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Island/sandbar camping on the river.

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I'm curious if it's legal to camp on islands and sandbars on the Mississippi river on the section between St. Anthony Falls and St. Cloud. Any regs? I saw that Durham island is closed until the 15th of July, but can't find anymore information.

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Rick G

I may be wrong about this but I believe all the islands between the St Cloud dam and the St. Cloud country club are not privatly owned. I do know there is a exalent camping spot on the boyscout island just northeast of the country club.

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Brad B

there are some islands by Otsego that are considered wildlife refuges and are closed to people(sherburne county controled) but the rest I believe are okay to use. the only other place I see as a possible issue is in the area by the nuke plant in monticello. there is a island there where the water goes around it on the one side and into the plant and then exits at the discharge area. check with each county along the section you are interested in they may know if you can use them or not.

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Over the years I've talked to a number of folks that were doing canoe trips headed for New Orleans, they just parked on any island that didn't have NT signs.

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Scott Hamilton

Does anybody know the regulations on camping on the islands near St. cloud, on the Sauk and the Mississippi?

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Stick in Mud

I've not camped on any of them in St Cloud, but I have many places elsewhere, and I've never had a problem.  Look for trespassing signs, of course, but absent those, I think you're OK.  Maybe send an email to the DNR...they usually respond pretty quickly. 


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • IceHawk
      Sounds like a great time definitely looking forward to it ! 
    • Tom Sawyer
      Sounds fun, hope to make it...
    • Wanderer
      If ever a person wanted to accelerate their learning curve on Osakis, this would be a good time to do it! I’ll try to keep it open but I never know what’s going to happen with the kids wedding coming up - at our house - in September. Thanks for putting this on Borch. 😎
    • Wanderer
      I haven’t fished it but would use chubs like you mentioned if I did. Good luck ozzie.
    • SupraFishin
      Does anyone know where I can rent and/or use a paddle board on Vermilion? Thanks!
    • matt320
      We fished the small lake a few week back the water was really high. No luck with bass around the pads tried Texas rigged worms and spinner baits, we did find crappies in 8-10" around Lilly pads and reeds crappies were caught on panfish leaches and small glow jigs. 
    • Sunset Lodge
      Hello from Sunset Lodge!

      In Minnesota, walleyes and pike have been found using crank-baits on the south side of Oak Island.  Walleye have also been caught pulling spinners in 26-30 feet using gold and green.
      In Ontario, walleye have been very active using pink and orange jigs on the breaks of reefs or casting shallow crank-baits in 8-12 feet by rocky shoreline points.  A good mixed bag of smallmouth and pike have been found with the walleye as well.
      Musky fishing has really picked up with lots of fish over 40+ inches.  Fishing sand and weedy bays near rock reefs have produced well using buck-tails, small crank-baits and top-water baits. 

      Until next week!
      Sunset Lodge
    • ANYFISH2
      Definitely getting ready for archery season!
    • Borch
      A group of us are planning on getting together on Lake Osakis for the day on 8/18/18 for a day of fishing and a midday picnic at the Battle Point Park.  We would enjoy connecting with some fellow anglers from the site to connect and have some fun.  Osakis is a great lake for big gills, slab crappies, nice walleye, pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass.  The best walleye bite has been during low light periods.  Sunfish and crappie bite all day.  We plan on taking a break around noon at the Battle Point Park for lunch.  Right now tentatively looking to connect around 8-9 at the access.  Otherwise look for a red and white Warrior and connect with me, "Borch" on the water I'd you'd like.   I might even have a fishing report really fresh fishing report for you. 
    • Mike89
      I'd try to catch ya at lunch for a bit, if not doing something else...