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    • fins_n'_feathers
      I have heard much of the same from friends that have been in there recently. They say the lake trout fishing is the best it has been in a long time and once everyone gets their trout the walleye fishing is awesome too! Great to hear! 
    • redlabguy
      Fishing Vermilion has been slow for me. I have a couple friends here, one of whom grew up with a cabin on Trout, before the BWCA, that we visited as youngsters. We fish it every year looking for walleye but usually only catch bass. Today, in the rain, I had the absolute best walleye fishing ever. I have caught a 28” on Vermilion, but today caught my (larger) limit including 27”, 26”, a couple 24”s,etc. Beautiful fish- dark bronze with red/gold fins, The other guys did well, too. We were throwing back 15” fish. Great day. I sound like I’m bragging and maybe am, but Trout is back as a walleye lake. Leeches today, slooow drift with a Lundy rig, 14-20’ off points.  I’m 68. Best walleye fishing of my life- so far. Only regret is the red lab had to stay home. Boat is too small. RLG    
    • Wanderer
      We have pretty good bass fishin’ in MN.  19 is a good one. 😎
    • fins_n'_feathers
      Anyone get out this weekend and care to share how fishing was? Will be heading Up tomorrow after work for a week at the lake. 
    • fins_n'_feathers
      The service up there is very spotty at best. I have AT&T and have a place in Sand Bay. At the cabin there is hardly any service and what there is usually comes from Canada. That being said a mile down the road it’s 4 bars of LTE. I can’t say exactly how service is at Island View but when we fish in Black Bay right around the corner there’s pretty good service. About as good as it gets on the lake. The farther East you go the worse it gets and fast.
    • Caleb McPherson
      Someday I'll get a big one. 😆 I did pull a 19" Largemouth out of Weaver lake last year. The largest bass I've ever caught. 
    • Wanderer
      Earliest memory for me was age 3 on the bank of the Miss with a cane pole.  Been through many cycles of “evolution”, if you will, including fishing tournament circuits.  That’s well behind me now since I fish to just enjoy it for what it is and where it takes me.  I’m drawn to water.   My most recent cycle has me chasing muskies a bit like @gimruis  They’re some freaky fish.  I just spent a week chasing them in Canada and witnessed some memorable encounters that made my hands shake and knees knock without even catching the fish that I saw!     Aside from the fish, there’s the deer that swim across the lake, the sow bear and cubs that huff/wheeze when you get too close and the loons that swim around the boat while you’re casting or make their chilling calls to their mates when they’re only 50 feet away.  Good long days on the water working in synch with a good partner, short but restful nights of sleep, and occasionally forgetting what day it is.   It’s a game that wakes up my senses and makes me feel whole.
    • pikeandchester
      If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to get out of the house and go for an adventure! Bought what looks to be a very comprehensive book on the subject, quite a bit more to identification than I imagined. Nothing wrong with Spam😀
    • Coach Jeff
      We will be on Rainy Lake in the Island View area in a few weeks, coming up from Missouri. I have an iPhone and iPad with AT&T 4G cellular data and calling. How disappointed am I going to be in reception and especially the ability to use my Navionics charts up there?  Suggestions?  TIA
    • leech~~
      Don't forget to bring the Spam. Germans love it! 🙂