89
      I know Finn will,have fun for sure!!!👍
    • monstermoose78
      I got a lab stuck to me, because he saw the shotgun come out. Decoys check, gun check, 83 shells check, decoys check, head lamp check, Finn check, clothes set out check, ducks ?
    • monstermoose78
      Good luck duck hunters !! I will post how river rat and our group does.
    • Satchmo
      Was up last weekend to Kab, and fishing is very good right now. We caught a lot of walleyes (lots of smalls) on jig & minnow, and got in to a lot of Crappies as well. Have fun! The bite is on.
    • Fishouttawater
      Appreciate it barbel. Any info is good info this time of year. Head up in 4 days. I think all the fisherman are all haunting the woods instead of the water right now. Thanks again
    • ANYFISH2
      Love it!!   Great video and fishing partner.