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I really enjoy using those mini "baitcaster type" reels and use them on all my ice rigs. A light rod and a mini reel are extremely sensitive and help detect light biters. Should a big fish strike you will be amazed how they increase your odds of landing them.

I set my drag extremely light and press my thumb on the spool to apply drag this way you can instantly apply and remove any amount of drag instantly. Spinning reels only give you one setting for drag and it can be tough to adjust the drag when the fight is on.

I have landed some pretty big slimers on light line and a ultra light rod as a result of having unlimited and instant control of the drag.

These reels are pretty cheap pick one up and give it a try.

Just remember to keep a small amount of thumb pressure on the spool when stripping line out to lower the bait. This will avoid overrunning the spool. (birds nest)

Also remember to keep firm pressure on the spool when setting the hook then the game is on !

Landing a big fish on a light rod and a mini casting reel is a blast ! Give one a try, once you get used to it you may not ever go back to using a spinning reel.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Mtnman
      Thanks for the update Muskies. Making preparations to head north in 3 weeks. We are so looking forward to cooler weather and the song of the loon. Love those pictures, keep them coming. Cheers and good fishing !! 
    • rayguy
      Was up this past week and fishing was really slow.  Trolled deep from Big Island to Foleys and back with one Northern the results.  Really was not a whole lot suspended in the 50+ water. There is no way to fish middle Whitefish on the weekend.  Every pontoon in the world now ties up around the sand dune island and the boat traffic is unreal.  Looks like Minnatonka ,  not a good thing. Did get a few small walleyes on leeches early morning , nothing to brag about.  Keep a eye out ,   lots of crazies out there.  Think the Sheriff needs to hit the lake for a few days to settle the Windsor crowd down a little.  
    • ozzie
      Anyone use the access at Trout Lake on the Whitefish Chain?  If so have you had issues with turning around in the parking lot due to the inspector parking in the no parking zone that is marked off with yellow lines?  I get into arguments every time I am at that access because the inspector feels they have the right to park in an area that is not to be parked in.  It is becoming annoyingly fun for me to get on them and educate them on where to not park!  This has to be one of the worst accesses in the state when it comes to traffic, space, and inspectors.  Many times they have an inspector there that will give you a 15 minute lecture on invasives even though you have heard his speech before!!!  Power trip and then some!!!!  I respect most inspectors I come into contact with, but WOW are some just go a little overboard on their inspection.  I have to laugh my ass off when the inspector runs us over about water in our livewell (talking about drops of water around the drain ring) saying we could get fined $800 if we leave the access like that, yet what do the inspectors say to the wake boat that pumped in 1000 gallons of water into it and most certainly cannot dispel all the water and an inspector cannot see!!  Not sure what it is about this particular access but I have had the worst experiences there and do not have similar experiences elsewhere, so I just had to ask if other see this too.
    • delcecchi
      How does the old song go.... I got those BWCA Blues They got us fishing from Canoes  And all the good spots are upwind.... yodelaye hooo  
    • h8go4s
      This map shows fishing piers in Otter Tail County: https://files.dnr.state.mn.us/maps/water_access/counties/ottertail.pdf
    • PRO-V
      How about the Eagles club. Pickled Loon got slapped twice for Covid violations and a relative working there caught it.
    • Raven77
      Appears they are done...
    • papadarv
      When was the last time you heard anyone rant and rave about Eurasian Water Milfoil? Introduced to MN in 1987 and through the 90’s, we complained, complained, blamed the DNR, cried that this invasive weed was going to kill off many fish because the invasive plant overtook native vegetation. DNR, lake associations and others monitored lake assesses for years to prevent transfer to no avail. Were creatures of habit and don’t like change. And NO Eurasians Water Milfoil did not kill off all the fish, as lots of fish still are caught along the much easier defined weed lines. Of the 388 DNR reported infested lakes only 20 new lakes were added in the last year and ½ and no longer seen to be an issue. Now we have a Zebra Mussel invasion, introduced to MN in 1995 with the same, rant & rave as was with the EW Milfoil, fostered by the DNR and news media with all the negative effects. They will eat all the Zooplankton fish food, large attachments to solid objects, sharp shells on bottom cutting swimmers feet etc. What we hear little about Zebras each adult filters 1 quart of water daily eating algae, a single cell plant Phytoplankton, including the toxic Blue-Green algae which for years been known to kill fish, dogs and humans. A female can produce a million eggs annually so the spread in infested lakes is rapid. Within a couple years the green, brown lakes are clear promoting vegetation growth to deeper water providing more cover for smaller fish. It ticks us fishing people off because our fishing techniques used for the last 50 years no longer work as fish feeding habits change. For us avid fishing people we will learn the new fish feeding habits on infested lakes rather quickly while occasional fishers may never learn new techniques which will increase fish population. While Zebras filter vast amount of algae they secrete a highly nutrient feces on the lake bottom providing a smorgasbord for bottom feeders including many of the minnows and other bait we use. After 4 to 5 years a large number of zebra die as their algae food supply is depleted. Hang in there, 465 bodies of MN waters already infected with Zebras with70 in 2019/2020. Infestation will continue as most boat access will not be monitored and the vast majority of boaters could care less about prevention. Another infestation will most likely happen and we will no longer focus on Zebras. Just a thought. The first excel file is the DNR link to all infestations. Second file Eurasian milfoil and Zebra lakes   https://files.dnr.state.mn.us/eco/invasives/infested-waters.xlsx   Zebra-Eurasion infested.xlsx  
    • tacklejunkie
      I’ve been actually catching more walleyes out there than I can ever recall. I wonder if maybe the dredging might have something to do with it   I just might slip in a few trolling rods with crawler harnesses in my ride locker next time and if the lake trout aren’t biting I may just sort of slip right into the Wisconsin entry and might just happen to drop some crawler harnesses
    • Pat McGraw
      BirchPtMike, The correct response to jtschwinn97 would have been "yes, totally fished out. spread the word." 😄JK I love the honest supportive feedback this group can be counted on for. Good luck and safe boating from Breezy Point in Frazer Bay.
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