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Fished the River twice this past weekend and targeted panfish in the 4-20' depths.  The areas I found most productive had a couple things in common, rock rubble, current breaks causing a deflection of

Was nice to hear that the Croix upstream of Stillwater was pretty much normal level, so I fished out of Osceola yesterday. Was an absolute beautiful day to be out! Didn’t get as hot as expected, nice

Fished the Hudson area yesterday morning solo from 6:00 am to around noon.  Total of 8 walleyes and sauger between 12 and 16 inches.  No other species caught.  2 were above 15 inches.  All on troll-to

Posted Images

Is the Ice still hanging in there in the center of the river???

Around Bayport it is fine, no change.

I went out Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 6pm. Slow bite, lots of lookers no matter what I threw at them. Managed to take home four fish.

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Sounds like mixed results this weekend. Honda found some in the middle of the day (just as I left frown )

Luck, you did nothing wrong. That's the way it's been. Lot's of lookers, few takers. For what it's worth, I've had my best luck with a red hook and smaller minnow about 3' off the bottom, or a red Diamond Jig and small minnow. Seems they want it held still, jig it and they're gone.

Good luck everyone, keep 'em coming.

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Does anyone know what the big shindig is this Sat.? Yeah, I'm a fishingmn.com noob...lol! Sounds like a great time. Any info is appreciated....


How does one get a photo to be the avatar?

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Does anyone know what the big shindig is this Sat.? Yeah, I'm a fishingmn.com noob...lol! Sounds like a great time. Any info is appreciated....

Happy to have ya! Check it out here:


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My best luck for crappie the last two weeks has been using my St Croix Legend UL rod(with a medium spring bobber) and a 5mm Tungsten Fiska jig tipped with two red maggots. Swim up and down about a 1/4" and pause...look for some type of disruption while swimming the spring bobber. Sometimes a still presentation works well too. They are biting very light, if the spring bobber moves up or down 1/8"...set the hook.

For my set line I'm using a small green-glow Genz bug tipped with a very small minnow, set below the smallest Ice Buster slip bobber. The bobber is weighed or cut so there is just a pimple of the bobber showing. Many times in the morning and evening the set line catches more, but when they shut off minnows the Fiska /Maggot combo continues to catch fish. I'm going to try the plain hook and a minnow technque and see how that works.

Last year you could tied on a #3 jigging rap in December and take it off in March and catch all the walleyes and crappies you wanted. Not this year.

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iiccee I see you got a picture posted. Nice.

Still having questions about the avatar?

Do the same thing as your photo but instead of clicking

"img code" click "direct link" then right click copy then paste when you are on the profile page.

Hope this helps

You can also can resize the photo's for posting up to, I beleive, 600x800 at your photo hosting site.

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I'm using gold with a yellow bead (5mm). Found them at Gander Mountain in Lakeville, they have about 5 left. I ordered almost $30 worth on the bobber down site. Just do a search on Fiskas. My buddy used perch colored Fiskas at 4mm tonight and did well also. Sausage

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Was out this morning...found more of the active fish about 6 feet off the bottom. Was using bobber and minnow with a demon jig, and a plain hook. Most came on the demon. One fish was about 15 feet off the bottom so I just reeled up really quick and he hit it...to my surprise.

The action was definitely NOT fast and furious, but I was able to keep four. Nothing really big but decent eaters.

They are still hitting very lightly for the most part. (except the white bass!).

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I'm going out all day Wed., Feb. 25 6am-6pm. We'll see what happens and will give a good report (hopefully) on Thursday. Going to high line area once again...

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Was out yesterday from about 6am-4pm and ended up with 6 in the bucket. The biggest one was 13" (in the pic below) and the rest were between 9-10. Like said before, not fast and furiopus by any means. Most of them that I caught were about 10 ft up from the bottom and would be swimming solo. A big red line would show up on the flasher and I was moving my bait up to it and they'd usually smack it as soon as they saw it. Great weather to be out though.


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Feb. 21st...

Returned to last weekends stomping grounds to focus on the shallower areas that produced, well this is the St.Croix so shallow for winter crappies to me is 20' to 24' grin I was on the ice for roughly the same time of day as last time, but maybe an hour or so less. Despite the temptation to punch some holes deep, I managed to stick to my game plan and stay shallower than 26', and it paid off! The crappies , as I anticipated ran larger and I actually ended up icing more by focusing all my time on a few holes between 22' and 26' rather than making the rounds on dozens of holes between 20' and 40'. Didn't catch anything under 10" and had two big ones at 12" & 12.5" plus a bonus 16" smallie and two walleyes. I narrowed down my selection of holes by which ones consistantly had baitfish moving through. For whatever reason they weren't always holes that were next to each other, but they were all similar depth and from my open water fishing of that area I knew that they all were over the same sand bottom. Technique was the same, small Custom Jigs&Spins Demon Jigging spoons in gold or silver with either a Gulp! waxie or this time even tried a Lindy micro tail in the clearish glow color. The spoon paired with the plastic tail bairly hooked on one hook of the trebble got a much more aggressive strike than the waxies. But important like last outing was the lack of lure motion when they were coming in for the bite. I kept the tail moving ever so slightly, but with the waxies I basically would dead stick it once I saw a fish rising towards it.

Just packed up and was heading back to the truck. With one hole between me and the vehicle I stopped and marked bait so I figured ahhh how bout "one last cast". Dropped down to just above the baitfish and a red line comes in...whack 18" eye to end the day!


Feb. 25th...

This week has been slow at work and even though I would like the hours, I can't complain about leaving early on a day like today. My wife had the day off so I mentioned maybe heading down to the river with the puppy for a couple hours. I narrowed down the area from Saturday even more and modified my techniques to me jigging a spoon with a couple rods with bobber and minnow. Didn't think the artificial was the way to go with her considering it takes everything I have just to get half of the lookers to bite right now. We had decent action with a flury of bites right away around 2:30. Wife hadn't been out fishing for a long long time and was rusty on the hook sets and I missed my share too, but we did get 3 quality crappies, two 11"s and my biggest this ice season at 13.5"s. I had fun as usual on the river, the puppy had fun running in circles around the fish trap and eating slush from the holes, and my wife was only slightly bored grin Another good day!

Personal best for '09 ice ( maybe the big ones were waiting for me to shave wink )...


Hope some of this info can be useful to others when venturing from the crappie holes.

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Hey TommyK.... nice fish there. I have no idea where all the walleyes have been this winter. Only got 1 17" sauger this winter! Looks like you are fishing down river north of Presott judging by the backround. I've wanted to get down that way but, never have. There is some nice structure that way compared to the Bayport area where I fish. Wed. the 25th was a joke. Was going to fish all day but, didn't get out til' 1:30pm. Fished to 6:20....one dam crappie, and lost a nice one. A 10.5" all the same but, pretty bad. Fished the high line area. Where are all the crapps?? Going out Friday @ 1 again. eek

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I went out and ice fished the river for the first time yesterday and had one of the best days fishing through the ice I have had in awhile! Just pounded the fish.I ended up limiting out on crappies on managed to get 4 nice eyes.I found a little underwater point on my H20 in about 27 ft. of water and fished by NOBODY that made it even better!I never knew that the river had nice crappies like it does.I was really suprised and am hooked!

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I have been north of Prescott, but I bet you could find dozen spots out of Bayport away from the crowds that are similar to were i have had success. Look for any size point or shelf with a fast breaking shoreline upriver leading into the turn out. Usually the drop is a little more gradual on that inside corner. I have always had better success fishing the upstream turn rather than the backside of the structure. As for the walleyes & saugers, I havn't been targeting them on the Croix this winter at all (I save that for pool 4) so the ones I do catch come through with the crappies.

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Nice fish tommy. I was targeting eyes earlier this year with little luck and then my little guy was born so haven't made it out fishin in about a month. I will have to give your tips a shot this weekend to hopefully ice a few more before season closes.

Openwater were you in the Bayport area or down by prescott? Without giving out to much info of course. I'm headed to bayport this weekend.

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5 crappies the hole day got out there 8:30 left 7:00. 2 13 inch and 3 10 inch. Bite was at 2:30 and 5 threw everything at them. Glo red ended up being the color. Also 2 small sauger I forgot to mention.

12:oo came around said to my buddy looks like the snows gonna miss us. Went to pack up at 7:oo had to dig out the Northlander.

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Newbie I was kind of by bayport.Went out and tried it tonight but they were not biting that good {thought it wouldn't be that great because of the great weather we had today}only ended up with 4.It's nice just getting out!

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I had my best day this winter on the river today. (2/26) (which may not be too impressive compared to many of you)Fished from about 2:30 til 5:30pm. Iced 5 keepers including a 12.5" and 14" crappie.

What was great about today was the serenity of the snowstorm and the lack fishing pressure. Shanty town is all but gone. (not to mention the kids spinning donuts non-stop on the 4-wheelers)

For me the success came in pink. Pink jig with minnow and a pink glow Ratso with no bait. (1st time I've ever fished it).

Ice conditions still strong. Looking forward to a few more outings.

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StCroixBanks: Nice catch! a 14" is a beauty! I'm wondering if yuo could tell me what the road condiotions are like? I'm in a car and wondering if I cuold get through with all the snow? Thanks!

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I was in a 2 wheel drive truck last night at 7pm when I came off and it was a litle tough going but ounce you get your momentum going you should fine.

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I'd like to get out this week and would be fishing across from Bayport. Can I acess the river from the park in Hudson or do I need to drive across from Bayport?



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    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Dress warm and catch walleyes!  Some even bring their Mr. Heater in the boat.  High temps this week in the low 40's.  The water temps are in the 30's and the walleyes are staged in many early ice areas.  Good reports on the lake with a mix of small fish, eaters and some big fish.  Consider areas on the lake such as the Lighthouse Gap, Morris Point Gap, Zippel Bay and Long Point.  Good reports in all of those areas.  Walleyes in 7 - 26' of water.  Most anglers anchored up and jigging with an emerald shiner.  Pink, gold, glow and green jigs working well.  Pike are active in bays and along shorelines.  Trolling crankbaits for some anglers is still effective, but jigging by far the chosen technique this time of year.
      On the Rainy River...   Anglers seeing good numbers of walleyes on electronics as well as a lot of bait.  With so many shiners in the river, catching walleyes has been tougher than normal.  The river is still low, current slow.  Best depths anywhere from 7-24'.  Most anglers are jigging with live or frozen shiners.  Pink, glow and gold combo effective.  Trolling crankbaits over flats where fish are spread still pulling some fish.  Walleyes in Four Mile Bay 10-15'.  Sturgeon anglers focusing on deeper holes with current.  A sturgeon rig with crawlers and shiners.
      Up at the NW Angle...  
      Nice walleyes being caught up at the Angle for anglers braving some colder than normal temps.  Jig and a minnow on points and areas with current all good places to start in 13'-26'.  Gold, pink, and glow colors great choices.  Some big pike being caught by walleye anglers as well as those trolling shorelines.  Pike and muskies in bays and off of rock points.  

    • JBMasterAngler
      By JBMasterAngler
      What’s the status of small lakes in the arrowhead? I’m going to Grand Marais this weekend, and the forecast looks pretty miserable 😩 I have a feeling I’m going to be busting through ice to launch my boat. But is it at all possible that some of these little designated trout lakes could be locked up completely? 
    • JBMasterAngler
      By JBMasterAngler
      DNR has a proposal to remove the dam on the Grindstone River, in Hinckley. The reservoir, which serves absolutely no purpose, is about 27 acres, and is nothing but mud and silt. I’m in favor of any and all dam removals! They’re taking comments via e-mail until November 12. If you want to write the DNR, subject e-mail “Grindstone EIS” to [email protected]
    • Hawkem9
      By Hawkem9
      Hey guys, 
      Looking for some opinions from those of you who fish the lake consistently.  We take a fall trip every year and have been on the cass chain the last 5 years.  Planning on heading to Vermillion this year.  We have two dates in mind being either the 18-25 of Sept or the 9-16th of October.  Love to be somewhere in the middle but it wont work this year.  We will fish Smallies/wallys the majority of the time and planning to stay on the east side.  Would any of you suggest one of those times over the other?  I am seeing the current weather up that way and its making me a bit nervous about the later dates, but if the fishing is better by mid october will certainly risk some colder weather.  Thanks for any input!
    • evinrudespeed
      By evinrudespeed
      So the weather really tanked!! I was hoping to fish until November before winterizing the boat.
      Anyone been out...either reservoirs or up Hwy 53? Any idea of when landings start pulling docks...probably on DNR site huh?
    • evinrudespeed
      By evinrudespeed
      Heading out to Leech in the cold temps...hoping to stay at least dry. Any reports or bait suggestions? I’ll keep you posted.
    • Snogan
      By Snogan
      Just wondering if anyone else that fishes the Root (especially below Lanesboro) has ever patterned or had any luck targeting sauger/eyes. This is my first year trying for them after hearing whispers for years and I've been surprised with my results. So far I've caught 5 sauger and 4 eyes out of the Root this year, a 17 inch Sauger and a 22 inch eye being my biggest so far. I know the river is a lot better known for trout but if anybody else has had any luck targeting other species I'd love to share reports or tactics. 
    • papadarv
      By papadarv
      Finally got out fishing this season, long weekend on Ottertail, Vacationland resort. Lots of wind Fri & Sun, Sat fairly calm. Marked lots of fish but slow bite with a few walleye & perch. Crallers, raps, suckers, shad. Day 16 - 19 FOW deep side of weeds and 6 - 9 FOW shallow side of weeds after dark. 61 to 62 deg water temp. Lots of bait balls at 17 - 19 and suspended at 20 - 25 ft in 40 - 150 FOW. Much needed fantastic weekend.
      Pics, multi helix 9 SI - DI - Sonar, cabin lake view, Son, Grandson. Hard to believe the monster perch hit a 3" Sucker.




    • RedSunset
      By RedSunset
      Is anyone out there getting tired of all these fishing tournaments?  Lake Vermilion just came off an August with way too much Bass tournament pressure.  Several folks are really concerned about what all that pressure is doing to our fish populations.  The week of August, first week of Sept. there was a 3 day B.A.S.S. event.  There was pre fishing all week then the 3 day event.  It looked like a swarm of locusts out here on the Lake.  People who live on the lake and people who came up for vacation to fish bass could hardly find a place to fish.  B.A.S.S does not practice true catch and release or Catch Record Release.  There practice is to catch hold in live well,  parade across a stage, hold the fish in a tank, releasing them somewhere in the lake.  The mortality must be quite high.  Besides the DNR is not monitoring how the fish are handled or where they are released.  Both are regulated in the Tournament guidelines for Lake Vermilion. Also those fish are displaced from their normal habitat.  Many residents on Lake Vermilion are complaining.  There are just too many fishing tournaments. Too much pre fishing.  Too often.  Time for the DNR and MN legislators to take a new look at the statutes governing them.
    • jim curlee
      By jim curlee
      28 here this morning.
      Ice fishin will be here before you know it. LOL
      Might even get here before deer huntin. lol
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      I noticed the same.  Happens here and there and I usually report it.   That said, I read through some of the old posts and was interested in the Red Wing comments.  Quality, then a departure followed thankfully by a return in quality.   I used to rotate 2 pairs Irish Setters when I worked in a machine shop.  Wear one till it needed to be re-soled, then switch to the other pair.  Great boots that kept my bones healthy on cement floors.   I just recently bought a new pair after being absent from work boot type work for 15 years and it’s seems like the quality is still there.  Very comfy and built well.
    • gimruis
      Lowering the bag limit or instituting a restrictive harvest size will only so far too.  We both know that there isn't enough enforcement out there already.  What its going to have to take is a complete culture shift from mostly harvest to mostly catch and release.  It has caught on in the world of bass and muskie fishing for years now and their populations have responded with an abundance of thriving populations and trophy caliber fish.
    • h8go4s
      billrider has a total of 3 posts, all with a link to his website. No credibility.
    • mulefarm
    • Dash 1
      As much as I would like to blame the catfish or other species of hurting the panfish population, the number one factor I believe is over harvest from fishing. There are people that fish 4 or more days a week and give fish away to others that don’t fish.  Somehow they just can’t bring themselves to catch and release which I do not understand.  I love fishing and I love the taste of fish but no way my I cleaning fish every time I go out. Hopefully we can continue to educate people on the benefits of catch and release instead of keeping so many. It sucks to go down to 10 or 5 for a limit, but if it helps us down the road I will live with it.  The lake my in-laws have a cabin on has been 5 sunfish for many years now and  it has helped. It just takes a while.
    • PRO-V
      I have trouble taking recommendations from someone that is obviously just trying to use this forum to sell stuff. Just like the pro's - the best product is the one that sponsors them. 🙄
    • gimruis
      I don't fish that series of lakes but I have also heard that the introduction of the catfish years ago has played a significant role in reducing the population of panfish, especially bluegills.  I know bass anglers that fish out there regularly using artificial moving lures that still catch catfish.  That tells me they are aggressive and hungry.   I believe muskies were also introduced but muskies have not been proven to have a measurable impact on panfish populations, except for maybe perch.  There's simply not enough of them and stomach content studies have shown they prefer a diet of suckers, ciscoes (when present), small pike, and perch.  Would they eat a bluegill given the chance?  Of course.  But they do not seek them out as primary prey.   Another likely factor is angler over harvest.  Panfish populations get hammered almost year round now.
    • smurfy
      looks like there will be a change in sunfish limits effective march 1. article in todays st cloud times said there looking to reduce the sunfish limit on 9 area lakes. those lakes happen to make up the horseshoe chain system. looks like the new limit will go from 20 to 10.   now this is just my opinion but i didnt hear any issues with the panfish population  until a few years after they introduced the catfish to that system.   either way i'm ok with the change! 
    • Austin12345
      love all the pictures 
    • Austin12345
      Are you looking for one for hardwater or openwater
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