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  • Similar Content

    • Bluegill Dan
      By Bluegill Dan
      Anyone been fishing this lake lately? How’s the ice?
    • Randy  Kato
      By Randy Kato
      Hi there was just wondering If there is plans for a Cool cats get together this year Thanks Randy
    • guideman
      By guideman
      Hey Ya'll,
      I don't know about the rest of you but I am really sick of staring down a hole and waiting for a fish to come around and bite my hook. I would much rather be out on open water chasing after them. So to help me get through the bordom of late winter I am going to answer your questions about Muskies, Pike, Walleyes and Large and Smallmouth bass. Forget the panfish, I don't fish for those, to me they are just bait.
      So if you have some specific questions on techniques, presentations, baits, tackle or anything else, feel free to ask. I have 42 years of fishing experience on the Big V, I'm sure I can be of some help. I won't be giving away any specific locations, but I can tell you what to look for and offer up some ideas on how to fish it. What have you got to lose? I'm board out of my skull and talking about fishing will help to pass the time until open water comes in about 12 weeks!!
    • Paul Waldowski
      By Paul Waldowski
      Ice Report 1/14/2020. We are now at 15-17 inches everywhere that I have staked. At this time I will not be expanding our road system until after the latest snownommi rolls thru. CAUTION a heave has been developing off the point just to the east of us and with today's wind has pushed up and flooded. I found as few as 6 inches of ice in that area. STAY AWAY from that point.

    • Eyesniper
      By Eyesniper
      Anyone know for 100% positive who has shiners in the west metro area? Apparently there is a large shortage of them again this year and I prefer them for set lining cats. 
    • Dave S
      By Dave S
      Might be heading up to Borden Lake this weekend. That is, if the ice and travel conditions are good. Is atv travel possible or hasn't there been much traffic on the lake?
    • Jason Johnston
      By Jason Johnston
      We are new to Minnesota fishing, I've read you can have 3 hooks within 9" on a tip up.  Can you have a minnow on each hook?  Or only allowed one bait, for example, a 9" smelt with all the hooks attached?  Kind of a man made lure.
    • Bucketcastle
      By Bucketcastle
      This will be my second year going.  All fish need to be released alive.  Its pretty deep water.  Has barotrauma popped up at all with fish being released at the contest?

    • Wheezy Outdoors
      By Wheezy Outdoors
      Variable conditions seems to be the trend this season. This past weekend we had yet another snow storm which dumped approximately 10-12 inches in the Remer, Longville, Outing, and Walker area. Travel has been best still with sleds or track machines. Colder temps the past few weeks have firmed things up on some bodies of water which were once heavy laden with slush, however there are still several lakes that unfortunately we would not advise to travel on until things improve, and with the "January thaw" approaching that might be a while. If you are planning on traveling to the area, call the area resorts or bait shops to get current conditions prior.
      This past weekend was the Winter Inland Trout Opener. Stories of success were across the board. As some people had great success, others struggled. We ourselves definitely had noticed more lookers than takers on the Vexilar, but managed to get a few topside. Fighting the cold front that hit mid Saturday morning, being on the right body of water, and having the right presentation all factored in.
      Lake Trout: Lakers are hitting tipped tubes and spoons in 35'-70' of water. Look to the inside turns, points, and shelves. And the best advice I can give any fisherman targeting trout is STAY MOBILE. Keep moving until you get one on the graph, never spending more than 5-10 minutes in an inactive hole. And not only should you stay on the move, but keep that lure moving consistently, working the entire water column.

      Stream Trout: Try searching around 4'-9' of water on the stocked trout lakes. Small spoons like the Clam Speed Spoon tipped with a Maki Plastic or waxie have produced the best.

      Panfish: Hit the shallow weedlines for those big Gills, and drill out over the deep basins in 22'-35' feet of water to catch the Crappies. Tungsten jigs tipped with waxies have worked well. Again, the key to success is staying mobile.

      Walleye: Still can be found on the shoreline points anywhere from 11'-26' feet of water and on the sunken humps. Jigging using spoons tipped with a minnow head have been best when they have been aggressive. If your noticing them coming in yet seemingly shy of the jig, slow down your movement, and try a simpler presentation. Toss down a set-line with a plain hook tipped with a medium Shiner or small Sucker Minnow.

      Alice Wiese
      Wheezy Outdoors
      [email protected]

    • JBMasterAngler
      By JBMasterAngler
      Anyone brave the snow and get out for the trout opener? Based on reports and pictures I seen, if you didn’t have a snowmobile, you weren’t getting anywhere away from the gunflint trail. 
      Every time I see it snow in Grand Marais, I cringe. I’m planning on going up there in late March. It’s shaping up to be nothing but slush, slush, and more slush! 😖
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      thats why i left myself an exit plan  with the northern minnesota lake. i've researched a pile of lakes in that area on the DNR lakefinder and i dont recall many reports that dont say that that certain class lake has slower then normal growth rates!!!!!!
    • gunner55
      So that's what you call all that MGL now?😉
    • gimruis
      I fish the crappie contest every year on Lake Minnetonka in early May and someone brings in a 15+ inch crappie out there every time.  Last year the biggest was a 16.5 incher.
    • ozzie
      I am sure Icehawks theory doesn't play out on all lakes, but my findings is more inline with what Icehawk stated.  It may have to do with after a lake is winterkilled pressure is usually nonexistent for a few years, and if there is a good year class hatch the next year, they tend to grow quicker as the competition is less and the forage can still be abundant.  When I was on the ice more often I used to keep an eye on lakes that winterkilled and would try to hit them 2-3 years later.  Not always a payday but often we found success with little competition for fishing spots.   Good read and discussion!
    • smurfy
      while i tend to agree with most everything you posted icehawk, i'm going to disagree to a degree regarding the winter kill and fish growing big faster. NOW i'm not looking for an argument!!!!!😂 the lake our cabin is on is what what i would consider was one of those trophy fish, sunfish, lakes back in the day. since 1965 when we first bough the place 3/4 to lb sunfish off the dock. this lake has had a winter kill 4 times since we owned the place. last year it had a severe winter kill, and i'd bet all the beer in my house that it will get finished off this year.   one year it had a winter kill, fish population decreased but was ok so to speak.  several years later it had another winter kill, and numbers and size went off on the wayside. it did rebound in numbers but never in size. it be a good outing if ya caught 3 to a lb fish.   now before you say it i will. i'm sure it has alot to do with it being a smaller up north lake. like itasca county north. the lack of weeds for food or cover where never an issues, actually probably is a main reason it winterkilled. there is a 50 ft hole as well as a good amount of 20-30 ft of water. but alot of shallow 6-8 ft of weedy bays!!!!   ok icehawk....give it to me!!!!!!
    • IceHawk
      Partial Winter kill  basically thins the population, eliminateing the stunting going on in a lot of lakes because of a over abundance of panfish.  Sort of thin the herd.  During a partial winterkill not all panfish will die and the ones that make it grow real quick.  This comes  from less competition for food and forage.  Another benefit is getting rid of high rough fish populations that frequent a lot of winterkill lakes such as bullheads carp. Rough fish  basically ruin the ecosystem by destroying weeds which in case create habitat and microorganisims that it takes to grow sumo panfish.  Sort of a full circle rebuild  in the underwater world.  
    • smurfy
      hoping to make it.....kinda far drive though!!!!!!!!!🤔 its also about that time of year when the wild game feed is in town!!!!!!!!!!
    • Getanet
      Really interesting advice. I'm especially interested in why you say to look for lakes with occasional winter kill. Why is that? Less competition for food?
    • IceHawk
      I would say Yes as Jeff talked to me earlier in the week and wants it to be a Cat Panfish gathering and we all know the Chain is catfish central.
    • JustinN
      I'll be there!
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