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Was out on Centerville today from 2-6:15pm with a buddy. From 2-4:30 saw fish on the Marcum, but no takers, but did lose one on the tip-up. Moved about 100 yards away from where we initially were about 250 yards away from the crowds and seemed like we hit the jackpot. We were hitting 8-10" bluegills as fast as we could bring them up. Between the both of us, we limited out in an hour and a half. Plus we threw back about 15. We were fishing in about 10-12 fow.

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8-10" gills.... pffft. Lets see a picture with a ruler. I've fished the lake for 25yrs and haven't caught 1 that big. It's no wonder its a zoo out there with stories like that.

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crappie todd

I was on both lakes yesterday morning from 1st light to 11 Am. I never settled on one spot because fishing was difficult. But not impossible to nab a few gills.

I left the lake and returned at 3 Pm. I fished the same holes. I put the camera down and saw the crappies. gills and perch. They were negative until; about 4:30 when they decided to eat dinner. I didn't get any gills over 8 inches. Matter of fact not near 8 inches. A few crappies that were mabey 9 inches.

The fish went to bed about 5:30. I drilled plenty of holes but never hit a honey hole. Peltier007.jpgPeltier010.jpg

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Fun watchin them on the camera.:)

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • History_Geek
      All right man I'll make sure to tell you how I do, I have also been looking at the sunrise river. The sunrise Looks like one of those rivers that all the local kids fished in the 80's, But then it got polluted and over fished. I'll Try the sunrise one of these days, I don't know what i'll catch,  Maybe it's like in the Simpsons with those Three eyed fish.    As for the rum river, I can't wait to fish that. I'll wait for a nice cold front when all those small mouth start to eat everything in site, They need the fat for winter. I'll make sure to tell you how it goes.
    • Pat K
      I started using a chain hoist like this 2 years ago. Much easier for one or two people than a rope block & tackle. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004PX1F9S/ref=psdc_511406_t1_B009F257DE?th=1
    • Spearing Machine
      I thought I read some where Cliff mentioned 66-67 over the weekend and it'll start to slide now with cooler temps.
    • Sculpin
      Although not level related, can someone tell me what the current water temps are in the main lake, Big Bay  Cliff ? I am coming for a week a the end of the month. Thanks very much
    • leech~~
      Really, do you think it will handle 19 Bucks? 🙄    😅
    • ozzie
      rayguy how has the fishing been the last week?  I know the weather hasn't been  ideal but hopefully you have been out.  I won't be up this weekend but will be back up next Thursday to catch the Vikes game at a local watering hole and then fish most all day Friday and Saturday.  Hoping to get another report from you closer to Thursday next week also! 😁
    • eyeguy 54
      click hereSuper-Handy Heavy-Duty 4,000 LB Capacity Rope Hoist look at it on amazon. 19 bucks. I bought one about 10 years ago and love it. I can raise a big deer by myself with this one. So glad I bought it since I do the butchering. I raise them up, tie legs off to rafter with a rope so it doesnt spin and skin away. 
    • walros
      Any thoughts about stocking perch of other forage base in this water to keep the walleye from canabalizing the younger year classes?
    • DLD24
      Tough day of fishing for this guy today, ended up with about dozen eyes kept a limit of 13.75"-18"ers... I must have drove around for 2 hours before I even wet a line...Pretty sure I zippered every rock reef in big bay and to the east... I finally found some fish in a 30+ foot hole next to a sand hump... I found my best spot a couple hours before I planned on taking off (of course it was .5 mile from the access) 21-24ft sand/rock transition right by an island. I was surprised with how many people were out for a weekday in the fall.
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
      I was just telling my wife how I used to look forward to your detailed reports on here from my dads account on the way to the cabin years back, then I switched over to YouTube to enjoy Casey Sunsdahls updates. If I have time before we come up on our spring trips I will even go deep diving years back that have the same ice out dates to try to gain more insight on new locations to try. Sure miss your reports and hope you and yours find some luck. I will report Monday with our findings as we are also forced to come earlier than we would like, hope we can help narrow the search for Waldo! PikeMaster