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Jordyn Kaufer

HMMmmmMM... Anyone??

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Jordyn Kaufer

haha well i'm heading out to white bear today around 2:30 and will be there till around 7 depending on the fishing..

We will be kinda by the big shanty town in front of the VFW.

I have an older style portable(blue polairs one).

And will have the Chevy Malibu Maxx out there. it's and a gray/blue color.

anyone else going fishing out there tonight??


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Good luck to you, let us know how you do.

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Jordyn Kaufer

will do Shane

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Cyrus83
      Well its Friday and the forecast looks fantastic for a weekend of hole hopping. Me and the 96' Pantera are heading up North of Duluth in search of walleyes. Where is everyone heading, what's the target, and how much ice are you seeing? 
    • cookie129
      Bill , Theresa spent one night in Montana, They managed tow get 2 walleyes under 17. 1 around 20 inches , They also landed a 36 inch pike. So all in all Not to good.  The fishing has been way better out deeper , but with this warm up and my houses weighing 5 to 7 thousands pounds.  I need to use common sense and stay on this side of the pressure ridge for now.   When the weather warms  the ice expands , the weakest link is the pressure ridges and can become quite active. Its just getting light, but from what I have heard through the grape vine  the lake was gowning and popping last night with a couple new breaks so if your coming up please check at the resort you plan on accessing.  There crews are out there everyday and know more about what"s going on with bridges ,cracks and areas that should be avoided.  Right now the temps are just to mild to make much if any ice. I was surprised to measured 13 1/4 where I have old Minnesota. I imagine  there's a bit more snow closer to shore so were seeing a inch or more further out where's there's less snow.   We have guest coming  today  with a few not coming tell tomorrow.
    • deere322
      Bump! I assume it's safe for walking but are there any spots to avoid for foot traffic? Have the week of Xmas off and would like to try this lake.
    • ZachD
      I bought one from them too I priced it out and it was about the same to build my own as to order from them so I just ordered it from them. Mine wouldnt be as neat as theirs haha  
    • leech~~
      That's amazing, you have the same Avatar name as a guy who has been selling the same box on here since Sept. Did he give you a better deal then $80 bucks? 🤔
    • sgtgreen
      I just purchased this from bold north outdoors,  now i have everything running off of my battery box.  Its pretty sweet.  I found them on facebook, many people make them, but after the cost of purchasing everything it would cost more then what this company is selling them for
    • sgtgreen
      For portable power on the go, use a Bold North Outdoor battery box, solar panel, and a lithium battery.  You can hook up external 12v lights to the the terminal posts or a usb led light to the usb port.  Charge your electronics, and use the flash lights on the front of the box.   Many uses for this product just named a few, added a couple pictures of what I have inside of my Portable Battery Box. You can check them out on fb or just go to their website.  www.boldnorthoutdoors.com
    • sgtgreen
    • Paradice
      Back when I had to go to the barn to get a feed bucket to put my fishing gear in (which it all fit in one bucket), I could catch all kinds of nice fish with nothing more than a homemade rattle reel and a cheap jiggle stick.  As technology and equipment got better, my ability to catch fish went in the toilet.  
    • Wanderer
      @Northlander   You still making rods?     mrpike, Steve makes some great specialized rods for reasonable prices.