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lookin to bring the kids panfishin'

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Im bringing the girlfriend and the kids out tommorrow for their first time fishing. Actually the girlfriends been out w/ me a couple times (she still wont touch the bait or fish...) but the kids have never gone. Im also bringin a friend along who hasnt gone since he was 5.

Ive been pounding the local lakes (coon, linwood, martin, green in chisago and owasso) but other then green in chisago I havent been able to come up with anything that would keep an interest. And the fish there only did cause the girlfriend likes to watch em come in and take the bait down through the hole.

Anyone have any ideas on where to go around the coon rapids, anoka, champlin area? The fish dont have to be big but id like to take a few home so they can try my beer batter. Crappies, sunnies, wouldnt mind throwin a tip up out or trying for something a little bigger myself but the trips about the kids and my friend. Will spend most of my time taking off fish and rebaiting anyway. Hopefully. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ive been lookin but no luck so far on a decent spot. Maybe Im just not lookin in the right places.

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metro fisherman

Dude, you havent been getting a hot bite on Coon Linwood and Martin? Last weekend the 6" crappies were jumping through the holes on Linwood. At the deep hole in 36" FOW they were hammering euros on a small glow jig. Biting all the way to 10' deep as you go from deep toward the road (on the farther out reef). Coon was good all over for perch and sunnies, mid sized considering the lake, ive heard good crappie bites on it near dusk but I was on Martin at dusk. Steady action of a fish about every 5-8 minutes. they were all 7-9 inches. My cousin had a large crappie or eater walleye on for about a minute. Any more questions you can email me at mikehislop714 at msn dot com. I may be able to go fishing with you next weekend if are interested in some spots.

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My vex is on the fritz so I've been kinda had to go with the old school techniques of fishing the whole water column lol. but no not much for luck. fished mostly during the week. and only after work or on days i didn't have to.

I usually fish martin, i've found more and bigger crappies in there in recent years. the last couple years i haven't been able to put a pattern to em though.

linwood i've only tried as a last resort almost. i haven't caught a real decent crappie out of there in a while and it's always packed. but i have a couple spots from years ago along the western shore more for sunnies that i might check out.

as far as coon goes never really fished it for crappies till recently. most of the time i've gone there for a nice relaxing day of watching tip ups. but the past couple weeks i've tried it for pannies and have had mixed results. perch i've never even heard of a decent one come out of that lake.

i can find tiny fish all over. but i'd like to get a mix of something to fillet also. i think it would mean more to the kids to bring a couple home to eat. and i want beer batter! lol

Anyone ever fish Crooked lake? i've gotten some really nice fish out of there in the summer. and i know they stocked it with walleyes and catfish a few years back. was catching them in the spring on crappie jigs in the weeds right off shore.

thanks for the help. and if you ever wanna hit the ice hit me up lartermike at yahoo dot com.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • arctic_scrap1
      I picked up a used 2013 Forest River True North 20x8 ice house. I got a decent deal on it but the front jack is having problems. When I try to raise up the tongue I get some loud clicking sounds from the jack and it's not raising. I'm prepared to just buy a whole new jack for it since I assume the internals are stripped but has anyone else a similar problem? This jack is rated for 3500lbs and the tongue weight is well under 1000lbs so I'm pretty disappointed with it. For right now I'm just using my car jack. Maybe I'll need it for the rear jacks.....
    • leech~~
      Winni or Leech.
    • Bryan P
      Been a slow start to my season but finally found few decent crappies.They were in 23ft off structure. Tungsten jig tipped with white plastic did the trick to bring them topside. Can't beat plastics, caught tons of fish on just one. You know its on and doesn't fall off. Got some cool footage of the flasher in this video too.     
    • pikeandchester
      Got a pickup, wheel house, ATV and portable. Been to (not all this year) Lake of the Woods, Upper Red, and Mill Lacs. Any recommendations for something new? Otherwise may try to get to know the lakes near Garrison.
    • pikeandchester
      5 sauger Saturday, 4 sauger and 3 pout Sunday out of Adrian’s. Started in deeper water, east of the crowd on Saturday. Sunday I moved around a bit, even drove the atv west of the crowd, 34 fow, with no luck. Spent the afternoon and evening in 25 fow near pine Island which was the only place I caught fish Sunday. Resort houses where mostly in 34 fow. Back home now.
    • Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle! Fishing remains consistently strong on the Minnesota side this week. Many species are quick to bite leaving anglers with a very mixed bag at the end of the day. We saw multiple 40+ inch Northern, many Perch, even a Lake Trout among an already strong Walleye bite. 22-24 ft on gravel bottom surrounded by mud has been our best spots. Be sure to charge up any Glow tackle in use, with the increasing snow cover, glow or lighted lures have been hot. Pink/white and gold are also very effective on sunny days. The Canadian bite just keeps getting better! Crappies can be found in 30 foot holes while 22-26 ft flats on break lines have been hot for a Sauger/Walleye mix. Remember to stick to well-traveled trails as most have not been staked/marked as of yet. Until next week!
      Sunset Lodge
    • Parmer
      Not sure about the resort... But I know Adrians road is like 11 miles out past pine Island and they were plowing farther. Guy from my work was 9 miles out last weekend and did good on 14 inch sauger with some walleye mixed in.  He said there is 24 inches of ice.   I would say to try and get away from the groups.  Good luck fishing. 
    • Parmer
      Am heading up this weekend... Not sure where we going out of... But like to be away from the groups also. I usually go out of hunters but they are having road issues again. I am sure it will be resolved by Friday. 
    • Matt Johnson
      Some good news and some bad news over the last week...  good news is that we made more ice!!  Bad news is that the fish keep moving (STAY PUT FISHY'S!!! LOL)!!    I'm finding 12-16" of ice on most lakes, but still practice caution.  I've been driving out on many area lakes with my Suburban but you still need to pay attention to the ice conditions and don't take any risks.  Some of the shoreline ice is a little weird and areas around islands, channels, neck-downs, etc, will continue to have bad ice... something you can expect all winter in some spots.  So, always use caution and don't go venturing "off the beaten path" if you don't know the lake or know where you're going.     Ok, onto the the fishing stuff!  A lot of fish still holding in the shallows, but they are constantly moving.  The additional pressure that the lakes are seeing has the fish more active--and not necessarily active as-in feeding, but more-so just roaming and moving around more.  The vehicle traffic will push fish around, same with the increase amount of holes being cut and just the increase in general fishing pressure.  So, preaching mobility is no longer an option... you have to PRACTICE mobility as well.  You know, the whole "practice what you preach" phenomenon.  Get those augers going and chase down the fish.  The shallow bite can require a lot of holes to find the consistent pattern, but once you figure them out you can hone-in on a more specific area and hammer-home.  Yesterday morning from 8am-11am I went through 4 batteries on my Milwaukee ripping holes, just be thankful the ice isn't 2-feet thick yet so it's a good time to get after 'em!   One thing I've noticed lately is that the fish are really relating to the bends on the shoreline structure.  Seems to hold them a bit longer than traditional flats and break lines.  The bends that have weeds are even better--assuming those weeds are alive and flourishing.  Not much snow on the ice so it makes for easy travel, too... but don't forget the cleats, or you'll know why real-quick!  Punch out those bends both on the edge and up on the shallow portion if there are weeds present.  The pattern has held true on a handful of lakes... Chisago area, Minnetonka, Forest Lake, Clearwater and many others.  Might be onto something... let me know if others find the same thing...   And for presentations, I've been absolutely crushing them on the Pinhead Mino with NO BAIT at all.  The 1/16oz has been deadly on crappies and gills.  An easy bait to fish when staying mobile and no messing with bait or even plastics.  I've had to slow down and finesse some fish with tungsten and plastics too, so don't get me wrong, but it's amazing what that Pinhead will catch! See pics below...   Otherwise I just keep glued to my Lowrance and Navionics chip, or else the Navionics App for my phone and continue to scout out new spots.  Never get complacent and keep searching out new spots.  I'm seeing the spots dry-up faster and faster after you find a "honey hole," so keep looking for that next one!   Some cool temps heading our way... might actually feel like winter in MN for a while! Lol.  I'll be back on the ice Friday-Sunday and I'll check a few more lakes and report back.  Good luck out there and be safe!
      Basswood motor permits are hard to come by. Be ready and get it the first day that permits are offered. JIM P.