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2011 Turkey Pic's

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Well the seasons just getting started post your pic's here.

This is my bird


This is my biddies kids bird


Look at the hooks on his bird


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Got this Jake this Morning as a result of a spot and stalk effort between my wife and I. They weren't responding to calls, so we had to resort to other options!

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Random guy

Curiosity killed the cat, and this gobbler. He and four other strutters where pushing about twenty hens around a field but he couldn't help himself to try and gather up one more.

He ended up being 25.5 lbs with a 10" beard and only one good spur as the other was busted off.



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Random guy

I have been very fortunate to have a good friend in southern MN that is all about turkeys, he does 100% of the leg work from lining up land permission to pre season scouting and he is always dead on. I think it's a very fair trade as I do the leg work for bear season in the fall as we both have our regions and expertise. I have only taken two turkeys in my life and this years' bird was the small one. The first year I did everything wrong I could for several days and still ended up with a mongo bird. Now this year was it for me as no more calling instructions or help as I have been weaned off. Year three I’m on my own…guessing me without the help will change my success rate. laugh

My first bird


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Nice work! I only had the mornings of this weekend and it was horrible for me. Seems the strong winds kept the birds in the valley. Big bummer, normally I listen to about a dozen birds at first light and down one shortly after. Just wasn't my year. Back to fishing!

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way to go jonny. big congrats (wheres them thumbs up smileys?) grin

thats one heck of a bird, and i love those limb hanger pics. cool

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Way to go JonnyP. Joel is still treating you well I see. I learned so much the one year he helped me.

Thats a huge bird!

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MN Metro bird 6:30 this morning. 22 lbs., 10" beard. Sharp 3/4 - 7/8" spurs. I didn't have much time to invest in this hunt and with the weather moving in, I couldn't be happier to take this bird. A friend was doing some pretty professional filming. Hopefully he'll have a nice sequence on utube one of these days.


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Nice birds everyone and congrats! Great to see some birds being taken with all the crappy weather we've been having.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Very nice birds everyone!

Looks like some very happy hunters.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Sounds like Joel is still on the birds Jonny.

A couple of very nice ones for sure.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators


Only two beards though?

Must have been a jake. wink

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Anglers are pulling in nice catches of walleyes with some big trophy walleyes mixed in as well.  The MN Tournament Trail Walleye Tournament just finished their championship with the winning team putting up 80.99 lbs for 10 walleyes!  Water temps have dropped to the upper 50's, shiners are running and there is a lot of bait adjacent to shorelines, fall is here.  The jig bite has picked up tremendously, but pulling a spinner with a crawler or shiner along with trolling crankbaits is still effective. Along shore try 10-16' and out on the mud 22-28'.  Gold, glow and orange are strong this week. On the Rainy River...   More and more emerald shiners are entering the river this week.  Current on the river is slow.  Reports of some nice walleyes but still not the big run yet.  Most anglers are jigging with frozen shiners.  Trolling crankbaits or crawler harnesses still working and a good way to cover water. Sturgeon anglers focusing on deeper holes with a 3 ounce no roll sinker with an 18" snell of heavy line (60 lb) with a 4/0 circle hook loaded with crawlers and shiners.  Pike showing up on weed edges. Up at the NW Angle...  Until the US / Canada border opens, guests can travel across the lake staying and fishing in MN waters.  There are boat shuttle / passenger services available to the Angle.  Check with your favorite NW Angle resort for options.   As fall kicks in, many anglers jigging with good results.  Gold spinners with crawler or minnow also producing nicely.  Some really nice walleyes caught this week targeting structure and shorelines in 10 - 15' and 21 - 27'.  Muskies and big pike hitting topwater in weedy bays.  Some big crappies on small jigs in 15-30'.  
    • bassbouncer
      Breakfast there is June 1 to mid August 
    • Wanderer
    • Dash 1
      Just spent Thursday through Sunday at Becida near Bemidji. My dad, brother, nephew and I tried 7 different lakes. Nothing fantastic but a good time. Best walleye action was on Big Wolf and Andrusia.  14 to 16 ft water. We used mainly rainbows and left over leeches I had saved from summer. 11-18 inch walleyes. Also got some sunfish on Lake Hatti.  Did pick up 3 walleye on Lake Bemidji also.  4 conservation officers at gas station south of Bemidji on Friday morning said they were in town for security with POTUS visit.  Talked to a bait shop owner that said one group of 13 got 11 bear opening weekend. WOW that’s a lot of meat. Also saw a bobcat run across the road. And lots of deer in evenings. 
    • Raven77
      Lead core was on fire for us on Saturday on both the east and west end in 22-30' of water.  Five of us in two boats boated over 70 fish on Saturday.  A lot of 10-12"ers but enough keepers to fill 5 limits.  Biggest was 25".  We did great Sunday and today as well although not as hot as Saturday.  The only live bait fishing we did was with minnows on Lindy's.  Caught a few but honestly did not spend much time live rigging as the lead core bite was so hot.  Stomachs on most fish we cleaned were empty.  The ones with full stomachs had mostly small crayfish and minnows.
    • muskie-mike
      Slow on leadcore for me,4 small fish a day...Frazer and Big Bay...
    • StateofHockey
      Fished on and off Thursday to Saturday, from Frazer to Big Bay, caught a few in the 15-19" range. best success was in 28-32' FOW drifting with bottom bouncers and spinners.  Bigger suckers out performed smaller rainbows.  If any one knows where to get some larger rainbows, that would be nice to know.
    • anchor man
      I had some very aggressive bites on sucker minnows under a bobber over the weekend. It was only pike and bass, but they were devouring 5-6" minnows without toying around with it first. Seems like the Fall feedbag is getting underway. 
    • MikeG3Boat
      Any new reports?  I was fishing 2 weekends ago and everything was very slow.  I am planning on heading back first weekend in October.  Hopefully the fish will have turned on by then.  Been a very weird year.  Stay safe everyone!
    • Captain Acorn
      Hi everyone been awhile since I’ve posted on here. Was up in gods country the past 4 days and we caught alot of fish but size was challenging. We fished lead core without much success so switched to minnows and crawlers. Fishing was slow on jjgs and good on rigs for numbers but most were 11- 13 1/2” then late afternoon the stars aligned and got a good one pictured below. 29 1/2”. A single white bead did far better than a plain hook for us. Most fish caught on or right off of rock ledges 12-22 fow    good luck out there everyone 
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