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Microwave door discoloring??



We have an over the range microwave, the door is a glass, see thru type, inbetween the layers of glass and whatever else its made of, its starting to discolor, turning brown. You can't get to that stain, its between the layers. What causes that??? Every morning I nuke a cup of water with a tea bag in it, that tea bag has that little metal staple holding the tab on, my wife thinks that could be the problem.

The microwave works fine, but now that we might end up getting a new frig my wife is pushing for a new microwave too, thought I'd ask to see if anyone else has this problem with their microwave, and what causes it??

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It's called aging! My mom's is doing the same thing and there is no one that cleans better than she does! I think that the seal on the glass may not be totally sealed and that some smoke from cooking may be getting in there. The white of the door is starting to yellow as well. The little staple in the tea back is not causing it and will not hurt the unit at all. Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      Seeing many grouse?
    • monstermoose78
      @Surface Tension @eyeguy 54    The shaver style augers are easier on drills. The blades last a lot longer as well. But the two guys I tag will give great info. I have seen eyeguys nils cut and it’s fast now that he up graded drills. Surface tension sharpens nilsblades and is the go to guy for information on the in my opinion.
    • bassbouncer
      Sandberg 780-7153, Ratai 780-1124, Bodri 780-6761,  I did my own with standing seam metal from Menards. Really easy to do 
    • side_laker
      Millers roofing 
    • delcecchi
      I used to have that problem with my 115 merc, since it only charged at like 10 amps.  The new suzuki is more like 60 amps, plus I hooked up the third bank on my built in charger to the cranking battery.   Haven't had a problem since.  
    • delcecchi
      We are planning on getting a new roof on the cabin next year.  Old one is 20 years old. Thinking about metal.   Anyone got opinions about metal roofs, or suggestions for a reliable guy to put it on?  
    • rayguy
      Ozzie we have to learn how to fish a new lake structure cause of the zebras I guess. Fish upper quite a bit and have seen no sign of clearer water yet. How did the three way rig work out? 
    • mrpike1973
      I just replaced my Interstate battery for my trolling motor they last 1 year and 1 month just out of warranty. Went with a different brand this time. I would also get a separate battery for all that stuff going to the starting battery.
    • ozzie
      yes the weeds are thick in areas but it is amazing to me that traditional weed lines are not even sprouting up in areas!!  I have a section of lake that I have been walleye fishing for the past 6 years and every year there has been a weedline to follow.  The last 2 years we have seen the zebra's become prevalent and this year no weeds in that area!  Crazy
    • BobT
      Actually, it makes perfect sense. The car's charging system probably can't keep up for the same reason. I know when I fire up my farm tractor, even when it doesn't take much to get it started, it can take a lot longer than one realizes to recharge the batteries to full strength. During the winter, I only use the tractor for short periods so I often have to put a charger on it after each use to be sure the batteries are up to full power.    Can have similar issues with ATVs. Winches can put a pretty heavy load on the electrical system and using them to lift a blade repeatedly will put a drain on the battery that the charging system is unable to keep up to.    Starting an engine takes a lot of power and it takes more than just a few seconds to recharge the battery afterwards.