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    • monstermoose78
      Family discount I don’t even have a Beaver to toss let alone a river rat. The day I get one I know a guy Chris who would like one
    • IceHawk
      Come on Nick talk to pops and get the family discount so the kid can  toss one 😉 Might make this day 😀
    • IceHawk
      Fished a few spots on the chain this afternoon pretty slow yet surface  water temps were around 35 degrees.  Water levels are up and plenty of bottom content floating in some of the channels and bays. Felt great to get back on some open water and use the long Rods again. 👍Plenty of boats out there running around. 
    • monstermoose78
      They are cheap but no muskie bait is. But that are American made and in Minnesota 
    • expl
      Just within the past couple of days is the first instances I have seen or heard of storres limiting the amount of people in them.They went unchecked or regulated for quite some time.IF this virus is as contaigous as they say it is  then guess where its likely the most prevalent now-your gas stations,grocery stores,liquor stores its hanging out in the only places people are left to frequent.If you think that limiting the number of people in a store or staying 6ft away from  people while your in the store is stopping it from spreading your crazy.Stay healthy maybe we will see ya on the water!
    • Bigfatbert
      I am grateful that  I have such a wonderful, caring , and loving wife and wonderful daughter .   i am also grateful that during these hard times that at least some people understand , and are following all implemented rules/regulations that have been handed to us All !!   Im also grateful for all the essential workers that are putting their and their loved ones life at risk everyday during these hard times ,they truly are amazingly wonderful people , especially when they have to witness people who don’t get it .   i
    • Dash 1
      Well said.  I see this everyday at work. Some people come in alone, get their items and leave. While others come in as a group or family, walk all around gawking and touching everything in site. If we just adhere to common sense and social distance these few weeks we can have a better summer. 
    • smurfy
      We each have rods for panfish, nords and eyes, there a tad rusty.🤣 not to mention we each have a flyrod. That's enough. Only got so much storage room.
    • ANYFISH2
      Natural colors, Browns, black, and orange have been the go to colors for the lakes and river here around Morrison County. I will say I don't fish Muskies much anymore, so things could have changed.
    • Borch
      Between rods salmon, catfish, walleye, panfish I've got a bunch.  Think I have 11 salmon rods alone for copper, downriggers, lead core and dipsey/slide divers.    Probably should downsize some as I haven't used most of my cat rods for years now but have lent them out for guys who go sturgeon fishing in the spring.  I have several baitcasters that I don't use much anymore as I've added more linecounters for trolling and bottom bouncers.  So my older rods sit back at home a lot.  
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