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His Old Coat

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Written and Lived by:

Len Harris

It is a classic. The padded shoulder and many

pockets for game and shells. Inside the pockets there

are memories. Memories of years past.

As a young boy I always waited for my father to

announce we were going hunting. Usually our dog Ginger

gave out the first alarm when my dad took the hunting

coat off the hook near the gun cabinet.

She would howl and run around like her tail was on

fire. Her body would quiver because she was so

excited about going hunting. My dad would even pump

her up a little. Ask her if she wanted to go get some

Chippies (squirrels) or dirty birds (pheasants). She

howled so much that my mother would kick all three of

us out the door.

We would load up the dog and make an inventory of

what we had in the pockets of Dad's Old Coat. If we

were going squirrel hunting...It was checking for the

.22 shells for Dad and the .410 shells for me. It was

a ritual. We had to have the squirrel call and 2

plastic bags for the squirrels

The same ritual was made during pheasant season.

The plastic bags and the 20 gauge shells for the

doublebarrelled 20 gauge. We usually loaded one of the

pockets with candy bars. Both of us are sweet tooths.

Not to mention the dog.

The coat was also used for many duck and rabbit

adventures. There was one thing that was always the

same about each outing. It was that my mother would

come out to bid us farewell before each venture into

the outdoors. I can still remember her speech.

She would tell me the same thing every time.

"Guns are not toys." "Treat your gun like it is always

loaded." " Always identify your target." "When in

doubt do not shoot."

Mom had a different speech for dad. His speechs

varied from season to season. It usually ended by my

mother looking at my Dad's Old Coat and telling him

that she was going to wash that NASTY thing when he

arrived home. It was a joke between my dad and mom..

Mom knew that if she washed the coat it would take

all of the magic and memories out of the pockets. She

really didn't like the tattered blood stained thing

that my father called a coat......but she knew that

she should NEVER wash it.

Many adventures came and went during my childhood.

I added a few stains to the pockets and I took over

the ritual of checking the pockets as each season came

and past. I kept the coat ready for the next outing

I always pestered my dad about the coat. I

told I wanted one just like it. He would kid me and

tell me that it was one of a kind and that he would

give me the coat when I grew in to it. I remember

showing him a catalog with a coat that looked like his

and telling him that the coat came in my size. He

finally explained to me that he was NOT going to buy

me a coat like his. He said that coats are grown into

not purchased. He had been given that coat by his

father and that I would be given the coat when i grew

in size and hunting skills.

Years flew by. It is 1984. I had just got out of

the Army. I went home to visit my mother. She picked

me up at the airport. We talked all the way home. She

told me that my father would have been very proud of me

if he were still around. Dad passed away in 1967 of a

heart attack while deer hunting. I was 10 years old

when he died.

I stayed with my mother for the first few months

after getting out of the army. Fall came and I had the

itch to go hunting. I put my army coat on and took the

410 out of the gun cabinet.. I filled the pockets with

the proper tools. A squirrel call and 2 plastic bags..

I took a couple candy bars from the kitchen and was

headed out the door.

My mother stopped me as i left. She said "Are you

prepared for hunting?" I was little taken aback by the

question. I told her: "Of course." She told that I had

forgotten a key part of my hunting adventure.

We went back into the house. I was little befuddled

at what my mom was up to She led me to the gun

cabinet. She reached to the hook on the side and

grabbed IT. She said " It should fit now."

"I am going to wash that NASTY thing when you get


She smiled and sent me on my way.

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great story! thanks!


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Verry nice! Like the jacket it warms the soul.

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Thanks for making me smile.....

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A smile and a tear for me to. Many memories of hunting with my dad comming flooding in. Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo

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Great read. Brings back a lot of memories from my younger years.

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harvey lee

Brings back many memories with my father, very nice read.

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Beautiful way to start the morning, nice read.

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Very nice story and Thank You for your service.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Tom Sawyer
      A bit of a hike in, but well worth it, Mud Lake off the Inchon Trail I'm sure.....maybe we can meet up Brian and Tracie, I'll bring the potatoes and baked beans 😎
    • Wanderer
      Probably Lake Alott.   It kinda looks like a lot. 😉
    • Agronomist_at_IA
      I seen on JR's Facebook they had a pic of a tournament on upper red.  It showed a #8, #12.6, #14.4 and a #15 walleye......I thinking this was some kinda joke....can anyone enlighten me. When I talked to a guide a year or so ago I asked him how many #10 walleye he seen come out of upper red......he said he hadn't seen one since he started to guide.    
    • Agronomist_at_IA
      After reading all the post and having gone to upper red once a year sometimes twice (Started renting shacks then got a wheel house 3 yrs ago) for the past eleven years. I find this entire thread and topic somewhat laughable. The locals and resorts seem to complain about an issue they've brought upon themselves. I kinda agree with the post you've put up to a point.    Here is my view.....maybe it is wrong. I drive 7+ hours from Northwest Iowa pay the fees to fish in Minnesota for a couple days. Pay the resort fees for roads, pay for services at the resorts. I tend to buy fuel, bait, propane, and food at the places we use, and sometimes other services. These people make a living using the lake to BRING the business to them. Then when they get the people to the lake and get some money flowing and are having success with people showing up.......the big problem is trash......Seems pretty simple to me if your a resort......figure out trash management for you customers. They showed up and are using the services you provide. A simple $5 tagged onto a road fee with avalible dumpsters could solve the problem. I actually have never had any issues with trash on my trips....so I'm a bit supprised by all this. I mean people are going through the resorts for services and willing to pay. If $5 was a deal breaker.....then why wouldn't people just go out of the public acess points, and not pay any resort fees.   The first 7yrs the guide we use had a trailer on the lake and had his customers throw tied off bags of trash in it. Then he disposed of it. The last three years with my shack the resort we went out of had a dumpster to throw the trash in. I'd gone out of JR's Access, West Winds, and Rogers. When We came off the lake we stopped in and asked if we could throw our trash away....they always said yeah put it in the dumpster.   
    • SkunkedAgain
      Thanks. That's one of the ones that I was considering.
    • SkunkedAgain
      The water temps were 44-47 degrees over most of the lake this weekend. Black Bay partially froze Friday night into Saturday.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I saw a lot of guys running planner boards. We braved the cold ride Friday and Saturday, going from the far west end over near Shamrock. We spot locked in the wind and had pretty good success with the 11-13" walleyes but nothing of size except a few beautiful jumbo perch. We just used jigs in 30-35ft of water with rainbow minnows, the smaller the better. Big minnows were useless.   We didn't stay at any of the west end locations too long, but mostly because we weren't marking fish and weren't getting any bites. I would have liked to work longer for the bigger fish.
    • ANYFISH2
      Care to share where in Ripley this feeding flat is?  Maybe I shoot a deer and catch fish in Ripley this year!😁
    • seifjr
      As usual Curt, thanks for all the reports you provide to us folks that only get up to LOW 4-5 times/year.  Coming up again for the MEA weekend, fishing Thursday-Saturday.  Looks like Thursday's going to be nice with warmer temps and WSW winds.  If we get the heavy WNW winds on Saturday, is the LP area fishable.  Seems like the more west it is the comfort level goes up dramatically.  Bringing the kids this trip, so there not real big fans of the 4-5 footers if you know what I mean.  Hope to see ya Thursday, we'll be in a 2150 Lund and 18.5 Alumacraft. 
    • monstermoose78
      These fish came of the feeding flat.