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    • Kettle
      Drove past the west side of Mille Lacs today. Large areas of ice with a few open areas and even a boat fishing, looks like they busted ice at the Garrison access to get out. Saw a handful of goldeneye and mergansers but that was it
    • Sculpin
      The addition of beads really adds something,  I go to the fabric store in St Cloud and buy glass beads, and use them above hooks on my deadsticks. I believe glass is better, they are brighter in color, more reflective, you can find more colors and sizes. Plus they click clack a little bit when you jig. 
      I personally would like to see the smallie wiped off the map in this lake (and all laker lakes). They aren't native and I assume they are detrimental to laker populations.  I can only imagine what they do to laker fry and yoy on those rocks and reefs.  It seems as the laker population declined on W. Bearskin, the smallies have exploded.  Not sure if that's because the SM have more food to work with with less lakers, or because the lake trout are the smallies food. I''ll be curious to see how the DNR responds to that question I asked, if they respond at all.  
      Thanks for the heads up on this!  I just sent them the following email.    Good afternoon,    I am curious if potentially implementing a slot limit, or maximum size regulation on lake trout is being considered in this management plan?   As an avid and passionate lake trout angler for over 15 years, I have noticed that over the last number of years lake trout angling has greatly increased in popularity, and with that, the overall quality and quantity of the fish populations have significantly decreased (at least in my experiences).  Stocking them has long been discontinued and it seems the vast majority of anglers keep fish of any size. In fact, it seems in the world of lake trout, the bigger the better. It seems that education about how fragile these fish are is just not readily available for people. There is some stuff out there if one were to dig deep enough, and a few of the more popular fishing shows are doing some education, but overall, it seems to be lacking because walleye are king.   Personally, I practice and promote selective harvest with lakers. My personal slot (and one I would love to see here in all MN Inland waters) is anything less than 17" and and greater than 25" go back in the lake ( so, a 2 fish total bag limit, 17-25", with 1 fish allowed over 32"). It would also be nice to see more strict limits put in place on the most popular lake trout fisheries, but a statewide slot would be a great place to start.    I have felt for quite a long time (as I've seen their popularity grow, and stocking discontinue) that some additional protection for these fish was greatly needed. There are Esox groups, bass groups, walleye groups, stream trout/steelhead groups and even catfish and sturgeon groups out there promoting and cheer leading for those fish species, but nothing out there for the laker.   I would love to see the MN DNR finally take some steps to help protect what we have left of lake trout fisheries while we still have them.     So, in summary,    Are there any additional protections (slots, limits, etc) for lake trout being included in this new management plan?   Has there been any research done on how smallmouth bass are impacting lake trout populations?  And if so, are they impacting them?    If smallies are having an impact on lakers, can there be anything done, aside from aggressive harvest of smallmouth to protect laker populations?       Thank you very much for your time!   Sincerely,    An Extremely Passionate Lake Trout Angler
    • Sculpin
      There are a few porty's starting to show up in the bays on the south side, although there is still a good deal of open water on the main lake. There were two houses out on Waukon bay yesterday, and an ATV and a small hard side spear shack in Cove bay, and one house in Isle Bay.  I would imagine by the weekend, there will be significant foot traffic in the bays. Bear in mind you can't fish walleyes until Dec. 1st, but you can be perchin or pike fishing and, and still be catching those pesky "incidental" fish. Good luck, and use extreme caution 
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Tuned up custom inferno series in UL for panfish and the M for walleyes. Inline reels like the CGI or decent for the Ul. And a okuma ceymar c10 or Shimano Sienna 1000 FE for the M. 
    • shaky legs2
      I was back on the ice a week after hip replacement surgery.  My wife wasn’t too happy and threatened to tell the surgeon but I went anyway.  After I graduated from the walker to a cane I decided one morning to take a walk and visit some of Kelly’s customers.  Every house I went to nobody would talk to me.  I was just trying to be sociable and a good neighbor.  When I got back Doc asked me how it went.  I said we had a bunch of rufusses for neighbors that were unsociable and nobody would talk to me.  Doc said, “Don’t you remember rule #1?” “ Kelly has them posted in all his houses”.  “Don’t talk to strangers!”  😀😀😀
    • Naturboy
      I like taking the Power Bait maggots and threading onto my pan fish jigs the same way. gives a soft tasty body.
    • shaky legs2
      God, I miss those times Kelly.  You are a great friend and Doc and I commented so many times how fortunate we were that you took us under your wing.  You probably felt sorry for us and thought we were harmless.  I remember your first year with the press-board houses that you later painted sky blue so they would blend into the horizon, that fire engine red truck you had, sneaky snaky roads with a gatekeeper house smack in the middle, that sneaky off-shoot road right off the Hillman road on the south side of the pressure ridge.  That area witnessed the hottest crappie bite I have ever seen and it went on for months and the crappie Highway.  Doc is reading this right now and chuckling.  Take care my friend, stay healthy and give Freddy a hug from Shaky.
    • shaky legs2
      Sorry to hear this.  Get well Cookie.