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Question about having my buck scored.

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Okay I am looking for some advice on this one. I am looking to get my buck scored. The 60 day drying period is now up. What are your thoughts on this? Should I wait till the deer classic or find some one to measure him now. I would like to get the antlers in to the taxidermist as soon as I can, (he has the cape) but if you think my best bet is to wait until the deer classic that's what I will do. This will be the first deer I am getting an official measure on. If I do have him measured before hand can I still bring him to the show or do they re measure him? Kind of a silly question. Thank You

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If you think giving him the antlers back will get the deer done faster, thats what I would do, you can enter him in the deer classic next year. Also, if he has the cape back, you might want to let him know you want to take it to the deer classic, he might be able to get the whole thing done for you.

My taxidermist got mine done when I mentioned that I was going to take it to the show. It is good advertisement for them if people aske who did the taxidermy work. Most of them don't mind getting it done a little earlier.

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I guess I am a little confused? You don't need to have an animal scored at the Deer Classic to get an official P&Y or B&C score done. If you are looking for an official score, you need to find an official measurer. If your animal is in contention for all time records it would then be panel scored.

Now if you are looking to enter your deer into some competition or otherwise as part of the Deer Classic, I don't know what they require. However, I would suspect if you submitted an official scoresheet done by an official measurer it would be recognized.

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Got any pics??

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So when you say all time records what are you saying. What are the requirements for a panel score. He is nontypical and green scored 194 3/8. Thanks for your help guys.

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Here's a list of all the official Pope & Young measurers in Minnesota if you want it officially measured so you can take it back to your taxidermist. Most would be happy to score it for you if you bring it to them. If you're just curious what it might score, let us know and someone will post how to score it yourself. (it's pretty easy)

Dickey, David B.

Home: 218-927-2896

Work: 218-927-6915 Aitkin, MN 9/18/2003

Schoewe, Loren

Home: 507-639-5922

Alpha, MN 10/15/2009

Johnson, Floyd B.

Home: 218-965-4833

Alvarado, MN 9/18/2003

McDonald, Michael E.

Home: 218-829-9406

Work: 218-822-6611 Baxter, MN 8/2/2005

Meger, Donald

Home: 952-873-6819

Work: 952-454-6492 Belle Plaine, MN 8/12/2009

Dehart, Rodney L.

Home: 218-751-0731

Bemidji, MN 9/18/2003

Stuebs, Kurt W.

Home: 952-948-0657

Bloomington, MN 9/2/2009

Fredrickson, Kevin Paul

Home: 763-424-1413

Champlin, MN 9/18/2003

Boland, David H.

Home: 507-867-4086

Chatfield, MN 6/14/2006

Hisey, Glenn E.

Home: 507-867-3457

Work: 507-867-4144 Chatfield, MN 11/14/1989

Hisey, Kevin

Work: 507-867-4144 Chatfield, MN 9/2/2009

Forsberg, Scott

Home: 763-862-5205

Coon Rapids, MN 7/27/2005

Westby, Rob

Home: 218-589-7502

Dalton, MN 7/25/2005

Brandenburger, David

Home: 763-229-8617

Dayton, MN 3/24/2009

Gorden, James

Home: 218-999-7282

Work: 218-246-8411 Deer River, MN 9/20/2006

Kozitka, Curtis

Home: 218-847-6802

Detroit Lakes, MN 3/24/2009

Boberg, Jay

Home: 218-721-4115

Work: 218-348-7647 Duluth, MN 9/2/2009

Dufault, Randal

Home: 218-779-1960

East Grand Forks, MN 11/10/2006

Huderle, Douglas E.

Home: 218-773-2608

Work: 701-741-5611 East Grand Forks, MN 9/2/2009

Berggren, Robert

Home: 651-464-1640

Work: 651-261-1031 Forest Lake, MN 9/2/2009

Ohman, Douglas

Home: 320-294-5265

Foreston, MN 9/2/2009

Strecker, Doug B.

Home: 218-675-5538

Hackensack, MN 9/2/2009

Beaufeaux, Michael

Home: 320-384-7419

Hinckley, MN 9/17/2003

Cahill, Patrick R.

Home: 763-444-7075

Isanti, MN 11/9/2009

Cordes, Christopher J.

Work: 612-961-7127 Kenyon, MN 6/3/2008

Fechner, Christopher W.

Work: 608-784-1614 La Crescent, MN 4/23/2004

Pierce, Craig R.

Home: 507-523-2800

Lewiston, MN 10/28/2003

Arndt, Darwin

Home: 507-642-8953

Madelia, MN 6/15/2006

Rogers, Tim

Home: 952-657-8888

Work: 952-807-1797 Mayer, MN 8/12/2009

Barrie, Mark E.

Home: 507-202-6659

Owatonna, MN 7/1/2008

Naplin, Robin L.

Home: 218-732-9163

Work: 218-732-8452 Park Rapids, MN 9/19/2003

Court, Ronald D.

Home: 320-252-5904

Rice, MN 9/2/2009

Streiff, Larry

Home: 507-289-2914

Rochester, MN

Grabow, Shawn A.

Home: 320-291-7328

Work: 320-293-0597 Sartell, MN 9/2/2009

Rocheleau, Robert

Home: 320-398-2041

South Haven, MN 6/29/2004

Hamersma, Karla

Home: 507-346-7259

Work: 507-867-4144 Spring Valley, MN 8/12/2008

Edberg, Troy

Home: 218-689-9566

Thief River Falls, MN 9/2/2009

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So when you say all time records what are you saying. What are the requirements for a panel score. He is nontypical and green scored 194 3/8. Thanks for your help guys.

If after an animal has been scored it appears to be a contender for an all time record (or for an award, I believe) it will be panel scored (a panel of judges) to verify the score. This is done to ensure the scores accuracy and to eliminate (hopefully) any individual judgment calls that might strengthen or weaken the overal score when measuring the animal. Otherwise, I believe any scorer has the ability to certify a score for entry into the record books.

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I know that Curt Kozitka from Detroit Lakes is certified. I am picking my deer up this weekend to have him score it since the 60 days is up. You can look online and find the ones that are in your area.

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I guess that I am confused too. Are you trying to get it scored before the taxidermy is done? Are you just taking the skull plate and antlers to the classic?

What you need to do is talk to your taxidermist. Find out what he can do. But everyone is right, you don't have to take it to the classic to get it scored. When I had mine done, I was entering it in the show so they had to officially score it.

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Here's the deal. If you killed it with a gun and want it officially entered in Boone & Crockett it needs to be scored by a B&C official measurer. It sounds like it will be a bit shy though. If it was killed with bow, which I assume it was because you posted on the archery forum, then it is well past that club's minimums and you need an official P&Y measurer to enter it in P&Y. If you think there's a chance it will net 195 or better and you killed it with bow, and might be interested in entering it in both books, find a scorer who's an official measurer for both clubs, then you can decide whether you actually enter in one or both after you get the score. It's a good deer but not anything that requires panel scoring. I suggest you make it easier on the scorer to allow him to score just the rack rather than after it's mounted. Check with your taxidermist, I doubt he needs the rack yet but if he's close then you have a decision to make if you want it done sooner than later. If you just want to know what it scores for your own personal knowledge, find somebody that knows what they're doing and have him score it, or wait for the deer classic and they will do it for you. And if you do have it officially measured prior to the classic they will accept that score, just bring the official sheet with you.

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Just to add to that. Not all the measurers at the classic are official P&Y scorers.

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Good point Don, while many of the scorers that volunteer to score for the deer classic are official P&Y or B&C measurers, many are only Minnesota Record book scorers, so just let them know if you want to enter it besides the deer classic.

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I got mine scored on Friday night. My friend is an Official Member for both groups. Got done redid the math...124 5/8. DANG!!!!!!!!! So flipping close. Shrank a lot or he was a little sloppy first time we did it. I wanted to find out if it is or isn't and it's a preference from the measurer to do it without the full head mount.

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Thank you for all your help. I am sorry for the confusion. you guys answered my questions. What I was trying to ask was are the guys at the score able to score the rack for P&Y. Thanks

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      Was up last week on Kab and it seemed that your bait depended on where you were fishing. Some areas leeches did good, but others minnows were the go to. We lindy rigged the entire trip and on days when wind was gusty we did pretty good shallower with minnows in 13 to 20 ft....then some areas we were doing better with leeches 16 to 32 ft. No wind was like the dead sea.
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      catch and eat the crawfish too!!!
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      I can second A Warrior.  Jumbo leeches for Walleye.  Northern were more interested in minnows and crawlers.
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      Angling regulations on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River in northern Minnesota would change under a proposal being considered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to reduce the number of walleye and sauger allowed to be kept in the winter on the lake, and on the river allowing only catch-and-release fishing for those fish in the spring.  “We recently went through a public process of updating the Lake of the Woods Fisheries Management Plan and identified several potential areas of concern with regard to current levels of harvest,” said Phil Talmage, Baudette fisheries supervisor. “That’s why we’re discussing these potential changes.” The proposed changes would reduce the aggregate limit of walleye and sauger in the winter to align with the summer regulations on Lake of the Woods, and make spring angling on the Rainy River catch-and-release for walleye and sauger. The changes would go into effect starting March 1, 2019. Anglers will see yellow signs at public water accesses around Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River later this month notifying the public of the proposal. Future news releases will provide the details of a formal public comment period during the fall, and will include ways to provide comment to the DNR on the proposal. For more information on Lake of the Woods management go to mndnr.gov/lakeofthewoods. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.