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Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

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Well boys and girls, the start of the season is here once again, so everyone can place pictures here from inside the spear house and fish you are holding up outside the fish house. Please make sure that they are clean pictures as we all know that we cant have pictures of fish on the spear.

Please no pictures of fish on the spear.

Look forward to seeing some great photos for the season. Look forward to seeing you all on the ice this winter!

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Couple of pike that showed up for a photo op this morning. 

Here is a pike I got on Saturday the 20th. 39" 18.4 lbs. She tasted great out of the smoker!

Thanks. The skinny pike is my very first dark house pike. This is kind of my son's gig. He was interested so I helped him get into it. Today I got a turn with the spear I made for him a couple years a

Posted Images

its forum policy not to take the photo with the spear in the fish.

Any questions, please email me.

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first fish speared in 2008. hads one blast my beaver creek decoy then about 45 min later this one came cursin thru and came back and looked at the sucker just a little to long.


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Atta boy! hopefully i'll be posting something up after this long weekend! we'll see what happens. Good spearing elwood

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Thanks for the pix! smile Nice shot also right behind the head and not laugh in the tail. Center tine thru the backbone?
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I got another one around 3;45 this after noon and it was alot nice the first one was 28 inches and this one is 34 1/2 around 8lbs. In the imortal words of bruce the shark in findinf nemo I'M EATIN FISH TONIGHT!!! and man was it tastey

5 inches of ice mrklean


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Sweet. Nice work, Elwood.

I like the pike placed on the ice block for the pic. Right away you know it's a spearing photo.

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My brother in law and I tried Spectacle Lake out this morning.

We went out and had a good time talking but we didn't see any fish.

4 and 3/4 inches of ice just out from the landing. We couldn't get to any good spearing spots but we did obey all posted signs. grin


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I like the last smile picture! It’s not of a speared grin northern to make me feel bad being I can’t cry get out and spear some myself.
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Thats a nice looking decoy. How heavy is that thing, it must have a pound of lead just to get it to sink laugh Did you use it yet?

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Thats a nice looking decoy. How heavy is that thing, it must have a pound of lead just to get it to sink laugh Did you use it yet?

It weighs just over 6 lbs.

I am not sure how much lead it has in it.

It was made by MikeDaPike

He said it swims real good.

I have a couple hours now this afternoon, I think I am going to go cut a hole and see if it swims.

The lake I am going to is very cloudy but I will try to make a video if the lake is not to mucked up.

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Central Bassman

LOL @ Merkman!!! That is funny!!! Congrats on the first fish of the year, i didnt think there was enough ice anywhere to get out. BNS and I will be out in a few weeks, to much stuff going on.

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thats forsure!

My plan is to try and get out in a few weekends, but man i have to get all this stuff done before i get in trouble with the wife.

Keep them photos coming!

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first pic is what deadly combo I used today

second pic is 29 incher that came to the fake decoy that I made about three yrs ago

third pic is of another pike thats 29 1/2 inhes that came in right after the second pic was taken . I sat down and jigged the decoy once and in he came. this all heppened in about 15min between the first one and the second one.




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no the turf is see eaten grass found a new spot to hunt saw onr last night but no shot was available try again another day.

it happen sooner or later. hopefully sooner

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fish I 'm picking up the vinegar tommarrow and started brining some for the smoker tonight hope they last until the get to gator.

I love to spear and I can cause there is no work for atleast another week so I might as well take full advantage of it.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      Welcome Neiljack!
    • Neiljack
      I think 3500 lbs is too much.  Trailer your boat and head to a large open parking lot to practice accelerating, coming to a complete stop, making turns, and backing up. So if you are perfect in it then you should trailer it yourself otherwise there are some hauling company for boat. The more you practice handling your vehicle with your boat in tow, the more comfortable you will feel on the open road.
    • Neiljack
      Hello guys, sorry if i place my intro at wrong place because navigation was tough for me.
    • EyeWannabee
      Short arms make em look like 4# instead of 2 and 3# 😂
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Some good walleye fishing this week.  As many summer weeks, it was helpful to be versatile.  On the big lake, sometimes you have to play the wind, meaning, you have to be flexible where you fish.   The fish were there and some great catches this week.  Most fishing in 25-33 feet.  Some are still jigging.  Frozen shiners and leeches were both good this week.  With water temps in the mid to upper 60's, leeches and crawlers will heat up.   Spinners (otherwise called harnesses) with minnows, leeches or crawlers were all effective this week.  It is good to mix up colors and bait until you find the right mix.  Gold, glow, pink, orange, chartreuse or a combo of them are good colors in stained water.  More and more anglers trolling crankbaits with success.  Some have been trolling cranks since the opener but it seems most anglers wait till the water warms.  A great method to cover water and find cooperative fish.   On the Rainy River...   Some good summer fishing reports from the river.  Walleyes being caught jigging, pulling spinners and trolling crankbaits.  Current breaks and holes holding most fish.   Smallmouth bass in rocky areas, current breaks, bridge embankments and weed edges.  Lots of bass in the river.  Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and tube jigs are good lures to start with.   Pike are adjacent to weedlines, in slack water areas and in bays.  Working shorelines whether trolling or casting will normally produce nice fish. Sturgeon anglers, mark your calendars, sturgeon season opens again July 1st.   Up at the NW Angle...  Walleye fishing continues to be strong up at the Angle.  Fish coming from literally 5-33' of water.  Not every walleye is keying on the same food sources.  With structure, rocks, and mud, lots of variety at the Angle.  Jigging, spinners and cranks all producing.  Muskie season opens Saturday, June 19th.  Lots of nice fish already caught unintentionally as these predators like to eat.  Muskie anglers were forced to fish MN waters last year with the border closure were happily surprised with the size and quantity of fish on the MN side.  This year should be good. Pike hanging out in weedy bays.  Smallmouth relating to rocky points and reefs. With the Canada border still closed, there are many ways to get up to the Angle.   1.  The LOW Passenger Service, charter boat shuttle service from the south end, is open and running.  2.  If you have the right boat and expertise, boating across is an option.  3.  And finally, Lake Country Air flying service, a float plane service out of Baudette and other locations.      
    • PSU
      Does anyone have someone to recommend for mowing paths/lawn on an island (Frazer\Smarts Bay)?   I only have a DR Brush Mower system I am using right now (been through 2 old hand me down mowers (I'd love to get rid off, one is a John Deere).   Thanks for any insight   Andy 
    • Jaroberts28
      I wonder why the DNR still list Atlantic salmon??
    • SkunkedAgain
      Wow - that bass in the top pick is almost as big as you   😏
    • Jimmi2
      Hi, I went fishing yesterday and realized that I didn't know how to determine the quality of crayfish. Some are very green. This is normal?  Jimmi  employee monitoring
    • JBMasterAngler
      There haven’t been Atlantic Salmon in Echo Lake in over 40 years. It’s managed for rainbows and splake. While there is lots of shoreline to fish, a boat is better.
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