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decoys and calls

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I have to say that reading this forum is getting me pumped for the turkey season. Now its time to gear up.

So I will be going to c abelas and the gander this weekend and was wondering, what the best bang for my buck is for decoys. was thinking of 2 feeding hens and a up right hen,

Tell me what you would use, brand and ball park price.

I am also on the prowel for a new slate, i have a glass call now but not sure i like the sound its really high pitched and i cant quiet it down for close range, so leaning towards a slate, was wondering what you guys all use for your slate call or what i should stay away from?

Any help is great help.


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Your basic flock that the big stores sell is two hens and a tom. That is a great place to start.

Calls??? Buy as many as possible. grin No matter how many you get, you'll always have your favorites. Get a good name brand slate and hope for the best. Most places will have some out that you can try. Buy one that sounds good to you as that will give you more confidence. I would also suggest a good box call. Same tips apply.

We're all looking towards the upcoming season.

Good luck!

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I'm with DonBo. You don't use only one jig to go fishing! Besides, that's why they have all those pockets on a turkey hunting vest. It gives you something to do in the dark while you're using your fingers to find all of your calls and a striker...Gotta pick up a diaphragm call or two or three and ask one of the guys in the store to give you a quick lesson. It's the only call you can practice while you're driving that still allows you to keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Best of all, no hands or movement required with the diaphragm call when you've got your gun pointed at the incoming gobbler. laugh

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I agree with Donbo and Engfish. Depending on your season and hunting pressure, you might wanna try a decoy that has some motion. Last year I bought a Swinging Hen decoy made by primos about half way through my season because the birds where always hanging up just outside of range. I put it out and attached some monofilament to the decoy and the first day in use, it produced. Also, you can never have too many calls.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • fisherjmb
      My parents were up yesterday and Wednesday and they did pretty good. Out in the mud in about 33-34 feet. Lots of boats were trolling but they did well looking for pods of fish and then spot-locking over the top of them and jigging with leeches and frozen shiners. 
    • Jmnhunter
      i havent been out in for atleast a month out there but check out walleye dan's facebook, he usually posts a report weekley; https://www.visitbrainerd.com/blog/fishing-report-july-16-2018/
    • ifishwalleye
      Hi, I’m looking for a fresh report for this weekend. Thanks in advance! Good Fishing!
    • roony
      Is the water starting to recede on the lakes East of Orr? I heard it was really high on Myrtle. We're coming up to Black Duck in a week or so, just wondering if things are getting back more towards normal. 
    • AlwaysFishing23
      I’ve fished sylvan heavily the last two years. Done very well. Many nice pike, bass, walleye, and bluegill. For pike trolling shadraps pretty much any where will get you all the 20”-25” pike you want. Plenty of dence cover all over for bass and that is the usual bass presentations. And for gills in the spring the channel between the two bays was VERY good this past spring went three days in a row and got 2 limits each time ( two angles in the boat) and relesed many many more.  Also the panfish limit on sylvan is 5 per person so be aware of that. I was out there 2 weeks ago and did ok. Again two limits of nice gills and a handful of pike but it took a lot of work to find them. I’m unsure of the walleye fishing out there but have heard it’s a good lake. Im not an expert on sylvan but know a little so hope this helps ya out. Good luck!
    • BartmanMN
      Thanks Cliff. I am coming up for my week of paradise tomorrow as well.
    • tacklejunkie
      The last two times on the river have been slow to say the least. Trolled Shipping channels, river channels, and all the flats. Crawler harnesses and crank baits. Anybody having any luck out there?
    • gimruis
      If the water is that clear and you can see 17-20 feet down, the fish will be very spooky.  And if the sun is out, they will be looking for relief from the sun in the form of shade.  Night time might actually be a better option.
    • gimruis
      Not terrible.  But they can be merciless, I will tell you.
    • Mike89
      below the darn is a park there too if I remember right, Plus Garden City has a park by the river too I think..