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well survived the artic freeze. did ok fishin. about a foot of ice and very little snow on the lake. a good foot of snow on land though. HEY JIGGLESTICK , hope to see ya again at highbanks new years weekend.last year ya yanks someone out of an icebreak way on the north end! BRIAN, hope to see ya then too!!!!

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yep, I pulled a very lucky guy out of an pressure ridge.

he left me a couple beers on my tab at the lodge. I'm glad he was still around to do so.

we'll see you up there wink

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Jim Almquist

Typical afternoon on Moose goes like this.

Set up at 3:30 and catch perch till about 4:30. Then there's a 10-15 minute lull, and if you're on the right spot, the walleyes show up around 4:45 and bite for a half hour to an hour. I don't think I've ever fished past 6pm out there.


Some times the bite window is 5 minutes and never seem to last much past a half hour unless there is a front coming through.

The best fishing I have had out there was in the morning during a white out snow storm. First time I ever went home with a limit. When I got out of my Otter I had no clue were shore was except I knew which direction I was pointed with the snowmobile.

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Doctor J

Thanks guys. I'll try a tad shallower on moose. Might need to target a lake with a bit longer window for all the effort it takes!

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I tried Deer Lake this afternoon from 3 to 5:30. I walked out from a friend's summer home on the West Thorpe Road.

I walked out to a hump out about 1/2 mile off of shore and found a solid 8" of ice where I was at. Snowmobiles have also been following the shorelines in that area too.

Unfortunately, nothing was biting except for a couple perch and nothing walleye looking on the graph either.

Next time out, I'll bring the wheeler and do some exploring.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JBMasterAngler
      Well, the highway 70 access won me over yesterday, only to break my heart today. I should have seen the warning signs at the start of the day. Get to the launch, get everything ready, about to put boat in the water...forgot the life jackets! 😫 I drove to the Walmart in Pine City and bought 2 life jackets! Finally got on the water. Was a nice boat ride upstream. Was hoping maybe to make it all the way up to the mouth of the Snake River. Probably made it halfway before it got too shallow. I most likely could have made it through had I had more ambition, but we needed to start fishing. Hooked into a few fish right away, but lost them. I’m pretty sure one was a small muskie. Ended up drifting all the way back to boat launch, and only caught 2 fish! And both were just a couple hundred yards up from the launch! Was a smallie and a little walleye. So yes, slow day indeed. Looks like a nice trail system at the access though. Might have to plan a hike there this summer.  
    • chopper72
      I am going up to camp in the middle of June.  Anybody have any suggestions about baits and depths etc. for Walleyes and Bass?
    • Muskies
      May 31...Another beautiful afternoon on rainy lake with my wife...fishing east end this time...out for 4 hours 20+ walleyes and one 30” northern. Surface water temperature 65 degrees in 10-14 feet...jigs and chubs...Cajun batter on the fillets...
    • Wanderer
      Looks too low to me too.
    • Squirt
      Going to lake vermillion for the first time. June 13. Staying near Arrow Head Point, Isle of Pines. Only have a small boat with 15 HP so looking for some tips for where to go for big pike that is reasonably close given my boat. I do not mind a drive, but I know how conditions can get on big water.  I also plan to go to Trout Lake (reason for bringing the small boat) If anyone has tips on Trout Lake for Pike.  Thanks and #tightlines!
    • rayguy
      Heading up to chain for a couple weeks.  Need some general info on the panfish bite.  They still shallow?  Got a couple grandkids coming up and any info sent on the panfish action will be appreciated.  Thanks   Ray guy
    • walros
      Maybe see if you slide the winch back on the tongue an inch or two. The roller needs to contact the boat to keep it from bouncing. Should check to make sure the rear bunk rollers line up with the rear transom for stability.  
    • gunner55
      Every rig we've owned the roller is above the eye & snug to the boat when it's loaded.
    • h8go4s
    • Cheers
      I looked at my rig yesterday . It is a matched boat/trailer package from Lund . My roller is above the eye but snug onto the bow , probably an inch maybe more, higher than yours.
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