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My springer spaniel bit my daughter.

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yes, good luck hogeye

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Good luck, I hope it all works out for the best.

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Good luck with it, Hogeye. I was spoiled by having the perfect dog when my kids were small. When I brought my last three sons home from the hospital, I laid them on the floor and unwrapped the blanket. My dog would sniff them and lick them and they were her kids. She slept under the crib and would come and get us if the baby woke up. Keep in mind that this was a Blue Tick coon hound that I had seen tear a coon to pieces in a fight. Her defence against too much poking and pinching was a ten inch long tongue. No kid could stand more than two face licks.

We did spend a lot of time with the kids trying to teach them to pet, rather than pull or pinch. No one says that parenting or dog owning is easy. But they're both worth the effort.

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I have to disagree with everyone saying the dog was defending itself. Unless the dog was tied up, the dog could have got up and left the situation. I'm sure a springer is much faster than a 3 year old. My fathers dog growled at my son once when he was about 2, now when we come over the dog simply leaves the room until the kids are gone. They can choose how to behave. I don't think anyone here lets their kids abuse the dogs but in the process of learning how to pet dogs my 1 year old has done all those pulling poking things. She is getting better and now "hugging" the dogs is her favorite thing to do. The dogs are not allowed to show any anger toward the kids, they can get up and leave. The dog did choose.

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Dave S


it was a tough decision you had to make and often times it takes a little time to let it all sink in of what actually happened.

Thanks for the clarification of "it was only a nip". People hear of a dog bite and immediately think the dog ripped someone to shreds. It's a sign the dog didn't intend to hurt your daughter. However, this could be a progressive thing and get worse as time goes on, which you've recognized and are taking the appropriate action.

You made the right choice.

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    • kelly-p
      In the 1970's the Red Lakes went into a 4 year "boom/bust" cycle. Only 1 good year class at a time. That year class would get big enough to spawn then be caught out of the lake. The fry from that year class would be the only strong year class in the lake so they would grow rapidly then spawn and be caught out repeating the cycle. By the late 70's it was well known that there was a very good chance that the Red Lakes walleyes would collapse.  Then in the early 90's that year class was caught out before it spawned. The rest is history. Right now there are multiple year class's in the Red Lakes. 18% of the Red Lakes are State waters. For the 2019 harvest season 160,830 pounds of walleyes were harvested from those State waters. for the entire 2019 harvest years 299,377 pounds of walleyes were harvested from the State waters. We, anglers in the State waters are harvesting more then twice as many pounds of walleyes as we did in the 90's. 82% percent of the Red Lakes are Band waters. For the 2019 harvest season the Band harvested 443,148 pounds of walleyes. Less then 1/4 of what they were harvesting in the 90's. Yet you are pointing fingers at the Band?  Show us something then that is more then bar talk and rumors.
    • bowhuntingboy1
      So to right a wrong that occured over 200 years ago, we just let them destroy a lake? Because if they take out fish at the rate they did in the early 90s, which as leech pointed out, it is getting close, the lake will get to the point it was at in the late 90s. Like people have said, there was blame to go around, but at the end of the day, in my eyes, having two sets of rules for two sets of people is just counterproductive.
    • CJH
      The Ice55 pulls 250mA per its website/spec sheet..  A unit with a big screen like the Ice Helix 7 w/GPS rated at 900mA.
    • iiccee63
      Forest lake #1 has this perfect clear ice. I didn't realize that the lake had actually opened up 80% at some point a week ago or so. It refroze perfect. 3 inches of ice. Didn't walk way out but, a guy that lives there told me it locked up in one day so I figured it must he even. Not fishing on 3". Next weekend we will be good!   Linwood lake was 4". However clear ice with no.snow on it way out there I'm guessing is maybe 3. Not even trying. Going to fish today on ice with snow on it. That's about it....can't wait for next weekend. Should be good everywhere.
    • tfin
      Leech,   "In 1989, the tribe's commercial netters  registered a record 948,000 pounds of walleye."   And this years quota was just about back to that of 820,000.  So did they learn anything?   You posted this as if it makes a point but it has no bearing what so ever.  It seams that you're the one that can't seem to learn anything.  Stop using non related information to try to prove a point.  In 1989 the total lbs of fish in the lake may have been 1/100 of what it I this year.  So what if the Indians use it as a commercial fishery.  We took the whole country from the and use it for commercial everything all in the name of greed!  Pull your head out and realize that giving them a piece of water and letting them do with it what they want is a good thing and they are working with us to make it a well sustained fishery  But in order to do that you would have to be selfless for a second so let's not hold our breath waiting.    
    • leech~~
      Did you see that you can buy cheeks too. That's way cheaper then most street corners in Mpls! Walleye Cheeks 3lb – Fresh Frozen $56.85
    • Wanderer
      Fact checker says OK. 😋  You may or may not believe this but I was partially poking the bear too. 😉   Cheaper per pound than going up to fish and limits every time.
    • Bella Smith
      I love the FL -18 because you can zoom to the bottom 6' or 12' range (my cousin has one). And I do not remember which model you have multiple Mhz zones to choose from to get rid of interference. Meaning if another guy in the fish house has a FL-8 and the same transducer, you'll get interference. This is especially important when deep water fishing as the signal goes out in all directions, it the receiver (cone) the limits the reception to the cone angle of say 9, 12 or 15 degrees. Another thing some of the models have it so you have 2 (9 & 15 degrees) transducer degree to choose from. And do you want it to do double duty and be able to use it in the summer time too? That should weigh in also then. The FL22 has bottom lock and reportedly by others it is better to get through algae and air bubbles that you may encounter in the summer months. I'd suggest going to a good fishing shop and pick their brains on the differences, and of the brands before you choose a brand and model. Here is what I would do as I sense you are on a budget ($300). Buy a newer USED model of say the FL18 or the FL20. Check Graig's List near where you live. INSIST that you go out on a lake and test it before you buy a used one and that all the features work. Ask for the manual too. BTW, the FL20 has the flat screen, and some say it has more definition. (I have not used one though). Good luck.
    • monstermoose78
    • Johnetx
      Here's a couple of pics of that light I got on Amazon.
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