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My springer spaniel bit my daughter.

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yes, good luck hogeye

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Good luck, I hope it all works out for the best.

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Good luck with it, Hogeye. I was spoiled by having the perfect dog when my kids were small. When I brought my last three sons home from the hospital, I laid them on the floor and unwrapped the blanket. My dog would sniff them and lick them and they were her kids. She slept under the crib and would come and get us if the baby woke up. Keep in mind that this was a Blue Tick coon hound that I had seen tear a coon to pieces in a fight. Her defence against too much poking and pinching was a ten inch long tongue. No kid could stand more than two face licks.

We did spend a lot of time with the kids trying to teach them to pet, rather than pull or pinch. No one says that parenting or dog owning is easy. But they're both worth the effort.

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I have to disagree with everyone saying the dog was defending itself. Unless the dog was tied up, the dog could have got up and left the situation. I'm sure a springer is much faster than a 3 year old. My fathers dog growled at my son once when he was about 2, now when we come over the dog simply leaves the room until the kids are gone. They can choose how to behave. I don't think anyone here lets their kids abuse the dogs but in the process of learning how to pet dogs my 1 year old has done all those pulling poking things. She is getting better and now "hugging" the dogs is her favorite thing to do. The dogs are not allowed to show any anger toward the kids, they can get up and leave. The dog did choose.

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Dave S


it was a tough decision you had to make and often times it takes a little time to let it all sink in of what actually happened.

Thanks for the clarification of "it was only a nip". People hear of a dog bite and immediately think the dog ripped someone to shreds. It's a sign the dog didn't intend to hurt your daughter. However, this could be a progressive thing and get worse as time goes on, which you've recognized and are taking the appropriate action.

You made the right choice.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Raven77
    • DonkeyHodey
      You ever have it happen where you're pulling in a fish and think it's quite big, but when you finally get it in, it's only half as big?...😜
    • Crawdaddy
      Mmmm, delicious bass!
    • JBMasterAngler
      Had a family reunion on beaver lake on Saturday. Spent the morning out on the lake and caught close to 50 bass, with a few hammer handles. Most bass were just little guys, but I did hook into a 19.5 inch beast. Early morning was real slow, but once 5 minute rain storm blew through, the action really picked up. Lake really exceeded my expectations.  
    • SkunkedAgain
      Totally agree with Del. You don't need to skip the walleye fishing altogether, but you picked a tough time of year for walleye fishing. Focus on other species which are plentiful, and then try your luck at the eyes here and there. You might get lucky with a storm front, a walleye chop, or some plain old good luck. 
    • Wanderer
      You might have something there. 😀
    • HunterFisher11
      Yep little bit early to start thinking about ice fishing but want to upgrade my tv antenna on the fishhouse, so have a buddy that got a new fishhouse last year and it came with the King Jack antenna and he loves it so am thinking of putting it on mine, was wondering if anyone else has one and how they liked it? Also how hard is it to install???
    • CigarGuy
      Chad, looks like a heck of a view. Have fun trying to decide which place to spend time at!
    • CigarGuy
      I'm not a muskie guy, but you'll have better luck posting this on the lake vermilion thread  
    • BobT
      That was a fat one! We don't know smallies so even if we had measured it, we would have released it just the same not realizing what we may have done.