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Any body fish the river like going south west outa the cohasset landing

Gimme a few hints if you would pleeezzzzzzzzzz!!!

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Bassin'Wally Guy

What ya fishing for? Go to the tube by MPNL, that's good for about anything this time of year.

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We use to pound the bass out there in the winter, this time of year it gets pretty slow.

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Years ago a buddy and I would troll cranks in the fall and do good on 'eyes and gators. Never fished it in the summer.


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where and what is the tube

looking for some eyes or nice sized notherns

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mulefarm
      The ice should be out this week.
    • my4x4yj
      Just read an article from the Star Tribune from yesterday about fishing related travel in MN, article advised that local officials and business owners along the north shore  are advising that out of the area fisher persons are not welcome for the steel head run in local rivers, the two DNR ramps near International Falls were the only ramps open on the Rainey River, locals have closed all private ramps however Arties Bait and Tackle in Ortonville is posting regular updates about the ice out for Big Stone and advising that they have an honor system bait tank outside and call ahead pickup at the door tackle orders as well as a link to an article from the DNR about people getting out to fish and advising travel to do so.
    • monstermoose78
    • Rick
      They closed the county roads leading to the 4 accesses on Koochiching County.   Fishing and hunting are still allowed.   Looking forward to you getting up here.
    • Wanderer
    • delcecchi
      I would go back and read Cliff and Ace and others comments about past openers.    A lot depends on when the ice goes out.     Which end you gonna be at?      And bring warm clothes and good raingear...   I've been snowed on in the past.
    • mrpike1973
      Thanks for the reports. I may go if the wind goes down today may need to pet a few kitties today!
    • CaptJohnWis
      I heard from a buddy that there will be no fishing allowed on the river this spring. Any truth to that? I think it is a good idea otherwise there will be people coming up in droves as usual. Stay in your house and say some prayers.   I am stuck in my house down here in Texas and hope to eventually get back up North. Canada border closed so I couldn't hit my favorite spots on Rainy Lake anyway.
    • FishinCT
      Alright everyone, since I’m starting to see some open water out here in South Dakota I’m itching to get off the ice fishing talk. Due to the virus, this is likely to be my first opener on Vermilion in about 20 years. What are some strategies that you use that time of year? Depth, presentation, bait etc.    I’ll warm up on the April walleyes out here in the meantime!
    • Wanderer
      Got home from work while it was raining.  It finally slacked up around 5 and I took a walk around the yard, picked up some stuff, trimmed a few trees and stretched out a little further to figure out a few blind sets for turkey season.  As comfortable as I am with the ground around me, it was worth the scout.  I figured out 3 spots that I hadn’t considered before.     It was definitely refreshing to be outside again and now I can at least have some anticipation for the upcoming season!
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