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Wondering if anyone has heard if DNR has taken any dissolved oxygen readings yet or is it too early? Anybody fished Tamarack, HOL,Shell chain and noticed yhe fish moving up in the water column yet? All the sunshine should be helping,but 30 degree weather would be nice.

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they've been taking DO readings all winter, as per the usual. I don't know what they've found, as I haven't asked them, but I haven't heard any big news regarding winterkills just yet.

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    • Paradice
      Soon as I can get my car in the yard.  I don't have water though, so temps don't matter.  Even if it's cold and sloppy yet, I can still hang out inside and grill outside.  
    • PSU
      Depends on the year and since we are on an island, it really depends on ice and/or when the dock company can drop our dock. Usually early May
    • JBMasterAngler
      I’m really hoping to make it up there on Saturday. Might try a couple different spots, pending success rate.
    • leech~~
      Also depends on if your married or not, or want to stay that way! 😄  At my buddies old place since he had an out house we would just bring water and start using it when we could get the heat up with a fire place and a few elc, heaters as to not die. Then we were good! 😉
    • brokesauce13
      Hello everyone,    I know I'm new to this website, but I've been fishing for a while now. A few years ago I picked up a Black Betty 6061 for ice fishing and I bent the handle trying to put it into a Frabil hard case on an exceptionally cold day (dumb me). I wrote a few emails to 13 Fishing/called 5 times and explained the situation and they told me I would have to pay for my parts. I said that was fine because it was my fault (even though I thought the handle should be a little sturdier).   Flash forward a 2 weeks later and I have my new handle. I took the old handle off and put the new one on, but the retaining screw that holds the washer for the nut in place wouldn't fit. The new handle 13 Fishing sent to me has a screw hole tapped too small. I called 13 and they were not aware of a screw size change. I asked them to send me a screw that would fit the handle and they said okay. 2 Weeks later, no screw. I called them again and explained that I had been over a month without this reel operational and no one had sent anything. I told them that I had a fishing trip coming up in the next two days and they could either overnight the screw to me or send it to the location I was going to be fishing. They said they would send it and it didn't come before the trip, nor did it come after the trip I just came back from.    They either sent me the wrong handle that doesn't fit my old BB, or they changed the dimensions of their design. I'm just trying to get my reel operational and it seems like such an easy thing. I'm probably going to go down to the store and just grab a small screw that will fit, but it seemed too easy for 13 Fishing to send me the part. How should I deal with 13 Fishing now? Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? I really liked 13 Fishing's gear, but if this is what happens when something goes wrong, I may end up turning elsewhere for the $$. 
    • tfin
      I always use a dead stick next to a jigging hole.  The water is clear so you can get pretty high off the bottom to bring them in and then lower it to them.  Red hook on the dead stick during the day and anything glow after dark if you want but I use pink.  I usually use fat heads or rainbow with good success.  My go to is a pink and blue rattle spoon or red.  Just off of structure during the day with a nice easy move of 15 feet or so to the top of the structure morning or night.    
    • bassbouncer
      Now it sounds like they’re shooting for October. Won’t be possible by fishing opener 
    • smurfy
      You have no idea how I suck at electronics!
    • delcecchi
      Depends on the year.  Typically early May.   Some years you can get away with earlier....
    • monstermoose78
      You are welcome Icehawk. I want some great fishermen there to teach and pass on knowledge. I also want to showcase the friendships that can be made here.