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All Quiet on the Western Front??

shaky legs2

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I left the "no fire" zone and the safe confines of the Hillman store and crossed the DMZ preparing for the worst. My destination was the disputed territory known as the "Gaza Strip" grin I kept a close look out for abandoned plow trucks, burning Humvees, and fish house obstacles but made it safely to the Holy Land with out any mishaps except for a couple of wrong turns. The Triangle swallowed one of my rods but Kelly P came to the rescue. He caught a keeper walleye in one of my holes and attached to the fish was my other rod.

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You're right, that's taking customer service to a whole new level. As for the Gaza Strip, I've always thought of Hillman's driveway to the lake as a haunted graveyard occupied by the tortured souls of abused plow trucks. My Chevy always gets nervous driving through there.

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Yup, it took all of 5 mimutes in your house to discover one you and Doc's problems. Keep the rod ABOVE the ice and you'll catch more fish. grin As far as Fred I thought it was one of his better times. At least he didn't do it on you leg. grin

Reminds me of the first time Twitter and Tigger met. Twitter invited Tigger to join him in his portable to do some fishing. Strange sight as Twitter is 6'4" and Tigger is almost 5'. But in any case they both loved Crown Royale so they took Twitter's bottle into the portable and stuck Tiggers bottle in the snow in front of the door to keep it properly chilled. After a few hours they reached out to get Tiggers bottle. That was when they discovered that Twitter's dog had hosed down the bottle and it was attached to 10 pounds of yellow snow. grin

Gotta go now as Fred is trying to hide behind me and Patsy is yelling something about BAD DOG!!!!! I just hope she is yelling at Fred. confused

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    • Kettle
      Haven't really targeted geese, think we've got 3 Ross geese a blue goose and one Canada goose. We focus more on ducks, especially when we can get them in the field. Greater and lesser Canada geese around but they are spread out tons of feeds but no large feeds
    • CigarGuy
      Finally got the choirs done. Roofed a shed and built a woodshed. Most done by myself. Now's time to go fishing before the deer season.  Found some crappies tonight, caught 11, missed at least that many. West end. Skunked again, how'd you do, saw you heading out?
    • smurfy
      🤭I thought they were jennio turkeys!🤣 Guess I didn't look close enough!
    • Wanderer
      The three on top of the pile are geese. Smurfy. 😉   +1 on the decent shooting!  Thanks for the pics.  This was one post that got me to log back in to spam central.   Going dark again….
    • smurfy
      🤔 no geese??? Looks like you have some decent shooting!!👍
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