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Appledoorns Sunset Bay/Fishermens Wharf - Shaws Reef 2 Mile Reports ??


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Anybody having any luck in the area around Shaw's Reef? A group of us are heading up with our kids on the 18th and staying in a couple of houses out of Fishermens Wharf. Always an easier trip for the kids if the fish are biting.

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I'll be heading up to Fisherman's Wharf the same day with 10 work buddies. I too am interested in whats going on with the bite in the area.

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I am heading up there tomorrow and staying until Tuesday I will give a report when i return

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There is only one problem...hopefully it is not a finesse bite because Tool68 can only catch 24" walleyes on a rattle reel when he is passed out in front of the tv in the middle of the night. grin

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Just got back from a trip up to mille lacs and fished shaws reef and 2 mile we caught 9 jumbo perch the first morning and tons of little guys, the second day (half day) we only caught one jumbo and a few little perch....Two small walleyes over both days under 10 inches... Talked to some other ppl on shaws and seemed like the bite was not any better for them...however i did have one big fish on but after a little fight my treble hook broke and "the one that got away" got away =)...we threw the tackle nox at them and could not find anything that was really producing...hope that helps sorry it was not a better report....o and there where 3 of us fishing...

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We did not do well at all. Woke up this morning to -33 according to my truck Thermometer. 4 Trucks and mine was the only one that started (I put fuel additives in before I left) A fitting end to an unproductive 3 days. 8 guys and we caught about 15 perch (2 Jumbos) 2 eel pout 1 5" walleye, and a 25" walleye. I did not hear any really good reports. So hopefully when you arrive this weekend the bite will be on.

I would recommend renting an underwater camera from the wharf if you don't have one, all the perch were caught by watching them. They were not biting very hard at all they would suck it in and spit it out. Without the camera I don't think we would have gotten many at all.

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fished across the main road from Shaws reef. about 1/2+ mile out onto the flats near the pressure ridge. ended the weekend with 7 big perch (largest was 13") my 12 y.o. son missed 5 or 6 more.

3 eel pout just after dark, 2 of my rattle reels went off at 2:30 a.m. (missed them)

as said above, the perch bite light, couldn't catch them without a camera. tried fishing with the FL8 but there were so many 3" perch cruising it was tough to detect anything.

saw a couple eater size walleyes just before dark and quite a few nice tullibee throughout the day (on the camera), couldn't get them to bite.

good luck.

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Did you happen to try a spring bobber?That's how we caught fish without watching them bite on camera.(Someone unnamed hog's the camera!)c63

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Wow dude,,you are unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy

Spring bobbers are a very good way to detect a bite and Camera's also show when the schools come in.

Good luck!

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      Shallow. Got skunked tonight. Just got chased off by the weather. Last evening was the only time the last 4 times out I caught fish. Last even was light drizzle and calm water. Water warmed up about 3-1/2 degrees since the first time out.
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