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I remember about 15 years ago catching giant bluegills and decent crappies out of that little lake. Is there anything in there these days? I know a couple years ago it was chock full of 12" snotrockets. Its good when little lakes like this produce, it helps spread out the pressure put on the other lakes.

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Been a dead sea besides for the occasional perch.

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went out there last year a few times and all i got were little sunnys and crappies. thought about trying it again this year but havent yet

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    • Hoey
      Oh I forgot to mention is was b*#%hing cold.  Minus 33 Saturday morning and -36 on Sunday morning.  We had to leave one sled behind at the cabin on Saturday and it took forever to get the Solo started on the auger.  Maybe time for an electric.     Nice niece catching day Pro-V!!!
    • Mike89
      more slush for you!!! 
    • PRO-V
      My niece got a 28" walleye and a 44" sturgeon the same day a couple days ago. 
    • Hoey
      That is what we experienced too.  Three of us were up, fished Thurs, Fri, and Sat.  Lots of little ones, sniffers, the type that keep you busy, wear your arm out jigging on.  We only kept 15" eyes and 14" sauger or better and ended up just short of our limit.  Many 14" eyes released along with 13" sauger.  Others indicated a tough bite as well.  There was one group in the cleaning shack that had some, maybe a 1/4th of their catch, in the 16 to 19 inch range.  We fish with fatheads and some frozen emeralds.  Ice thickness-wise, the auger head was just above the shavings pile, so the ice is growing quickly.  Snow on the lake is hard.  Good Luck.  
    • smurfy
      😫 boy i feel the love here!!!!!!!! interseted to hear what this additional snow did to the lakes!!!!
    • CJH
      That is correct.  We were just up at LOW out of Zippel Bay and as far as we could tell, eveybody up there was out of live shiners.  We were able to stop on the way and pick up live emerald shiners @ Big Dicks Bait Shop in Kelliher.  This was on the 17th, so if you go that route, I'd call first to make sure they still had any.  Fishing was a little slow for us, but it was right when the cold front came screaming in, good luck!
    • Jplante
      Thanks for reply, problem is red door isnt letting anyone with wheel house or skid house out to the flat or past the heave,yet. So everyone is kind of pilled up on the first/second breaks. I am thinking once they start allowing more travel it will start to thin out by me. I may give it another week or so and see how it looks. 
    • gunner55
      Yeah, you better stay home, smurfy. 😉 Probably catch more. 😀  We got  a lot here too. NOT!!!  2 1/2 - 3" at most  
    • Parmer
      The key is emerald shiners. The ones you can get in the cities are not the same as emeralds up there. Frozen ones work great for jigging. 
    • Parmer
      Well I was out off the edge of a mud flat in 32 ft in a great spot away from People. 4 fish Friday through last Sunday. Missed a couple others. Really nice fish. 25 inches was the smallest.  It was a tough bite. I would say maybe a little deeper and I think a big key IMO is getting away from the groups.