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hookset 31

Rumor was it that a few crappies are beening caught and a few eyes with the key word been few. Graphed alot of smelt in the sugar bay area last time i was there -little over a week ago. A couple spots of slush but it doesn't seem to be as bad as it was. snow was dropped alot so it easier to see the wet spots. GOOD LUCK

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Party was not staged over desirable fishing waters, plus I didn't get there till 7 PM so no fishing for me. I was very pleasantly surprised by the ice conditions though. Only about 2 - 6" of slush on top of the ice. Could have driven anywhere I wanted. Now that it is frozen again, I am guessing it will be really rough, but still navigable.

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Hey guys, just started working up here and I'll be staying during the week. I brought the fishin stuff...be kinda dumb not too....If you dont mind another tag along some afternoon that would be cool with me. I have never fished lakers before...I talk about it all the time but just havn't done it yet.

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Greg Clusiau

Well you came up at the right time, as great ice fishing will continue until the ice is gone!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      well...........i'll be up for round #2 wed morning!!!!!!!! look out fish. last time was mainly work. did get a bit of fishing in but i was limited.
    • Roseypike19
      Hi Squirt,    The previous tips are all good regarding pike on Vermilion.  Find some shallow reeds/weeds and you will find some nice sized pike (Average = 20-30" with a bigger fish at times).    What is your definition of a "big" pike? The shallow program is fun and that's how I do most of my pike fishing, but overall that is not how you will find the biggest pike on Vermilion.  I'm talking East Vermilion as that's the basin I fish.  By now many of the biggest pike are suspended and feeding on ciscoes in deep water.  They will make occasional forays into the shallows to follow food (think windy days), but they spend much of their time suspended over the depths.     Several really good areas very near you have this potential: 1. The narrows between Moccasin Point and Pine Island.  You can't miss this area on a map.  There is BIG pike potential here.  2. The deep water break on the east side of Isle of Pines.  I have literally seen giant pike chasing ciscoes out of the water here (also a fantastic muskie spot).     Those two areas are a literal stones throw from your place.     How do you fish the deep water?  IDK!  Like I said, I'm a shallow pike program guy.  The few times I've done the deep suspended thing we found the bait and big hooks on sonar and then jigged 1 oz hair jigs and/or 1 oz lead heads with a white fluke.  It worked, but it was technical and tough.  If I ever do it again (maybe later this summer), I'll troll big plugs at the depth just above the fish.     Last week we had a lot of fun catching many nice pike in the shallow weeds, but our two biggest fish (including a 40"er), came on a very windy, cloudy day while fishing shallow rocky points adjacent to deep water.   Coincidence?  I think not.  So definitely take advantage of those windy, cloudy days if you expect to find a giant.  In my experience, those conditions provide your best shot a true trophy pike from shallow water.  (Of course there are some exceptions and any cast on Vermilion could land a big pike!)   Otherwise, ply the suspended depths and report back what you find.    Good luck.    
    • Roseypike19
      Hope I'm not too late on this report.  We were up last week (23rd-30th), and overall we had fantastic smallie fishing.  We had to adjust a bit as they were definitely more in spawn mode than most Memorial day weeks, but that just meant moving from points and secondary points towards the spawning bays and banks.  I really enjoy pre-spawn smallie fishing because they are often schooled up on the points leading into spawning areas, they are fat as heck, and they are very active - and while we had some action in this regard - we had more overall action on the banks and in the bays and saw a lot of spawned out females compared to previous years.  So I'd say about a 1/3 of our fish were pre-spawn, a 1/3 were spawn (males on beds), and a 1/3 were post spawn.  T'was all fun.     The whole month of June = awesome shallow smallie fishing, so whoever is up, good luck!  
    • Raven77
      I have one that I would sell you.  I'm on Richie Bay.
    • gimruis
      This is how my boat is.  The bow eye fits snuck right up the roller with the latch below.
    • ozzie
      Wish I had some information for you rayguy but from what I have been hearing the shallow bite in a few popular bays is non-existent this year.  Tough panfish bite...but the sunfish should start biting in the next few days as the water temp on the main lake (Cross) was 60-62 this weekend.  Good Luck and keep us posted!! 
    • bfisherman11
      That looks good. Keep posting! Enjoying the pictures of my favorite lake.   Bill
    • 97procraft
      Spent all last week on the lake.  We fished on the east end all week.  We found the water temps on the east side, Armstrong Bay, was in the low 70's and on the west side, Daisy bay, was in the low 60's.  Kind of a wide range.  We found walleye shallow, even caught quite a few of the dock, 5'-9'  We found pike in the weeds, perch outside the weeds in the bays.  Pike would hit a swimbait or fluke worked through the weeds.  We caught the perch on a small 1/8 oz spinnerbait.  The smallmouth were making beds in the warmer water and staging in the cooler water.  The fish on beds are easy to catch, the staging fish would hit a medium size red squarebill crankbait.  It did help if there were rock present, volleyball size or bigger.  Pike and smallmouth fishing should only get better in the weeks to come.  We did see a dozen or more musky cruising the shallows.  
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  A very successful week for Lake of the Woods anglers.  Great walleye fishing continues with best success in 17-28 feet of water, with walleyes also being caught shallower.  A number of areas along the south shore from Pine Island, Morris Point, Zippel Bay, Long Point and Rocky Point are producing.  Knight / Bridges Island area also still holds good numbers and size of fish.  Anchored up and vertical jigging, drifting crawler harnesses and pulling crankbaits all working.  Gold / pink  / orange / glow all working well.  A nice mix of eaters, slot fish to be released between 19.5" and 28" and a good number of trophies over 28".  As last week, big pike and jumbo in the mix.   On the Rainy River...   Most walleyes are being targeted and caught in the lake.  There is always a population of resident walleyes that live in the river.  Best depth is 12-24'.  Jigs and minnows working the best however trolling a crankbait and covering water is also effective.  Smallmouth bass near rocky structure.   Good pike hanging in and adjacent to bays.  The sturgeon season is closed until July 1st when the season re-opens. Up at the NW Angle...  Until the US / Canada border opens, guests can travel across the lake and stay in MN waters.  Check with your favorite NW Angle resort for options.   Fishing continues to be excellent.  Walleyes being caught on 5-7' flats with snelled spinners and crankbaits as well as jigging rocky points in 10 - 20 feet of water.  Walleyes being caught in many different areas on the Minnesota side.  Pike in bays and creek mouths.  Water temps 55-57 degrees. 
    • 97procraft
      I was just there last week.  Pike were a little slow, but they should be getting better.  Find the weeds.  Throw unweighted swimbaits or flukes close to the bank and work them out through the weeds.  Stop working them at the edge of the weeds and let them sink.  If you don't get hit in the weeds, there is a good chance they will hit it on the fall at the edge. 
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