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Legal Handguns For Deer Hunting In Minnesota

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A 9mm maybe equivelant to a ,354 but a .357 is a poor choice for hunting big game with. Not saying that it cant be done but .357 was created for one purpose. To shoot people in the head and kill them. You wouldnt catch me in the woods with a 9mm. I wouldnt use anything less then a .44 good luck

I am pretty sure that it was created to do other things.

I have killed 2 deer with a Ruger GP101 6" .357mag.

Granted I used a hand load that I developed, it is a hot round.

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My first thought when i read the new regulations was WoW i bet there is someone out there that will be out dear hunting with a .25 pistol, and i am sure some [PoorWordUsage] tried it! but the reality is who wants to spend a bunch of time in the woods and have a deer walk infront of them just to wound it and lose it! one of the members of our hunt on opener shot his first deer ever and he made a bad shot in the legs, it was nice to have the 9mm and walk up and put the deer out of its missery without spending another $2.60 a round

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Originally Posted By: zzammon
Not to condone deer hunting with a 9mm, but the caliber equivilant is .354(I believe). This is only .003 smaller than a .357, as many have stated is huntable. The main factor is shot placement, know your firearm and know your range.

It maybey only .003 smaller but it does not have the power of a .357mag.

Size means almost nothing when comparing calibers.

Case length and weight of the bullet have more effect.

Adn that's why it is such a surprise that they changed the law the way they did.

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Red Miller

I was a little surprised at the change as well. I can see Lou's point about simplifying the reg. But I that one may need to be revisited next year. Not referring to anyone here of course, but I am beginning to doubt the judgement of some "licensed hunters" we have in this state on this and other issues.

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I have a 9mm, shoot hot bonded ammo and believe it would be capable of killing deer at 20 yards or less. I've done extensive testing with it, shooting it through multiple phone books, metal barrels, small trees, water jugs and opposums. I firmly believe it would perform better than my bow at penetrating through bone using 2 blade mechanicals. Unlike a rifle, it won't turn insides into jello but I believe it'll get the job done. Heck, I just might try it out if the situation is right.

The 127 grain +P+ Winchester Ranger SXT's are extremely hot and on par with standard load .357 mag. 1250 FPS, 441 ft. lbs of energy.

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warren peterson

If I wound a deer during crossbow/archery, can I do a kill shot with a pistol (9mm or .22) ?  What are my options for a wounded deer?

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You cannot use any sort of firearm to finish off a deer you wounded with archery equipment unless you’re hunting during a firearm season and you have a license to hunt that firearm season. If you’re hunting archery season and wound a deer you need to use archery equipment to take any follow up shots.  

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On 7/23/2020 at 11:51 PM, warren peterson said:

If I wound a deer during crossbow/archery, can I do a kill shot with a pistol (9mm or .22) ?  What are my options for a wounded deer?

Another arrow or bolt, or your knife.  Welcome to “Primitive” weapon hunting.  Your best defense against that situation is practice and the choices you make afield.  Not trying to be preachy, just saying the work you do before the shot is the most important.  We’ve all wounded deer.  Learning what you did wrong sucks but you can’t  change the outcome one you drop the string.


Good luck out there.

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    • papadarv
      After several months of Chemo treatments, bi-weekly lab and Dr. visits my Leukemia cancer went into complete remission allowing my first time on the lake this soft water season. What a joy it was to wet a line again. My son picked up a 2019 18 ft. Tracker, Helix 9 Si/Di, Lakemaster Chip, Minn Kota Ulterra 80 W/pilot auto Stow/Deploy. What an awesome rig. After ½ hour or so trying all the Helix 9 and Ulterra features we turned on “follow the contour" at 19 FOW on the Lakemaster contour. Sonar water depths varied 14’ to 22’ tracking the 19’ contour. I turned on my Navionics boating app track to compare the two maps. There are slight difference between the two but not enough to claim one better than the other. Was a pleasure to just fish instead of manually tracking a contour. We marked a bunch of fish at the circled contour on the map. Spot Lock held the boat in that exact spot for an hour or so while we caught and released an abundance of 4" – 6” crappies common size on Coon lake, Anoka Co. Next trip will be a mid Sept. fall trip to Ottertail & Clitherall lakes. Can’t hardly wait to br back on the water.
    • jigginjim
      With the low water levels the water temps have rose, 81º in the shallows.  look for more fish off the weed edges also think about trolling 15 - 18 ft down in the middle for suspended fish.  
    • mulefarm
      Any storm damage?
    • CraigcTN
      Where can I find the wabana fishing reports mentioned in the first comment? Thank you.
    • Muskies
      Congratulations on your retirement Bill!  Hopefully you’ll get to come up and fish rainy more. Sorry the catching wasn’t better on your last trip. Been out a few days and found the fish scattered, only catching a couple on each reef I stopped at. When I did find some, caught 3-4 12” for every 14-17” fish. Fished red gut bay one afternoon and in the north arm. Did catch this 40” northern last week...of course released after the picture
    • bassbouncer
      I actually worked on wiring that lab when it was built in the late 80’s
    • Sorgy
      Wakemup - I sent you a private message.
    • Wakemup52
      Question for the group, next weekend I will have two young ones in the boat and am looking for some August panfish/crappies.   We can always catch some little ones off our dock, but wondering if anyone here has picked up on a pattern they’d be willing to share to keep the kids interested! My goal is to turn them both into lifelong anglers
    • Wanderer
      That’s the round a friend of mine uses.
    • Herman Hauglid
      Hey; Just reaching out to others who have or may have a greater knowledge of where to locate a good source for trapping crayfish in the Twin Cities Metro Area.  I have been working the rivers and have found some good locations, but the population of people in those areas have created challenges.  Mainly, not leaving things alone that don't belong to you.  I had found a good resource for the invasive Rusty Crayfish and was doing well trapping those, but as the weather got nicer and more people were looking for places to fish along shore lines, my traps were being disturbed, and worse yet, some stolen or the contents robbed.  I thought I was doing good getting the Rusty out of the water since it is an invasive species and quite delicious, but the travel distance and human disturbance is dictating that I look for other waters.  Any help in locating new sources would be appreciated.  BTW, I have no watercraft so I am also forced to shore access only.  Thanks for any help.
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