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auger blade sharpening recommendations



Anyone want to recommend a place where I can take my auger blades in to get sharpened...(East Metro Preferred)

I've called around but the places that offer blade exchanges don't seem to have mine.

I have a Strikemaster MAG2000 and a Jiffy STX...

Thanks in advance.

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I would find a bait shop that exchanges them. I know Vados used to do it and it was half the price of a new blade.

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Strikemaster sells a V style carbide sharpender for $8. It is similar to those used for knives which basically cut a new rough edge. I have not tried this product for auger blades, but am interested to hear if they are worth a darn.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

I'm not familiar with your area but as said, bait shops would be your best bet. That would be a blade exchange, bring yours in and exchange them for a sharpened set.

There are two basic types of cutting edges. A knife for example has two beveled sides and you'd sharpen both sides of the blade.

Auger blades while they have two sides, material is taken off one side leaving the backside flat. That backside must be untouched or else the blade is no longer going to work.

If you look close the SM auger blade sharpener has one edge that cuts. A same style knife sharpener would have two.

How well do they work? Right off the bat they have limiting factors because of how they take off material on the beveled side, and just as important how they take the burr off the non beveled side. For that reason alone I wouldn't use one thinking your going to sharpen a blade. If your blade is cutting now, I wouldn't touch it. What they can do is get a blade they dances on the ice to cut again. You know what I mean, the blade seems razor sharp but cutting is a no go.

All it takes is one tiny burr. Its that burr you'll take off leaving the rest of the blade alone.

To do that you can't be in a hurry.

Use a very, very light and even stroke. You'll feel where the burr is as you bring the sharpener across the blade. The idea is to take almost nothing off the blade but at the same time removing that burr. If it works you'll have saved a fishing trip instead of leaving the ice and looking for a blade exchange. Eventually the blade will need to be exchanged to be sharpened.

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I sharpened my 10" eskimo blades while in a pinch waiting for new ones in the mail. I just used a flat wetstone and was very careful, and it worked well for me. Insidently, the new ones came in and are still in the package.

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Unfortunately, I've called around to all the places that offer blade exchanges and no one has either one of these avaliable.

They said I could bring my blades in and they could send it in for me but it could take up to 2 weeks to get them back...which I don't want to loose 2 weeks.

Some places even told me the only way to do it is to purchase new blades...and most stores don't even have blades for sale anymore. At least their tough to find...I found a bunch of 10" blades which I can't use...

Thanks anyways.

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For your Mag 2000 you can do what I do. Contact Strikemaster directly and either order new ones or do a blade exchange with them.

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