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Diver Tactics Q&A Thread

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The two Boxes - Check out the two photos I just put up in the open water forum under "Not a bad day on the ocean" - a 73 pound wahoo and a 31 pound king mackeral.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • tacklejunkie
      What an odd day today. Started out calm and picked up some dinky island lake type  walleyes in front of Barkers Island.     Every single walleye was the same size. All below that 15 inch mark.  Everything came right off the back of the boat with crawler harness and a bottom bouncer.   I don’t really use my planer boards on the river or the bay anymore unless I’m fishing with three people or more and want to spread out rods.  Once your tackle gets more than 10 inches below the water it disappears from sight  and I find planer boards more of a hassle than any other method I fish with   Then the wind really picked up and for some strange reason that seem to shut down the bite.  And I don’t mean shut down, I mean completely shut off. I’m going to head up near the Oliver bridge and Spirit Lake tomorrow and I will post my results here.
    • IT Guy
      Sorry - Not close to it right now.  Everything is factory default at this point except some color selection, depth highlights, low battery alarm and SI distance to 70 ft.  I was wondering if I should change the transducer setting or kHz setting but that does not seem right.
    • rundrave
      can you provide some screen shots or more info of your menu options and how you have everything set up at the time you took that pic?
    • Standard
      Fished Huntington lake on Memorial weekend.  Within the first 20 minutes my buddy pulled in a monster largemouth, but pretty slow the rest of the day.  Picked up a few smaller bass.  Saw a Northern just chilling by the surface, looked to be around the 30" mark but couldn't get him to bite.     Didn't get a chance to fish the other lakes in the area.  Beautiful lakes to be on, though.  Water clarity is unreal, we were watching the loons chasing fish underwater.
    • IT Guy
      LoonASea - Thanks, I have been looking at the tutorials but I can't figure this out.  I also spent 1.5 hours on hold yesterday with HB without ever getting through.   I did speak with HB tech support awhile ago and their advice was to go back to default setting which it did.
    • MNredneck
      I am going to cuyuna in a coule weeks and I am planning do do a little bit of fishing but am not much of a trout fisherman. Do the northerns and bass in the mine lakes have any size to them?
    • LoonASea
      Lots of good tutorals  on YouTube ,,, Or call Humminbird tech support 
    • IT Guy
      To the other Helix users.  I have a Helix 7 Chirp SI GPS G2 that I am having down imaging issues with.  I am sure it is a user error.  I have a lot of clutter on the screen.  Basically a horizontal line of clutter at every foot and the detail level is terrible.  I understand it is not a Mega unit but this lack of detail and clutter is not helpful at all.  I am on the newest software (2.000) and was having the same problem before updating the software.  I can switch to a regular sonar view and see fish and switch back to DI and do not see anything.  The only way to get that horizontal clutter to disappear is to take the sensitivity down to 1 or 2 and then I can't see anything anyway.  It is not networked, nothing else in use and transducer is off the back of the boat.   Do I need to make some other adjustment or selections besides sensitivity, contrast, etc.?  I have tried just about everything but am not having a great deal of luck and have gone back to default setting.  Pics attached from last weekend from a very clear lake with about 6 feet of clear visibility.   Thank you for the help!
    • CigarGuy
      Me too. Just got up here and want to go out fishing!
    • delcecchi
      Speaking of nice breeze, I wish the howling wind would let up.
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